‘’In the future there will be no boundary between media anticipating our desires and completely dictating them. The integration will be so sophisticated, memories of agency will become a myth’’

Astrologers (myself included) tend to be prescriptive because people often come to us to help them contextualize their lives and more extensively the past and the future. Modern astrology also has the reflex of attributing the North Node with progress and positive manifestations and the South Node with release and purging the bad stuff. But what if the Nodes of the Moon and the Eclipses were simply describing a condition and a process that is not necessarily good or bad but just IS?

In the past two years, the Nodes of the Moon (where the eclipses take place) were moving through the sign of Gemini and Sagittarius with the South Node in Sagittarius seemingly removing mobility, perspective and faith (Sagittarius words) while the North Node in Gemini brought a challenging amount of contradictory information to contend with and an over emphasis on the news and media. Was it a good thing that we became immobilized and unable to project ourselves into the future (South Node in Sagittarius) while spending an unhealthy amount of our time socializing in zoom rooms and speculating on the veracity of the news? (North Node in Gemini) I wouldn’t say so.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the compelling nature of the North Node (Rahu /The Head of the Dragon) as it tends to act as an insatiable force wherever it is emphasized. The North Node is said to compel because it is a head without a body and doesn’t have a stomach to digest. Therefore, it can never feel quite satiated which is another way of describing how the pursuit of material desires cannot bring lasting satisfaction.

With the North Node currently in Taurus it feels to me like a time of embodiment and simplifying what has become overly complicated which is some of the good qualities found in the sign of Taurus. However, there is also a reflex of not wanting to rock the boat and just wanting to stabilize and secure things. Which is understandable after the two years of trauma we have collectively endured.

The tail end of the Eclipse Dragon (Ketu /South Node) is currently in Scorpio and will be there until mid 2023 and is being delineated (very simply) as a good time to purge negative emotions. Scorpio being a sign of profound transformation and the South Node often compared to a point of saturation, it makes sense that this would be a good time to release some of the trauma and heavy feelings that have been accumulating since 2020. The South Node in Scorpio could also be described as a time of profound loss.

Most astrological delineations about this cycle of eclipses tend to emphasize the good qualities of Taurus and the bad qualities of Scorpio and I think this is an oversimplification of the current astrology and it kind of misses the point. 

The North Node in Taurus has been compelling us into Taurean behaviours like trying to stabilize things and follow the path of least resistance as opposed to rocking the boat even further which is totally understandable because people are exhausted from being in a permanent state of trauma. Scorpio might be trying to have a real and honest conversation but Taurus is shushing them and saying:

‘’Not right now, not in front of the guest darling’’.

So it might not be possible to get to the bottom of something right now even if you would really want to. People don’t have the bandwidth for more intensity (a scorpio word). You may have to be content with what’s on your plate but as the year unfolds, you might eventually have to face some of the hard truths especially if you have important placements in the Fixed signs.

I would say that the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 15-16th (which would be a Full Moon if it wasn’t eclipsed) describes a condition of spiritual, emotional and intellectual constipation and hijacking. Why would I say that? A Full Moon in Scorpio would usually be delineated as a cathartic event because it would expose and illuminate (Full Moon) difficult emotions and conditions so that they can be processed, purged and released. Scorpio is not afraid to get down and dirty into the depth of emotions, pain, trauma and taboos. Scorpio has an x-ray vision that allows for a very real and honest appraisal of whatever it is looking at. However, there might be no way to get the release you actually need right now which could mean that things might be left undigested for the time being.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is being eclipsed so it’s kind of like an emotional (Moon) catharsis interrupted or the inability to focus and get a clear picture of what’s bothering you or what you need right now. You might have to live with the ambiguity of your anger or the impossibility of getting a clear answer which could feel draining if you’re trying to move on.

