“Ancestors or Poem”
Remedios Varo

July will see 3 major astrological happenings mainly: Mercury retrograde in Leo/Cancer and, two eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn.

Art by Tomislav Jagnjic


Mercury will station retrograde in Leo on July 7th and move back into the sign of Cancer on July 19th. Mercury stations direct on July 31st. This means that we have to contend with Mercury retrograde for the whole month of July.

Simply knowing this will make it a lot easier already. Rule of thumbs during Mercury retrogrades are: No major purchases, commitments and signing contracts if possible, but if you have to, don’t sweat it, it’s meant to be that way. Lay low if you can, and wait until August for major decisions or commitments. On a mundane level, the news will probably be far more fear-inducing than usual so if you can unplug for the month, do it!


The New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd is a total solar eclipse and the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th is a partial lunar eclipse.

Eclipse season is a time of change and movement which often contains unforeseen elements. It’s not necessarily negative or positive but eclipses are associated with new elements being introduced in the picture while other ones are being removed. These can range from small to major occurrences. Not everyone will be affected the same way, and it really depends on your birth chart. Look at where Cancer and Capricorn sits in your chart.

People who have the Sun/Moon or their Ascendant(rising sign) in Cancer or Capricorn will be the ones handling this astrological weather the most in July.

The time between eclipses, is considered a liminal space. If you add the Mercury retrograde to the mix, July and especially mid-July is not a super good time to make major decisions as it will be more of a transitional space with some back and forth re-visiting/re-shaping/re-questioning and all the *re* associated with Mercury retrograde.

All this heavy lifting happening on the Cancer-Capricorn axis (this year) and in July is bringing some understanding in regards to the structures in our lives and how they sustain us, or fail to do so. There is a lot of anxiety and fears associated with security, nourishment, the ecological crisis (our mother Gaia who sustains us (Cancer), and how the system (Capricorn) is failing us. On a personal level, people are working on healing themselves through understanding generational trauma, doing ancestral work and getting at the roots of some of their emotions.

Time and time management is also on the radar and we are super aware of where and who is waisting our time. We are de-constructing the structures that are not sustaining/nourishing/supportive. Before we are able to build stronger foundations, we have to deal with a lot of garbage and darkness personally but also on a societal level. Ultimately, I think this process also brings genuine healing and connections to our roots, our deep past but also closer to our tribe within and without.

Brian Kershisnik Angels


WEEK OF JUNE 24th, 2019

Happy Monday,

We begin the week with the last residues of the Moon in Pisces clouding our thoughts and creating a lack of groundedness. It will get better as the week progress but today (Monday) will be characterized by a certain lack of focus or direction. It could be a bit more difficult to keep your momentum going as we are still swimming in this weekend’s fog and rêveries. There is a lot of creativity and ideas floating around but it could be difficult to get real traction going to begin the week.

The sign of Cancer being ruled by the Moon means that this time of year is influenced by the ebb and flow of our moods, our energy level rising and falling like the tides of the Ocean.

The Moon enters Aries late Monday evening(22:38 EDT) signalling the last quarter Moon and giving us a little bit more Fire to work with. Tuesday morning could see you take stock of everything that still needs to be accomplished, making you feel somewhat insecure about the amount of work needed to get there.

Wednesday morning, the Moon in Aries will basically square all of the planets on on the Capricorn/Cancer axis prompting us to really take stock of where we are at.

By mid-week, there could still be a lack of groundedness or direction but reality’s requirements will prompt us to take concrete steps regardless. Pushed by deadlines and responsibilities, time is of the essence and it might feel like time is slipping out of your hands.

Wednesday evening (20:19EDT), Mercury leaves the sign of Cancer and enters the sign of Leo fuelling the Fires of our ambitions: With Mercury entering Leo our thoughts and ideas will get bigger and bolder inflating expectations. It is important to understand motivations right now as Mercury will turn retrograde in just a few weeks, prompting us to revisit some of what is being implemented right now.

Thursday, the Moon enters Taurus at 9:33am EDT anchoring us in our material reality. Thursday and Friday brings a focus on security and comfort:

Feeding your body and choosing the right ingredients could become more important. Food in general could occupy more of your consciousness wether you are planning a picnic with friends, tending your garden or selecting premium ingredients that will bring maximum health to your body. Food can be a source of pleasure and vitality right now and we might be more inclined to want to share a meal with friends and loved ones.

