“It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills,
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Pluto: Compulsion – Obsession – Power – Unconscious – Fears – The Underworld – Riches – The Shadow – Darkness (Not the darkness of night but the darkness of the world in all its horror and degeneracy) – Transformation – Putrefaction and Compost that fertilizes new soils.

Aquarius: Individuality, equality, friendships, group associations. The desire to distinguish oneself for our progressiveness, scientific minds and ideals. (Cafe Astrology)

The last two years have shown us that society can very easily be divided into two camps of folks who are unable to comprehend the very real ‘’reality’’ of the other , each party in complete outrage and disbelief by the seemingly incoherent beliefs and behaviours of the other side. What took place in our society with the lockdowns, the vaccine mandates and the masks is the most extreme example of the power and the hold that social media has on shaping and dividing the collective psyche which has primed us for the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

Looking at the current cultural and societal weather we can easily see the place that social media has carved for itself in our daily lives and in the very most interior parts of our spiritual being. The virtual world now permeates all aspects of our daily existence and a lot of us make our living entirely online which brings a host of very real problems as we navigate corporate platforms that are engineered to polarize in order to keep us engaged. As we connect to each other online, everyone is also experiencing its very own little echo chamber of news, information and world views.

Believing that you are outside of these corporate-plaforms behaviour-shaping influence would be a grave mistake as we proceed forward. Think very carefully about what you are engaging with; your outrage is the trap and if you are someone with a spiritual practice think of the emotions generated by your anger, your fear and your polarized state and the subsequent parasitical entities it attracts to feed on your state. 

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd and will be transiting there for the next two decades. Pluto tends to expose what is corrupted and bring to the surface the darker aspect of the sign it is transiting through. The sign of Aquarius relates to ideals of betterment where the whole is favoured as oppose to the individual. However, the archetype of Aquarius also relates to the individual, the rebel and pioneer who is able to think outside of the box as they stand on the periphery of society although alienation and exile often results from excluding oneself from the group or worst, from being ostracized.

Belonging versus estrangement or exclusion are concepts that relates to Aquarius and we’ve witnessed first hand what that meant collectively as Saturn entered Aquarius in 2020 and gave us an appetizer of the themes that we may have to contend with while Pluto moves through Aquarius for the next 20 years.

I will continue to reflect on the very real issues we are now facing as individuals navigating the virtual world, artificial intelligence and the behaviour-shaping algorithms and how the upcoming transit of Pluto in Aquarius may reflect this process taking place in the collective for the next several years so I hope you stick around… 😉



This week, we are basking in the after glow of the Jupiter/Neptune square which was exact Sunday.

The planet Neptune is associated with the desire for transcendence. Jupiter is faith and optimism but also over-inflation.

Think: Cotton-candy clouds, siren calls, romanticism, glamour, rose-coloured glasses, the deep faith that everything will work out, trust at the cost of a more pragmatic approach, over-inflation of dreams and wishes, magic, spirituality, visions and dreams, being aware of synchronicities and omens…

At its worst this aspect can correlate with a strong divine discontent, reality not meeting the expectations we have for ourselves and our specialness or just not seeing reality for what it really is. There can be a tendency for denial, bad choices and ignoring painful truths…

Neptune is often associated with drugs, alcool and substance abuse or getting involved in relationship scenarios where you idealize the person as oppose to seeing who they truly are.

Jupiter square Neptune this year, will be super good for artists, magician and witches as it can be a time of heightened inspirations and cosmic downloads…🔮

Neptune is like an exit door into a fantastical world that has no bottom and Jupiter will come to amplify that.

Something to keep in mind this year as there will be 3 Jupiter-Neptune squares aspect that will colour 2019.

Are you under the influence?

Hylas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse.



Depending on your natal chart, you might be picking up on the other big vibe of the moment which is ALL of the heavy-handed action happening in Capricorn. (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Sun and South Node in Capricorn)

The sign of Capricorn with its ruler Saturn at home means that we might be hyper conscious of:

Time, time passing, getting older, limitations, responsibilities and obligations, the process of aging (think of that FB trend over the weekend).

There can also be a sort of ”status anxiety” and fears around money, authority, superiority/inferiority complex.

Our society puts a strong emphasis on material success. However, we are now in the midst of sweeping changes in regards to materialism and what it means to ‘’make it in the world’’ and be ‘’secure’’.

People are coming to the realization that consumerism and the capitalist model is destroying life in Earth. That perhaps, a big house, a secure job and 2 cars in the driveway is more of a burden than anything else. It is also creating a lot of anxiety as we adjust to this new awareness.

The deep stirrings of Pluto transiting through Capricorn is removing the false ideas we have about success.

Dissatisfaction will continue to grow louder as we approach the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020.

While this unsustainable system continues to crumble, it is important to remain aware, that the best inversement you can make is towards your health and strength.

Be pragmatic about what is possible for you this year and start working towards your goals whatever they might be.

Throw your fears of inadequacy into the garbage and stop comparing yourself or competing with others. Root down from within.



On Sunday, the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius and less than 24 hours later we have a FULL MOON at 0º LEO/LUNAR ECLIPSE which is the last one on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

For people with important planets in either Aquarius or Leo, the last 2 years might of brought some important changes and now this is sort of like a culmination of that process coming to a close.

2019 in so many ways is the beginning of a totally NEW ERA and this will become apparent as we progress through the year.

THERE IS NO TURNING BACK so keep moving forward, keep hustling and stay true to yourself!

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.” ― Rumi

The Moon is in Scorpio.
Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio is in a trine with Jupiter and Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio) who are both in the Earth sign of Virgo at the moment. This is fantastic astrology, if you can direct the martial power at your disposal.

Use your fears and hidden complex to ground you, use them to propel you. There is tremendous power running just under the surface if you can notice what has control over you.  Acknowledging your anxiety loosens up the hold they have over you. By being aware of what controls us, we can have a better understanding of our hidden motivations and direct our power with mindful intention.

”You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.” – Brian Tracy

Here is Bruce Lee showing you how it’s done. Bruce Lee was born with Mercury,Venus, Mars and the Moon in the Water sign of Scorpio.

*Note the intensity of purpose

Decay and Pluto

The Moon in Cancer is applying to oppose Pluto in Capricorn in a few hours…

Pluto is associated with the process of decay, destruction, transformation and rebirth. Issues of power and the abuse of power are parts of Pluto’s domain.

His influence is on the collective.

I’m going to skip the astrological lingo for today and focus on the bigger picture.

Here is the thing:

We are killing everything. The earth that sustains us and all the living creatures on it. Everything is dying, the ocean’s are poisoned, our food has become toxic, we brutalise living creatures for mass consumption and the worst part is that we know all of this. (But bacon is sooo good right?)

We are witnessing the downfall and the disintegration of our modern world.

The people that make important decisions for us collectively are corrupt and power hungry. We have lost faith, and most of us don’t trust that our governements have our best interests in mind. Everyday we loose our freedom. The more we disconnect from the natural world, the more we become dependant on the unsustainable machine that runs on credit and oil.

We are searching for simplicity, validation and connection in a complex virtual reality while dissociating ourselves from the natural world. We convince ourselves that we are centered and wholesome because at the end of the day, we buy organic and meditate or post a spiritually enlightened quote on facebook, twitter, instagram and the likes. It helps us cope. Good job!

We spend a week in nature ”disconnecting” which gives us the impression that it is everyone else who has blinders on, not us.

But we are all very sick. And in order to see the changes that we want to see, we will need to go into the darkest corners of ourselves and face the reality:

We are the corrupted, we are the power hungry, we are the abusers, we are the destroyers.Ia4zTw21