At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio (the mind of the people) are both applying to a square with Saturn in Aquarius (time constraint, the rules, responsibilities, limitations, reality) showing that there is an inability to flow or move into deeper intimacy with ourselves, with others, and with our true desires, probably for a bunch of totally legitimate reasons and mostly because things will tend to flow into what feels harmonious, stable and secure even though that’s mostly just a bias. (thanks to the North Node currently transiting in Taurus)

A screen sits between you and your loved ones.
A screen sits between you and your true desires.
A screen sits between you and what’s real.

I’ve been watching the Moon swell up all week knowing that a lot of us are feeling emotionally and spiritually exhausted which is pushing us to find contentment in the present moment. But I also know that there is a lot of anger and disappointment lodged in so deeply that it can’t even be identified and released right now and that a lot of us are actually dissociating.

This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Mars in Pisces which is currently conjunct Neptune so the usual martial functions are totally diluted. Mars is focus. Mars likes things to be clearly delineated and efficient. Mars wants to get to the point so that it can move on but Neptune is blurring the lines.

Mars is anger, desires and self-agency. Neptune is fantasy, illusion, and dissolution. Qualities that if you spend any time at all on social media are most likely deformed because these platforms are engineered to hijack your consciousness and your free will (another Mars word). Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces could be misleading. You know you’re being lied to, you know you’re being manipulated but you can’t really locate where it’s coming from except for a lingering malaise.

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces is like a sailor lost at sea in the fog, being lured by mermaids further and further from the shore. (reality) Mars conjunct Neptune shows a condition of desires being hijacked by fantasy. A situation where glamor and projection covers reality with the soft glow of longing for something that is not quite tangible.

”Let’s just pretend, let’s play make belief”

Mars is still angry but anger and vitality (Mars words) are getting dissolved into pursuing or getting lost into the intangible realms of Neptune. What’s your escape? What’s the balm that soothes you? What’s the medicine that pacifies you?

Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries at the time of the eclipse speaks of castrated will, unfulfilled desires, or lost of autonomy.

Some things can’t be solved right now because there is an inability to name things. We can’t name things because we are overwhelmed, tired, distracted and at lost for words. Mars conjunct Neptune is confusing. What should feel like a simple equation is too complicated to untangle.

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces ruling over the eclipsing Full Moon in Scorpio is like being trapped in a hall of mirrors. We might be confusing a projected image for our true desires or we might be just too numb to care. Either way, one thing is for sure is that the current astrology speaks of collectively dissociating deeper into the virtual and media circus while our desires are being deeply embedded into the algorithm. And this hijacking of our will and of our desires is really something to think about. It could become harder to ignore as we progress through the year and more holes get revealed in the stories we chose to believe.

Forecast for the week of May 2nd

A partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus took place on the 30th of April and another Eclipse (Lunar) will occur on May 15th in Scorpio which opens up an important dynamic across the Taurus-Scorpio axis in the following weeks.

The signs of Taurus and Scorpio have a lot to do with intuition, especially the intuition of the body. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus which means that Taurus tends to gravitate towards ease, beauty, comfort and what feels grounding or harmonizing in the most natural and organic ways. Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars which means that Scorpio tends to intensify our most basic survival needs and brings us directly in contact with the powers inherent in our animal and desire nature. (for better or for worse)

At this time, we may be compelled towards greater health, being prompted to return towards rhythms, habits, and patterns which ground us. This may be done by simplifying what feels overly complicated and harmonizing what feels disrupted. Nature can play an important role in centering us back to our natural rhythms and you may feel the need to: touch grass, breathe, hang out with animals, eat good food and indulge your 5 senses with simple pleasure, presence, and embodiment.

Anything that feels counter intuitive could become like a thorn on your side and this will gradually become more and more obvious as we approach the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th.

There are a lot of movable pieces that haven’t fallen into place yet and even though we may be craving simplicity and balance, things outside of our control could continue to bring surprises this week.

