October 23rd, 2021 – Sun in Scorpio

Welcome to Scorpio Season,

Whichever house you have Scorpio in your chart is about to get lit up. Especially once Mars (ruling planet of Scorpio) enters Scorpio on October 30th. Until then the Sun in Scorpio is ruled by Mars in Libra so we might still be too preoccupied with ‘’how things look’’ as opposed to ‘’how things feel’’.

Mars relates to power and when Mars is in Libra power is a collective action that we take together which can be extremely castrating on the individual level because the Mars principle relates to independence, autonomy and the power to act. Mars energy is fundamentally individualistic because it is instinctual in nature. In order to survive we need to think about our hunger first. This is the essence of Mars in Astrology. Mars in Libra might say ”it’s not fair” but Libra is an Air sign which means it is able to rationalize itself out of how it feels to keep a ”semblance” of peace.

Once Mars enters Scorpio on October 30th we start to get closer to the Scorpionic and Mars principles. As we move more towards how things feel as opposed to how things look we get into deeper transactional layers and very different ways of experiencing the world. There’s a turning inward and a return to the senses and intuition that allows us to tune in to the ways we focus our energies. As priorities shift from the superficial layers of our skin to the deeper layers of our body’s interiority we might come to realize that our spirit requires more agency to renew with our sense of potency. Libra is able to handle superficial encounters and even excel at it but Scorpio, not so much.

If you can’t feel it in your flesh is it even real?

From now until the end of October, the vibe is sort of mellow. We are on the other side of the Full Moon in Aries and Mars squaring Pluto which was edgy/agitating/energizing/impulsive (see: prop gun being fired and killing cinematographer) depending on your predisposition. The Moon is waning and there is a semblance of peace or calm although it’s more like the calm before the storm that will be November as we slowly return to the essentiality of our body and what it hungers for.


The Sun enters Aquarius on Tuesday and the First Quarter Moon in Taurus arrives on Wednesday triggering the Mars/Uranus conjunction which is exact Wednesday evening in the East. We can expect this First Quarter Moon to highlight inherent tensions that have been building up since the end of 2020.

We are being challenged by the new forms and awareness emerging and it may be nearly impossible to reconcile our budding desires with our immediate restrictions at this time while we try to give our visions and obligations equal importance.You can look at the areas where Aquarius and Taurus sits in your chart to gain some perspective. Uranus in Taurus is pushing for new forms to emerge which requires freedom, independence and/or total liberation from the old forms, while the hyper-emphasis in Aquarius (because of Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and soon Venus all in Aquarius) highlights where you may be feeling like you need a solid plan for things to improve. You may feel blocked by circumstances outside of your control or need to spend time carefully planning. Things will take time. This tension will continue to be felt for the rest of 2021 but may be more present heading into this super concentrated Aquarius season.

On Saturday, the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius which carries a sobering or realistic tone after the explosive and less compromising aspects of mid-week. You may need to temper your momentum or desires to break free at the risk of having to take sobering remedial measures down the road. On the other hand, you may need to break free of what is restricting you in order to pursue or evolve out of a stale situation.

Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde in less than two weeks and already transiting on the degrees where it will be moving back in a few weeks meaning that what we are itching to get done now, may realistically take a bit longer or we may be forced to revise again later.

This is a time of innovation when we can start to conceptualise new ways of doing thing but we also do not have much leg room so we basically need to find innovative ways to get the spaciousness that we crave while patiently biding our time.


He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan,
carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.
Victor Hugo

The week begins with the Moon in Aires. The Moon enters Taurus Wednesday at 00:38 EDT and will travel though Taurus until Friday morning when the Moon enters Gemini at 10:34am. The last quarter Moon happens at 0º Gemini, officially initiating the mutable Earth season with the Sun having just entered Virgo. The Moon travels through Gemini until late Sunday afternoon when it enters Cancer at 17:05 EDT.