Pierrot entertaining in the garden, Louis Adolphe Tessier, 1855-1911

Friday and Saturday will be good for tackling our immediate surrounding, finishing projects around the house, spending time outside.

Saturday evening, the Moon enters Gemini, highlighting Mercury’s recent ingress in the sign of Leo.

Even though next weekend is characterized by the dark of the Moon (a time of rest before the new lunar month begins on July 2nd) anticipation of Summer’s pleasures could be bubbling just under the surface.

We could feel more inclined to go out, socialize and enjoy ourselves with the Moon in Gemini buzzing in the sky and the sweetness of these long Summer nights.

Have a fantastic week!

Some things to consider when reading an astrological interpretation

Astrological interpretations wether natal or predictive are some of the multitude possible ways in which higher and lower expressions of the Astrologies can manifest. Most of the time, these are interpreted through a human(astrologer).This means that astrology is first filtered through the personal subjective understanding and experiences of the person doing the interpretations.

Even though there is a general consensus and standard of interpretation on the meaning of this complex language amongst astrologers, when it comes to understanding and assimilating the language, each person will have its own unique experiences with it.

Astrology, being an archetypal, participatory and symbolic language of a divinatory nature means that ”transits” or ”astrological patterns” have a multitude of ways in which they can show up for YOU in your life.

You can actively “attune” yourself to the language in order to benefit from its highest expressions, or simply be a witness to the tides that regulate your Fate. However it does take a little bit of practice to get use to the language and requires participation on your part.

Fate means that things and circumstances will happen to you outside of our control.
Free-will means that you can decide how to react to these things and circumstances and more extensively choose how to best utilize the cards that Fate has given you.

Knowing and understand Astrology can help you take a step back and gain perspective on the events in your life while simultaneously allowing you to have more control over your reactions and decisions.

So when it comes to reading astrological delineations, keep in mind that these things can show up in subtle ways for some while being text book for others. This often comes down to how much we resonate with the Astrologer doing the interpretations, our own birth chart and how much we use our own archetypal eyes. Once you are attuned to the language, astrology becomes an indispensable tool.

Summer Solstice

Solstice blessings to you on the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (shortest one in the Southern Hemisphere). We are halfway through the year already!

Just a few updates for those of you who are inclined to use Astrology for timing purposes:

→→The Sun enters the sign of Cancer at 11:54am EDT officially signalling the beginning of Summer on this side of the globe.

→→Neptune, the ”boundary-transcending” planet is stationing retrograde at 10:36am and will station direct on November 27th, 2019. Since Neptune is an Outer Planet (far from us/the Earth), its retrograde motion might not be directly obvious to you, unless it is specifically aspecting an important place in your birth chart but will not go into detail here.

→→The Moon is in Aquarius until it enters Pisces Saturday at 10:02am.

→→The Moon will be in Pisces for the rest of the weekend until it enters Aries Tuesday at 12:07am EDT.

The weekend is highly ”Mutable” and under the spell of a Jupiter-Neptune-Venus T-square which might sound intimidating but is actually pretty sweet if you can move along with it:

Venus in Gemini is currently applying to oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces. This was more or less ON all week but it is peaking over the weekend, triggered by the Moon traveling through Pisces:

Big ideas/visions generating a lot of inner or outer dialogues at the moment. If you are a creator, an artist, a romantic, a visionary, an inspired preacher, a writer, a lover, a connector of worlds and basically a HUMAN, the next few days could be really inspiring. Write it down, get moving on some of your ideas and enjoy drinking at this bountiful spring. It could be easier to see the potentiality around you right now so take advantage of it, experience it, bask in it.

The lower end of the current transits could be linked to dealing with addiction problems or unhealthy indulgence, disillusionment, rose-coloured glasses or romanticizing a bad situation, having difficulty reconciling reality with expectations, magical or wishful thinking at the detriment of taking the proper action.

Music, cinema, poetry and images can have a particular appeal under these skies so its a good time to get lost in works of fiction.

Things can feel a little bit more romantic or mystical as we cross this special time of the year and its a good time to adjust your compass and your vision and zoom in on the things that brings you joy, and inspiration beyond the limits of the material.