Venus enters Aries today (2nd of May) after having been in Pisces since early April which brings a considerable change of pace (because Venus rules the Sun in Taurus) Desires could become gradually more individualistic and we may have less patience for things (relationships, patterns, situation, habits) which feels draining. With Venus in Aries which is ruled by Mars still transiting in Pisces, it could be that there is a conflict between the need to act on a more egoic and personal level versus trying to see the silver lining and learn the lessons within your current predicaments without necessarily acting on them. You or someone else may try to bargain and it might be hard to gain clarity or reassurance or get a straight answer on something that you are trying to move ahead with.

Personal needs and what’s best for the greater good could be intertwined and feel harder to differentiate. This may be a case of ‘’I am doing this because I want to help” but really you or someone else is just being selfish. On the other hand, if you’ve been compromising too much, you may feel the need to focus on yourself and what YOU need. Either way, Venus in Aries may be a call to action for things that have been simmering but these things might not be as straightforward as you would like and a quick fix may bring unexpected results.

The Sun will conjoin Uranus in Taurus on the 5th which is a catalyst aspect that will be felt all week and may relate to something you are trying to free yourself from. There may be a part of your life undergoing radical transformation in an effort to return to health, stability and grounding.

Finally Mercury in Gemini will turn retrograde on May 10th so the themes playing out this week will surely need more time in the marinade before you can get the flavours you are looking for.


The New Moon arrives late tonight/early morning on April 1st at 11º of Aries in a conjunction with Chiron.

Chiron’s interpretations in Astrology relate to wounding, vulnerability and healing. Significant aspects with Chiron in your birth chart can represent core woundings but also important wisdom that come from those wounds. Chiron is a minor planet that was discovered in 1977 and integrated into astrology by relating it to the mythology of its name.

You can read the mythology surrounding Chiron for a full picture of his archetype but basically, Chiron was a healer and a teacher who accidentally got shot by a poisoned arrow during a battle. Although he was a really knowledgeable healer, he could not heal himself and was doomed to live eternally with a wound that wouldn’t heal so he renounced his immortality for the life of Prometheus who had been chained to a rock and left to die for giving fire to mankind.

I recently saw one of my favorite Chiron interpretation ever by astrologer Cameron Allen who said:

‘’At the end of the day, Chiron enacted what he was taught to do from day one which is to abandon himself.’’

We are slowly thawing from the long stagnation of the last two years reflected by important conjunctions of the malefic planets in both Capricorn and Aquarius (two Saturn ruled signs) that saw us pressurized into uncomfortably tight corners and confronted to unsustainable patterns, situations, ways of thinking, connections, habits, relationships and limiting circumstances or responsibilities that didn’t allow us to evolve easily (in the ways that nature likes to move) and that has felt like a LOT of hard work. (thanks Saturn!)

Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars. The Sun is considered exalted here. Aries is independent, vital and creative. Aries likes to move, flow, act, react and it especially likes to get its way right away. Aries really doesn’t care what your mom or cousin thinks.

Mars rules the sign of Aries and at the time of the New Moon, Mars is applying to a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. 

This is the ”driving a race car with the brakes on’’ aspect. The energy of Mars needs a fast channel to move through but the energy of Saturn is limiting and heavy. Mars conjunct Saturn is frustrated energy that has nowhere to go. People who have the conjunction in their birth chart can work tirelessly for long hours but there is a pent up frustration here that is hard to release and it feels like the never ending grind. 

The Astrology of the last few years gave us a lot of practice with this type of influence and we are used to an unusual amount of restricted blood flow which also means that we might not really even notice that blood is not circulating properly through our body. We’ve learned to live with the light headed dizziness that comes with not being fully oxygenated. We’ve scrolled for long hours in front of our screens contorted into unnatural posture with kinked necks, trying to bond and connect with our human family without really ever feeling satiated.

But now Spring is here, and the Sun is in Aries, and the light is returning, and our feet are itchy, and we need to stretch wider than ever, and shake our limbs out of their slumber, and dance, and take a deep breath outside looking at the rising Sun, and feel alive again, in the real world of our own making.

So the questions I have for you on the eve of this New Moon in Aries conjunct healer Chiron is:

Which parts of yourself have you abandoned in the hopes of helping and has it been worth the sacrifice?