This week, with 3 planets moving from Leo to Virgo we are getting a good glimpse of what the next month has in store for us. Mars left the sign of Leo for Virgo early Sunday morning and Venus follows suit on August 21st, leaving the brazen fires of Leo for the humbling pastures of Virgo. On August 23rd, the Sun leaves its domicile of Leo to enter Virgo, officiating the Mutable Earth season. However, with Mercury (ruling planet of Virgo) still in Leo, we are holding onto the golden rays and royal ways, and not entirely dedicated to the practical applications of our vision until Mercury enters Virgo on August 29th.

Mars →Virgo: August 18 – 1:17am EDT
Venus →Virgo: August 21 – 5:06am EDT
Sun →Virgo: August 23 – 6:01am EDT

With the Sun’s ingress into the Earth sign of Virgo, we begin the process of sorting out what needs tending. Virgo season brings our attention and focus on the many task that lays ahead of us, illuminating what needs to be organized, smoothed, resolved and eliminated for us to find proper footing. With the heavy influence of the Earth element in the next few weeks, our attention will be on the practical and tangible ways in which we can establish order in our daily lives and in our bodies. Simplifying, streamlining, and putting back the tools in their proper place, becoming aware of all the little ways in which we are not yet fully efficient, proficient and perfect. Anxiety is a shadow that looms large over Virgoan-type people, for there is always ways in which one can improve themselves, and this process is never done. Quality resides in the critical eye for better or for worst. Perfection is not a burden for the artisan, but a guiding principle informing his repetitive actions which over time becomes the perfect object. Practice makes perfect as they say.

This year, we have a tight alignment of planets in the sign of Virgo which does not happen every year. This should greatly intensify the influence of the sign on our daily lives. Virgo is one of the three Earth signs considered in astrology to be primarily focused on the tangible and the practical necessities of material reality, the other two being Taurus and Capricorn.

Since we already have Uranus transiting in Taurus and Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn, the ingress of Mars, Venus and the Sun into the sign of Virgo this week will saturate the skies with planets in Earth signs. During the next few weeks, our attention will turn towards our material reality and how to improve it. We could find ourselves busy creating order out of the chaotic and disparate parts of our lives in order to improve it and be more productive. Productivity will be high on the priority list and you could find yourself overwhelmed with the work load while juggling all of your responsibilities. Procrastination will create more anxiety and I have seen many Virgo-type characters driving themselves mad with anxiety and stress while procrastinating. Don’t shy away from the work you have to do as this will surely release some of the inner tension.

This week, the transition of three planets from Leo to Virgo will be quite obvious as we find ourselves moving from the Fixed Fire season to the Mutable Earth season. In the Northern Hemisphere, Virgo season announces the end of Summer and the transition towards Fall. The preparation required for the return of the cold and the waning of the light prompts us to organize ourselves, and it is a time of movement and busy-ness. The structures in our lives will be vitalized and it’s a great time to organize your space and make it more functional. In the next couple of weeks, the emphasis is on our physical reality and tending to the smaller details of our existence like our body and our environment. However, the possibility of scattering ourselves through too many projects/avenues or being overly critical and preoccupied with perfection is a tendency to watch for during the next few weeks. It’s a good idea to temper the critical voice within you, and use this time to get ahead.

The Zodiac 1925 Ernest Procter 1886-1935

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character… Would you slow down? Or speed up?”
–Chuck Palahniuk

Weekend of October 6-8: Let the soft animal of your body

After the dynamic Full Moon in Aries of the last few days, the Moon is heading for the green pastures of Taurus from Friday night to Sunday night (EST). Basically 50 hours of the Moon being in the sign of its exaltation. With Venus and Mars still tightly conjunct in Virgo, the weekend brings us back down to Earth and into our bodies. Taurus AND Virgo are Earth signs; the focus shifts to logistic and practicalities in our lives.

There are a few ways we can handle this Earthy weekend. Venus in Virgo which rules the Moon in Taurus will be square to Saturn all weekend. We could spend the next 2 days worrying about social status, the material side of reality, focusing on what is lacking, worrying about money, work and everything that still needs to be done before we are happy, successful and, perfect.

Resources could be a concern and the next 2 days are excellent for managing them and for organizing your projects and schedule. Just don’t get too obsessive about it. Patience for the process will go a long way.