WEEK OF JUNE 17th, 2019: Solstice week

The week begins with a Full Moon in Sagittarius that culminated very early this morning.
Look at where Sagittarius sits in your birth chart and more extensively the sign of Cancer to understand where the momentum is picking up in your life.

The weekend was fuelled by the Sagittarius Moon peaking to Full and this could of seen you entertain many new avenues, dialogues and BIG ideas over the weekend. Aah the possibilities! Necessity is leading us down interesting roads at the moment and you could feel like there are lots more possibilities (and responsibilities) than you originally thought possible and renewed energy to accomplish your goals.

The weekend’s enthusiasm wanes by Monday afternoon as the Moon enters the sobering sign of Capricorn; the size of your ambitions is equal to the amount of work that lays ahead. Monday and Tuesday are good days to roll up your sleeves and put-in the efforts that are required to get some work done.

The Moon will be in Capricorn until late Wednesday evening, triggering the tension on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Wednesday is especially tense: weigh your words carefully before sending ultimatums.

Power struggles and intense exchanges are possible mid-week: acknowledging, and releasing tension towards creative and productive outlets could do wonders. The Moon in Capricorn can induce status anxiety in some people, and it’s a good idea to step away from comparing yourself to the success and achievements of others. Compromising your integrity could be problematic down the road so revise your motivations. Insecurities must be dealt with honestly.

The Moon enters Aquarius late Wednesday night, and will be in Aquarius Thursday and Friday offering some objectivity and vision to work with.

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer Friday at 11:54am EDT which signals the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere as we reach the longest day of the year.

The Moon enters Pisces next Saturday morning supporting the Sun in Cancer while we are under the spell of a Venus-Jupiter opposition all of next weekend. This pleasure-seeking Mutable T-square between the Moon/Neptune,Venus and Jupiter could diffuse some tension and colour the weekend with romantic and dreamy blues.

Next weekend is Watery and Mutable which could also be anxiety inducing if you don’t know how to swim in the deeper undercurrent of your psyche, however extremely creative and fertile if you can let go and let these currents guide you.

This week, we move between the imaginative and poetic waters of the heart and the austere and unforgiving edges of our rational mind. The changing tides of our desires collide against necessity, forcing us to find new and creative ways to navigate our situation. It doesn’t stop here as we have for mission to retrieve a pearl and in those changing waters, we must find a good spot to dive in.

It could feel both exhilarating and tense while you move deeper into this new landscape. The Waters are filled with foreign shapes and reliefs which inspire awe and wonder, or fear and anxiety depending on the state of your inner compass. The ocean is vast and clues are filtering-in through a confusing and inspiring mélange of visions and fantasies. Can you decipher this foreign language? Can you find the pearls in these troubled waters? Are you motivated by fear or by some higher guiding principle? Can you differentiate the call of the heart from the hypnotizing lure of the sirens?

Wishing you a soft and magical Solstice week

Not one moment is the same: Notes to the student of Astrology

After one has learned the techniques and rules of proper delineation, one must be able to step away from any certitude that are germinating in the mind and remain open and observant on the nature of the manifest. This might be one of the most difficult thing to do for a modern Astrologer, as we have been conditioned to judge everything through the filters of Science. It is all too easy to fall back into the safety of techniques in order to find some level of certainty. However, due to the divinatory nature of its language, Astrology does not function with certainties and absolutes and these will only hinder your ability to properly practice Astrology.

The multivalent and archetypal nature of Astrology must be approached with constant reverence if we are to grasp a fragment of its immensity.  Finding refuge in certainties will fool your judgment and distract you from the observatory nature of the practice; there are no finish line and no guarantees since not one moment is the same.

If you are looking for absolutes, then do not waste your time with Astrology. The more confident you become in your techniques, the more likely you are to err from the centre of its meaning. (and lose yourself in strife) Be mindful of claiming you have found the truth. Certainty will blind you to the subtle gifts that the open mind can receive, enclosing you in an echo chamber of confirmation bias, fooling you, and the ones who seek your counsel.

The Astrologer must not let the rules and techniques narrow his understanding, and reduce his analysis to simple equations. Proper delineation is simply one step of the process. After assimilating what the chart has to offer through the lens of techniques, one must be able to integrate them without letting certainty take root in the mind. Occasional weeding will be necessary in order to keep hubris at bay.