What does healing look like for you and does your preoccupation with other people keep you from fully taking care of your own well being?

What does creativity look like for you and does your preoccupation and responsibilities keep you from fully embodying your Daimon and experiencing your full creative potential?

“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.”
― Novalis


”True and real safety is cultivated deep within, in the felt sense of one’s full integrity, in embracing the authority one has over their human experience. Safety is not avoidance or denial. It’s not banishing discomfort for the illusion of safety. It is becoming increasingly clear that in the time of mass psychosis, the ubiquitous plea to be ‘’kept safe’’, is in actuality a desperate strategy to be kept safe from reality.’’ Lubomir Arsov

The Full Moon in Cancer arrives Monday night in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. A Full Moon is a time when the Moon casts her light on the darkened landscape that surrounds us, illuminating what is usually shrouded in darkness.

It is said that the Moon is at home in Cancer, a sign often associated with the protection of the womb, the home, the family and the special privileges that come from being sheltered from the harsh realities of life. Like a child protected in her innocence and powerlessness by the adults that provide for her, the Moon finds sustenance and safety in the sign of Cancer.

If Cancer is associated with the Child, the sign of Capricorn which sits in opposition is often associated with the Adult or the Authority. The Sun is currently transiting in Capricorn and is in conjunction with Pluto on the day of the Full Moon ensuring that we get a full glimpse of the things which are usually hidden from us.

‘’ On the outer reaches of the solar system, Pluto represents the principle of regeneration and transformation through elimination and renewal. Discovered in the period that saw the development of atomic power, the Great Depression and the birth of dreadful dictatorships, Jeff Mayo called it the symbol of the great heights or fearful depths to which man can rise or fall.’’

Pluto is a planet associated with the underworld, the unconscious, the hidden and the force that exert control over us from a shadowy place. The deep cathartic changes brought by Pluto are usually pretty painful and often not by choice. Changes brought by Pluto are slow and far reaching. There cannot be renewal without death and when we enter the realm of Pluto we are never far from the process of death and decay which feels unfair, scary, difficult and mostly outside of our control. (Ask anyone who has experienced a Pluto transit.)

Pluto by Franz von Stuck

Pluto initiates us to the darkness of the unknown and the power that comes from transcending what has invisible power over us. To transcend your fear of death means to live in the totality of your life and power. There is also no possible spiritual mastery without mastering death or at least our fear of death. Death has such a powerful hold on us that it holds us inside our limited, restrictive and controlled lives.

The sign of Capricorn has received a lot of attention in the last few years with Saturn transiting there in 2018 to 2020 and the epochal conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that occurred on January 13th, 2020 at 22 degrees of Capricorn and which many astrologer have observed to symbolize the last desperate attempts at control coming from the corrupt institutions as we move from a 200-year Earth period into a 200-year Air period. Two years after the much dreaded Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, we can clearly see the totalitarian impact of such transits as ‘’the powers at be’’ shuffle around to restrict or preserve a semblance of control.

Capricorn is often compared to the systems and hierarchical structure of societies. I could spell it out for you but it’s becoming increasingly clear to everyone that we are currently undergoing very big societal changes that will be far reaching. The authorities have made it their full responsibility to tell you what you can and cannot do. You may have found temporary safety in having to make no decisions, staying in your house while finding comfort in the virtual cocoon of the metaverse. Having an external threat replace the inherent existential dread that is often part of the human experience is convenient but it is not a sustainable convenience.

The Full Moon culminating in Cancer may bring to light the reality of your circumstances and what is lacking especially when it comes to the emotional connections that support and nourishes you. You may have sold your soul to the devil for a semblance of comfort, protection, nourishment and a really good bedtime story but this semblance of safety might be revealing itself to be less than satisfactory and you may have to abandon something, a fear or an illusion before you can proceed ahead on your journey.

Big Brother aka the government/big pharma and their technocratic apparatus can only provide a faint semblance of protection and nourishment for what the human soul really needs sits at the extreme opposite of what these institutions offer. Obviously, to get out of this predicament and return to the flow and connectivity of life also means you have to take full responsibility for your existence and your health.

