Infinite connections intertwined into the fascia of the world creating a highly sophisticated network of electrical languages left to discover even though everyone already knows about it through their bodies and their hearts. Day and night and in-between, consciousness is busy sending information between the spaces of matter separated because time made it so as we try to break free from it. A pressurized experience of the body as it reshape itself to fit through the anticipated wiring that will charge up the engine that plows the earth tilling old skeletons and unfinished business to the surface to create a rich soil for the future to grow into ancient Gods. Water is the matter to contend with and the crux of the equation as it shapes the contours of this world and infuse everything with a song that is chanted drop by drop. Perspective is a matter of perspective.

This week we are moving towards a really nice ”perspective widening” New Moon in Aquarius on Friday afternoon. (16:46 EST) that should help shake off the recent heaviness that came along with Capricorn season. The Sun entered Aquarius Monday morning at 9:55am and will travel here until February 18. The Sun in Aquarius signals a time when we can start to conceptualize and envision new and innovative scenarios for the year ahead after a period of heavy realization, especially in regards to our material realities and its current limitations.
The Sun in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus all week could dislodge or challenge old patterns and security needs. Priorities are changing and even though we could feel the pressure to keep our current structures and safety nets, we can also intuit that things are not going back to the way they were, and we have to keep moving. This is also a major contrast created by big players Uranus, Saturn and Pluto transiting in Earth signs challenging our material realities, our bodies and the status quo.

The Moon in Sagittarius on Monday gives some heat and momentum to begin the week but will square Neptune in Pisces late Monday evening and then will remain void of course until she enters Capricorn January 22nd at 12:01am creating a sort of ”in-between” window where time could feel somewhat suspended. The Moon is also waning until Friday and in her darkest phase which is great for cleansing, disseminating, finishing projects and decluttering physical space and mental body. There is significant momentum contained in the New Moon on Friday but we have to move through the darkness especially while she travels through Capricorn and meet Saturn and Pluto on Thursday night. The impetus for change and novelty is not born out of nowhere but it’s the contrast of the old structures against the new visions that creates the tension. Patience and hard work is required to handle changing realities and meet our Fate.

The Moon enters Aquarius Friday morning and meet the Sun at 16:42 EST. The New Moon in Aquarius will be in a tight square to Uranus in Taurus sending a powerful need for sovereignty over our lives. It could be difficult to meet the demands made on us at this time. Give yourself some space to experiment at the end of the week and don’t schedule too heavily.

As we enter Aquarius season and shake off the heaviness of the recent weeks, Venus in Pisces is busy applying to a square with Mars in Sagittarius which is exact on Sunday. Both planets in mutable signs will contribute to a feeling of changing circumstances. The Moon enters Pisces on Sunday evening and it could feel like nothing is set in stone. It’s best to keep your options open at this time. Have a plan but be flexible enough to adapt quickly. Need and desire, heart and mind could all be asking for very different things right now and that’s totally ok. Going with the flow might be the best medicine for these type of skies.

With Uranus being such a big player this week stay alert for quickly changing circumstances or solutions and insights coming from seemingly nowhere.

“History is not the soil in which happiness grows.
The periods of happiness in it are the blank pages of history.”

Georg Wilhelm Hegel

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