When doing natal interpretation for someone, do not be so certain of your techniques as to let them blind you to who is sitting in front of you. Leave ownership of the chart to the person it belongs to and be receptive, open and observant. Assumption will only distract you from seeing how things are manifesting in real time.


What kind of reality are you dreaming?
Alice in the Sea of Tears, Illustration by Arthur Rackham 1907

We begin the week with the First Quarter Moon; The Sun in Gemini squared the Moon in Virgo early this morning. A First Quarter Moon is a time when we are asked to take some actions on what was seeded at the New Moon just a week ago. The train is moving forward wether we like it or not. We must deal with the cards we have been dealt amidst a sea of change.

This is especially relevant this week as we move through mutable/cardinal astro-weather which is changeable and fluctuates like the tides of the Ocean. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, and the best way to navigate these currents is with flexibility, ready to adjust your sail with the changing winds. It can feel both exciting/exhilarating or overwhelming/frustrating depending on the type of birth chart you have.

The shapes and structures of a foreign land is arising in the distance. We are in a place of intuition and you could be SENSING what you need without clearly KNOWING how to get there or how things will turn out.

The Sun in Gemini is fickle, changeable, curious. Venus entered Gemini Saturday evening bringing an emphasis on the sign, while Mercury, Mars and the North Node are in the sign of Cancer emphasizing intuition, nostalgia, moodiness, sensitivity, nourishment, privacy and comfort.

This week, we are also under the shadows of a Mars-Saturn opposition on the Cancer-Capricorn axis while being hypnotized by the Neptune in Pisces-Jupiter in Sagittarius square. This could feel like a lot, especially once the Moon enters Scorpio on Thursday:

We are dreaming our life while reality seems to crumble around us. It is a time of novelty and inspirations amidst very destructive currents. The pressure to change is here and it won’t go away. There could be a lot of stressful factors to contend with amidst truly magical revelations. It could feel like a really inspiring time when new idea emerge out of necessity. Tremendous efforts are required to move ahead, to deal with our lives and the reality of the material world, but it is through adversity that we find the jewel. There could also be many jewels, many choices, many options to choose from.

One minute you are turning left only to realize you took a detour…but detour ends up being the scenic route and now you discover a secret beach and suddenly your priorities shift. You might decide you want to go for a swim forgetting your destination. The water is inviting, shimmering with a mysterious glow, enticing you to jump in, to relax into her warm and dissolving presence and forget your troubles, forget the stress…but then, your telephone rings… you are late for work…

”Ocean is more ancient than the mountains,
and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”  -H. P. Lovecraft

MERCURY IN CANCER: June 4-26, 2019

Saudade (1899), by Almeida Júnior

Mercury also known as Hermes (emissary and messenger of the gods) influences mind, thoughts and speech. Mercury is fluid and adaptable.

In the Water sign of Cancer, the messenger brings forth memories that carries an emotional imprint. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself nostalgic of ”the days gone by” triggered by an old picture or an object representing the past.

“People leave traces of themselves where they feel most comfortable, most worthwhile.”
-Haruki Murakami

Imagination and creativity are some of Cancer’s talents and many artists are born with important planets in this sign.

Over the next few weeks, our thinking could be coloured by subjectivity, intuition and emotions. Decision making will be made with the heart or the ”feels” more so than with the head which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Mercury in Cancer is moody, caring, and emotional.

Here are a few quotes from Princess Diana, born with Mercury in the sign of Cancer:

“I don’t want expensive gifts; I don’t want to be bought. I have everything I want. I just want someone to be there for me, to make me feel safe and secure.”

“I don’t go by the rule book … I lead from the heart, not the head.”


WEEK OF JUNE 3rd, 2019

We began the week with a New Moon in Gemini which was exact early Monday morning.
Mercury, the planet ruling over Gemini was also in Gemini and this is a nice New Moon to reset your mental and physical stance, since we are already almost halfway through 2019.

The New Moon in Gemini brings forth a wave of fresh ideas and inspiration. The New Moon is was also squaring Neptune (God of Glamour) and opposing Jupiter (Think BIG) and the line between fantasy/fiction and what is realistic might be a little bit blurry at the moment but overall, this New Moon brings forth a lot of momentum for our ideas.