Rebel planet Uranus stations direct in Taurus on Tuesday just as the Nodal axis enters the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Things are going to get a lot more chaotic, the systems are crumbling. Might as well come to term now with the idea of getting back to normal. Periods of upheaval are opportunities for renewal and we now have an amazing opportunity to step out of these dying paradigms which are killing the earth and the human soul for profit and create something entirely new, that is more aligned with life. Now is not the time to get comfortable.

This world is shrouded in darkness. Here, only a few can see their way free. These few birds escape from the net and fly away.


Before social media and the fast pace and brief acknowledgement of important celestial markers under 24hour blue light exposure emitted from our electronic devices, humans and cultures evolved around the movement of the Sun. The reality is that without the light of the Sun, nothing can exist or grow on planet Earth. This simple yet profound reality means that most civilizations up until very recently were mostly preoccupied with the disappearance and return of the light and complex rituals and mythologies surrounding the Solstitial and Equinoctial Gates are built within our history.

Important monuments were erected all over the world to observe significant celestial events, including the Winter Solstice. 40 000 years ago, long before the Greek astronomer Hipparchus (who lived around 120 BCE and usually gets credit for discovering the Equinoxes) cave-dwelling humans who made art in the Chauvet cave of Northern Spain, the Lascaux site in France, and Neolithic sites like Göbekli Tepe were already observing the Solstice and Equinox. There is as much mythology about this time of the year as there are stars in the sky.

Nature and our bodies are biologically wired to move with the ebbs and flow of natural light. This is something important to keep in mind as real darkness is almost completely absent from our modern reality. Cell regeneration happens in the dark of night when we are sleeping. We are becoming increasingly aware of the physiological and psychological implications and damages that come from looking at a screen after sunset. Today is the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn and crosses the Gate of the Gods. The return of the light and the promise of life is imminent.

October 23rd, 2021 – Sun in Scorpio

Welcome to Scorpio Season,

Whichever house you have Scorpio in your chart is about to get lit up. Especially once Mars (ruling planet of Scorpio) enters Scorpio on October 30th. Until then the Sun in Scorpio is ruled by Mars in Libra so we might still be too preoccupied with ‘’how things look’’ as opposed to ‘’how things feel’’.

Mars relates to power and when Mars is in Libra power is a collective action that we take together which can be extremely castrating on the individual level because the Mars principle relates to independence, autonomy and the power to act. Mars energy is fundamentally individualistic because it is instinctual in nature. In order to survive we need to think about our hunger first. This is the essence of Mars in Astrology. Mars in Libra might say ”it’s not fair” but Libra is an Air sign which means it is able to rationalize itself out of how it feels to keep a ”semblance” of peace.

Once Mars enters Scorpio on October 30th we start to get closer to the Scorpionic and Mars principles. As we move more towards how things feel as opposed to how things look we get into deeper transactional layers and very different ways of experiencing the world. There’s a turning inward and a return to the senses and intuition that allows us to tune in to the ways we focus our energies. As priorities shift from the superficial layers of our skin to the deeper layers of our body’s interiority we might come to realize that our spirit requires more agency to renew with our sense of potency. Libra is able to handle superficial encounters and even excel at it but Scorpio, not so much.

If you can’t feel it in your flesh is it even real?

From now until the end of October, the vibe is sort of mellow. We are on the other side of the Full Moon in Aries and Mars squaring Pluto which was edgy/agitating/energizing/impulsive (see: prop gun being fired and killing cinematographer) depending on your predisposition. The Moon is waning and there is a semblance of peace or calm although it’s more like the calm before the storm that will be November as we slowly return to the essentiality of our body and what it hungers for.

WEEK OF JUNE 21st – Solstice

This week is marked by a considerable astrological shift with the Sun having just crossed the solstitial threshold into the sign of Cancer, Jupiter turning retrograde in Pisces, Mercury turning direct in Gemini on Tuesday, and the Full Moon culminating in the sign of Capricorn on Thursday.