The next 2 days also support self-care, stretching, hiking, creative projects and crafts, spending time in nature and cooking. Listen to what your body is telling you and find the right measure of pragmatism and relaxation. Over-indulgence and sensuality are strongly indicated and the Moon in Taurus is always good for spending time in the kitchen. If you have been planning to make preserves from the Fall harvest, this weekend is the perfect time for it.

Have a great one!

Moon in Taurus: Friday @ 19:56 EST to Sunday @ 21:44 EST


New Moon in Virgo: 1:30am EDT (3am NDT) September 20, 2017.

Mercury, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

The New Moon in Virgo comes to us on the threshold of the Fall Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. The beginning of this lunar cycle finds us in the liminal space between the brightness of summer and its imminent decay.

Two days after the New Moon on September 22nd, at 16:02 EDT, the Sun enters the sign of Libra and signals the beginning of Autumn.


The New Moon is often associated with the beginning of a monthly cycle and renewed vigor for the month ahead. Since this New Moon takes place in the last degrees of Virgo just 2 days before the Fall Equinox, she carries with her an air of finality and closure as oppose to new beginnings.

It is within the current endings that we will find the new beginnings taking shape. Something is being composted into a nourishing and fertilizing soil. However, we must appreciate this process fully and bid farewell to past fantasies and bewildering ideas that keeps us looking backward. To cross this seasonal threshold, something must be surrendered or given as a token gesture to those ideals and fantasies. It is in this paradoxical abandon that we shall receive the necessary healing for the next part of the journey and the accomplishment of our future goals.


Under this New Moon in Virgo our wounds will take an incandescent glow calling to our attention what can’t be ignored any longer. The surfacing of these wounds could make us feel vulnerable but it will allow us to apply the necessary medicine. The pain which usually lies dormant under the surface of our skin will rise up and give us a clear indication of what must be healed. The remedies could be a bewildering blend of intuitive visions and practical applications. The most difficult task will be to rid ourselves of the intangible poisons and parasites.

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, presides over this New Moon and will be in exact opposition to Neptune at the time of the New Moon. Mercury began its retrograde motion on August 12 – in this exact part of the zodiac and opposing Neptune.

The train we have been riding since last month had Neptune coloured windows. When Neptune is involved, facts and fiction blend together creating a confusing cocktail of wishful thinking and unrealistic expectations. Under Neptune, we are intoxicated by an ideal and susceptible to delusion. At its best, Neptune gives a romantic tone to the object of desire, making us see what we want a see. Hopefully, the Sun in Virgo has helped us discriminate between what is achievable and what was mere fantasies. Regardless, in the days to come, we should slowly start to gain clarity on our current situation and any confusing scenarios we have been engaging with since the beginning of August will be seen for what they are. The New Moon in Virgo is also in exact opposition to Chiron; once the rose-coloured glasses come off, the truth could be hard to digest and the pain quick to locate. Be easy on yourself.


Finally, remember that not everything can be solved at once. Patience and humility will be required for your perceived mistakes and failings; nothing is perfect in this world. Special attention must be paid to anything that requires fixing; whether physiological, spiritual or mechanical. Some of the keys you hold in your hands will heal what ails you and some of those keys will open dead-end doors. Pay attention to the repeating clues given to you as you cross the threshold between Summer and Fall.


Paintings by Zdzisław Beksiński and Magritte


Sun in Pisces/Moon in Capricorn: Inspired Discipline


The Sun is in Pisces conjunct the Tail of the Dragon and the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. We might be revisiting time-tested ideas that prove to be better than their modern versions. Something from the past could come back for revision or be revived. We could also find ourselves appreciating the craftsmanship of our ancestors and be inspired by the quality of objects from the past.

With the Moon in Capricorn, it’s a good day to get work done and find some discipline. Since the Sun in Pisces and Neptune will receive a sextile from the Moon in Capricorn, work that requires a certain amount of creativity and inspiration should benefit.