The lure of magic is strong in the collective psyche right now. When the societal climate is grim, we tend to find ways to cope via the imagination. Social media, wishful thinking, superstitions, drugs/alcohol, movies, music, magic, romance are all avenues that takes us out of the ordinary. This will continue to be a big trend in the months to come, and the dichotomy between dealing with the reality in front of us versus what we want our world to look like, could take us down strange avenues.

The mind is a powerful tool and it might be easier right now to glimpse at how malleable reality can be and how we shape our experience of it. Directing our attention on the proper subjects can bring the desired results. It’s an excellent time to be mindful of what you are letting in and where you are spending your attention; be selective.

The Moon will move into the sign of Cancer on Tuesday, eventually meeting Mars in Cancer and the North Node:

Tuesday and Wednesday has the potential to be a little bit more emotional, irritable, nostalgic so keep that in mind. Mercury also leaves its home sign and enters Cancer while the Moon is here which will accentuate the instinctual and subjective nature of the sign and uniting mind and emotions.

The Moon growing in light, enters the flamboyant sign of Leo on Thursday afternoon until late Saturday night giving the end of the week a fiery boost of enthusiasm before the Moon enters Virgo Saturday evening finishing up the weekend on a dutiful and practical note. Sunday will be a good day for earth oriented chores like gardening and fixing things around your house.


After great pain, a formal feeling comes. The nerves sit ceremonious, like tombs.
Emily Dickinson

There is a lot going on this week. A few planets are changing signs and we have a potent Full Moon in Scorpio Saturday evening. The week begins with a stabilizing Moon in Virgo however, things will get increasingly volatile as we progressed through the week and peak Saturday evening.

The Moon is in Virgo today, Monday. The Moon enters Libra Tuesday afternoon and will stay in Libra until Thursday. Thursday May 16th, the Moon enters Scorpio and is on her way to be Full on Saturday before entering Sagittarius later that same night. Moon is in Sagittarius all day Sunday.

Venus enters Taurus early Wednesday morning and we can benefit from her presence in her home sign until the 8th of June. Beauty, love, art, attraction, aesthetics, money and relational matters can be influenced positively while Venus is in Taurus, especially once we are passed this Full Moon on Saturday.

Mars enters the sign of Cancer late Wednesday evening and will be in this creative and sensitive sign until July 1st. Cancer is not the best placement for Mars and we can expect increased irritability and a harder time expressing or directing anger. Since Cancer is a nurturing and fertile sign and Mars cannot find a direct expression here, it can create tension between will/assertion/confrontation and our desire to protect/safeguard/nurture.

Once the Moon enters Scorpio on Thursday evening, she will be almost Full and also ruled by Mars in Cancer. (Mars rules Scorpio) Venus newly in Taurus will also be applying to a conjunction with Uranus, adding a good dose of unpredictability to the end of the week and the Full Moon on Saturday.

Wherever the tension is in your life could gain momentum by the end of the week. This is not necessarily a bad thing and you could see it sort of like the ”popping of an abscess”. Something needs releasing and this Full Moon will support this process.

However, since Mars is ill at ease in the sign of Cancer and will be ruling over this Full Moon, it could feel a little bit more dramatic or painful depending on where Scorpio is located in your chart. Having to say good-bye or letting go features strongly.

The Sun in Taurus opposing the Moon in Scorpio highlights the need to retain, hold-on, secure, acquire, possess, stabilize (Taurus) versus the need to release, let-go, move deeper into what scares us, transform and do it with totality.(Scorpio) Feeling safe or being focused on safety and security could be highlighted. Being consumed or obsessed by someone or something, a piece of information, an object. Feeling possessive or experiencing someone being possessive, territorial or domineering could be another side effect.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun will be on infamous blinking star Algol also known as The Head of Medusa associated amongst many other things with the ”losing of one’s head”. Since the Full Moon takes place right across Algol, it should add a layer of intensity to this already fully-loaded few days.

Whatever is going on for you this week, whatever you are wrestling with, whatever you are saying good-bye to, its a good time to acknowledge the transitional space you find yourself in. Unfortunately nothing in this material life last eternally and this Full Moon in Scorpio is here to remind us that we eventually need to loosen our grip and release…

Wishing you an illuminating week