The Heart’s Chambers

September 12, 2016:
Mercury in Virgo square Mars at 20º49′ Sagittarius (2:58pm EDT)
Mercury Cazimi (conjunct the Sun) at 20º37′ Virgo (7:40pm EDT)

The sequence of aspects on Monday September 12 are very dynamic. First Mercury square Mars in the sign of the fiery archer. This can bring a variety of side effects including more unpleasant ones. There could be volatility in communications and impulsive missives fired. Strong opinions and even zealousness about ones beliefs and firmly held opinions will be flying left and right. A sense of righteousness permeates the day and this can play out on various stages in our lives including our personal relationships. The truth is trying to surface. With Jupiter at 0 degree of Libra and ruling over Mars in Sagittarius, a compromising and diplomatic approach is favoured over impulsiveness.  It’s an excellent day to tackle projects that require a lot of efforts and stay on course if you can.

After its dynamic encounter with Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct the Sun in Virgo and sits in the Solar throne. A moment of clarity and perhaps something that had remained hidden from sight is revealed. A door opens briefly and we get a glimpse, a clue, an indication of things to come. Take note. Much can be accomplished and there is a good dose of intuition available if you are in a creative field.

Faith and Practicality

The Moon is in Sagittarius applying to conjoin Saturn at 5º Sagittarius and sextile Venus in Libra. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is in Virgo, and the Saturn/Neptune square is intensifying. A call to bring focus and humility to our vision and work patiently and diligently towards it.

☾ ♐︎
The image is one of a student apprentice, on a mission to collect herbs he will need for his work. Perhaps he stops for a moment to contemplate the landscape, but he will not get lost in his meditations. His attention turns towards finding the plants, and all the work that still needs to be done.

♃ ♍︎
The time has come to direct our inner fire towards some sort of bigger accomplishment.  We know that to get there, we will need to hold the image in our mind’s eye. There is no time for meaningless activities. We are either looking for the path, or we are well on our way. Anxious to move ahead, there is a concentrated effort and our gaze is on the horizon.  Between the desire for something meaningful, and our ideal, we can find the inner resourcefulness we need to keep going.

Like a pilgrim guided by his prayers, we are now imbued with the faith needed to move forward. There is still a long road ahead but each step is an offering to our vision.



Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant to be a broad insight into certain time signatures. If you want a more detailed forecast, you can book a reading here.  It will be my pleasure to help you unlock and prepare for any upcoming opportunities or challenges. You can also subscribe to my monthly horoscopes here.

*The rising sign is essential in understanding our personal dispositions, please read your Sun sign and Rising sign for extra clarity.

Happy explorations!





In some ways, you are still largely dependent on others this month. It seems like no matter how much you need or want your space and freedom you are still relying on other people for some things. The New Moon on November 11 is a reset button in connection with your intimate relationships. Deep bonds are initiated or connections are broken. You need to sort through your feelings and communicate to avoid further conflicts. You can find ease and comfort if you give up a bit of that ‘’independant at all cost’’ mentality.  Some details are escaping you and your own motivations could feel unclear.  You need to have faith in the elements that are outside of your control. Pay attention to the information coming via dreams or your unconscious. How can you maximize your need for growth and independence and channel it? What is your vision?  Once you know exactly what you are searching for, you will be able to formulate a solid plan to get there.


We are now six months away from your birthday. In the zodiac, the sign of Scorpio is at the exact opposite to the sign of Taurus. A mirror image.The Taurus-Scorpio axis has to do with accumulation or retention (Taurus), and evacuation and transformation (Scorpio). Both Taurus and Scorpio are highly sensual signs that perceive the world through their senses. Taurus’ primary concern is with grounding and solidifying its place in the physical world. You are a practical beast with a no non-sense attitude. You instinctively know how to find peace and stability. Scorpio’s focus, however, is on the intensity and power that comes with destroying old structures, favouring renewal through transformation. And that, my dear Taurus, is the kind of experience you are going through at the moment. Something is shifting as you begin a two year process of deep changes. Shedding an old skin can feel good but it can also feel extremely awkward in the first stages. Our resistance to change only aggravates what is trying to happen and a period of discomfort is normal. You can find some peace connecting with your community through a spiritual practice.


The recent opposition of Uranus to your ruler Mercury kick started a period of creativity for you. This could be a time when you crave more vitality and beauty in your day-to-day life. In a broader sense, you are aligning with your calling but to do that, you need to trust your inspiration. Trust that even though you might not be doing what you want for a living, you can still start on a creative project. There is a sort of divine discontent connected to your career or what you do for money, but it is a necessary passage to understand what you need. There are also some obligations that you have towards others that are keeping you from taking a leap of faith towards yourself and your dreams. Is there a way you can make more space for play, improvisation and curiosity on a daily basis while still being responsible towards the ones you love? There is an opportunity at the moment to heal some of the root causes of the discontent you feel towards your career, and it starts with having faith in yourself. Here is a great article about passion and doing what we love: http://markmanson.net/passion


Dear soft one, you are still undergoing major renovations in the heart department. This has been an ongoing process and for some of you it started around 2008. You have largely reinvented yourself and how you relate to others. To some extent, talking about these wounds have had a healing effect on you but it has also helped a lot of people around you. Deep down, you are an artist. Whether you think of yourself as one or not, you have the emotional intelligence of a poet. And sometime, that means being a guiding hand to others in their dark journey back to love. There is a quality in the way you express yourself that acts like a balm to those who are heart-broken. And it comes from all the wisdom you have acquired through your own heart breaks. But it also comes from being able to translate those wounds so that others can relate. You are carrying within you some nurturing qualities that are much-needed in the world. The question is: How can you be serious about others emotional storms without being carried away by them? How can you be a light house without being destroyed by the hurricanes? The process of restructuring how you deal with these questions has already begun. You are creating boundaries between you and others because your health and well-being depends on it. And you want to continue sharing your love in a way that feels healing and grounding for you.


The pressure is on to deliver the goods, darling. Your talents are in high demand, and November gives you an audience. It will be a busy month, and if you can reconcile all the loose ends and still make some time to nurture yourself, you will be one happy camper. Your ability to make money is crossing paths with your passion in a big way. Everyone aspires to do what they love for a living but reality is not always aligned with our dreams. You are invited to step into that possible future—for a small price, of course. You might have to use some of your savings to fund a project or have to rely on a generous hand to support your work. The real price, though, will come in the form of labour. You need to have a good plan in place. The next 2 years will test how serious you are about your talent, about your calling and about the means you choose to build your empire. You will be tested to see how dedicated you are about staying on the path you have chosen. And this month, is a glimpse into what that means. Being serious about what you love, and loving the work that it takes to get there.


”Under construction” is a great sign for you at the moment. You are beginning some major internal renovations. To help you along in this new phase, here is some background on the word renovation. Used in the early 15th century, the Middle English word that eventually became renovation (renovacyoun) referred exclusively to spiritual rebirth. It is derived from the Latin renovare, as re + novare means to make new, to reinvigorate; refresh; revive.
A big part of your renovations have to do with the perimeters of your heart. Strengthening your ”love organ” so that you can make wiser decisions about who you let in and who stays out. The emotional disillusion that you have experienced with other people has brought you here. Inside yourself, learning to love yourself inside and out. Giving shape to your internal landscape molding it so that you know precisely where you stand when you invite someone in. Standing from a place of power.


Libra, you want it all. The beauty, the relationship, the money, the fulfilling social life and the freedom to come and go as you want. Yes, I said THE word: Freedom. The word freedom is usually not used to describe Libra who like to be soooo acommodating. It is taboo for Libra to claim their need for space since the urge is always towards pair bonding. Libra would rather BE two, but something is happening.  You are learning to find satisfaction in going your own way without approval. You are realising that there are some things you would rather do on your own. You are slowly coming to grasp with the fact that your self-worth has nothing to do with the feedback you receive from others. It might feel really awkward at first. It might feel like you are stepping on other people or that you are being inconsiderate. And you probably are, but you will adjust. On another note, keep a close watch on how your thinking is affecting your health and make sure to communicate any resentments or difficult emotions as clearly as possible. You do not want the darkness to fester inside.


Scorpio, you came into this world when the days get shorter and the light slowly disappears from our lives. You understand darkness and you are fearless when it comes to seeing the underbelly of life. In the last 3 years, you became an expert in dealing with some very difficult parts of yourself. A sort of training camp to see what you are made of and how much pressure you are capable of sustaining. And guess what? You made it out to the other side.  With a few good scars but also with more power and more self-knowledge than ever before. You can be proud of the work you have accomplished to shed some old self-defeating habits. Your focus is now turning towards your resources as you find better ways to secure your place in the world. And somehow stepping outside of yourself and into a larger group might be exactly what is needed.  Your ability to generate revenue is closely linked to your collaborations. You will be able to maximize your potential if you join forces with others towards a creative goal. Brainstorm with your friends. Invite others in your magic circle.


Everyone knows how much freedom is important to you. You are a wild spirit who like to come and go as you please. No one would dare make demands on you if it made you feel trapped in some ways. Except the new guy in town.  Maybe you didn’t get the memo yet? His name is Saturn, Lord of Time. Here is the thing, he was looking for a place to live for the next couple of years and he decided that you would make a good roommate. It doesn’t need to be difficult.  In fact he might have a really beneficial influence on you in the long run, if you make a few small adjustments. He is quite demanding when it comes to getting your shit together but he might reward you…with more responsibilities. He will make sure that you are not holding on to some unrealistic pipe dreams and he will test you. Fortune will come if you humbly focus on your craft and get better at what you do. And that could come in the form of teaching what you already know.  Clean out the internal and external clutter, and delineate a good strategy for where you would like to be in two years from now.  Saturn likes a good plan and you have to respect the dude. He is your guide and mentor through this rite of passage into a more mature version of your wild self.


It is usually hard to get a Capricorn to change his direction once his is mind made up. It’s not that you are not flexible, far from that.  But you know what you want and usually you have the wisdom required to make the proper decisions. Perpetually progressing towards your goal with the iron will.  Except now.  You might be doubting your own stoic motivations.  A small voice within you is whispering a poetry that feels unfamiliar but also very soothing. We could name that little voice Inspiration. Here is the thing: Inspiration often comes when we have a crisis of faith but sharing her is often the best way to restore it. Inspiration doesn’t have a linear trajectory.  It is a twisted up and down road with many dead ends. And it can feel unsettling for a Capricorn who usually delineates his trajectory. By letting inspiration take over your mind  you might be able to reach some of your goals in ways that are not forseeable from a practical perspective.


Love has been the word on your mind all summer. It can feel strange for you to be spending  your mental energy on fluffy thoughts.  Especially that you have so much work to do, and that work might of suffered a little. But it feels good to share common interest. Teaming up might be the solution to bring in more revenue. An important thing to keep in mind as you share your resources, is that you are getting a fair deal.  Make sure that you are not giving up on your integrity and beliefs when you take part in a group project. Make sure also that responsibilities are shared equally so that you don’t end up with the grunt of the work. Even though you are doing things from the perspective of your higher ideals, not everyone sees it that way. Delineating responsibilities within the group might save you headaches down the road.


How much are you actually surrendering of yourself to succeed in the world? You are in a period of your life where the sacrifices required of you might exceed what is humanly possible. The funny thing is that you might not even realise it. Being the less selfish sign of the zodiac means that people can make unrealistic demands on you and you don’t even notice how ridiculous it is. You will accommodate generously and most of the time from a dedicated and genuine interest to share your wisdom. The push and pull you are feeling at the moment is happening between yourself, your career and a special person in your life. You might feel divided between the responsibilities you have taken in your work and the demands of a loved one. You are on the back burner because you put yourself there. Pressure is on to deliver the goods. Drawing boundaries to know where you end and where other begins might be a smart idea, even if it’s just a draft.


Cosmic Push

It might be Sunday, day of rest for many but the Moon is in Aries and                                               Mercury opposing Uranus at the moment screams inspiration.
Plus Venus and Jupiter are at an exact conjunction in Virgo.
There is great momentum to get s*** done so get out and do it!

The Visitors by Andrea Kowch.