We finally escaped the grip of the Eclipses that began on May 26th with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and ended with the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. These eclipses were highly charged, fast paced, and somewhat stirring depending on your sensitivity level and there was a lot of high tension/nervous energy permeating the first two weeks of June. The Sun transiting in Cancer for the next several weeks should bring a soothing balm for the intellect.We are also on the other side of the 2nd Saturn-Uranus square that took place on June 14th and we can look forward to a few days of respite at least until the end of the month when the next instalment of ‘’tense’’ aspects will occur.

Because this Mercury retrograde in Gemini was powered by the momentum of the 2 Eclipses, you may have felt significant perspective or situational shifts in your personal life whether these were forced upon you or voluntary. You may have been called to priorities and be more selective about your energy investments in order to stay afloat while things shifted rapidly in the black void of the Eclipses. Whether you’ve been coasting this vibe or feeling overwhelmed, you can look forward to a week where you can finally start to slow down and integrate the changes that took place in your mind, in your heart, and in your life recently.

Astrological wisdom tells us that Mercury is on its most delinquent behaviour surrounding the days leading to its stationing. You may have to contend with some Mercurial mayhem, confusion, breakdowns or at its best, some bizarre synchronicitous events. Keep an eye out for answers to come to you through coincidences or unexpected means this week.

The Full Moon culminates at 3º Capricorn on Thursday supported by a sextile from Jupiter in Pisces. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and therefore the Full Moon and is currently separating from a square with Uranus highlighting this year’s main tension between the current structures/status quo versus innovation/revolution. You may decide to retract to the safety of your cocoon and your habitual instinctual patterns as the fear of scarcity or the unknown threatens to destabilize your well-being. On the other hand, you may feel ready to shed obsolete patterns and modes of being and courageously step into the fresh butterfly wings that awaits you on the other side of the rainbow.

Realistically though you may actually be oscillating widely between old and new patterns and ways of being in the world.Rest, breath, respect your elders, your body and nature. Status symbols are obsolete, nature is everything. You’ll get where you’re going in due time.

WEEK OF JUNE 7th, 2021

We are currently moving between two eclipses, the first one having occurred in Sagittarius on the 26th of May and the next one, a Solar Eclipse in Gemini coming this Thursday. Imagine yourself being in the centre of a washing machine. It’s kind of like that right now. We are being spun around, rinsed off, soaked, twisted and squeezed. With the Solar Eclipse this week being in Gemini, you might even be in two different washing machines and on two different cycles simultaneously!

Mercury in Gemini is also retrograde and squaring Neptune in Pisces which makes it kind of hard to know exactly how things are going to look once you are out of the washing machine. Did you forget a pen in one of your pants pockets? Will all of the clothes be covered in ink? Will the grease spot on your favourite shirt still be there? Will your washing machine break halfway through the rinse cycle?? Did you just step into a parallel scenario, a new story, a different time-line????

The 2nd Saturn-Uranus square of the year is also building up and will be exact on June 14th which Michael Lutin describes as ‘’The jell-o that never quite jells’’ It’s been a very aggravating aspect for many of us and whatever you are trying to accomplish this year will be coloured by this square. It could feel like a very slow, frustrating process with a lot of unforeseen twists and turns that makes you question your decision-making abilities. The last of these squares happens at the end of December. It’s the pressure cooker aspect of 2021.

The interesting thing with the current astro is that not everyone is being hit by the same transits and it really depends on your birth chart. The influence of the transits always depends on your birth chart but particularly right now because we have a few very different influences going on and some of you will be doing better than others. Jupiter in Pisces is gracing us with vision, inspiration, and hope until the end of July so that’s really good news and the Summer Solstice on the 21st will be imbued with the spiritual magic of Jupiter.So we are basically alternating between beautiful and exciting revelations/inspirations thanks to Jupiter in Pisces, the Mutable washing machine of the Eclipses in Sagittarius-Gemini + Mercury retrograde squaring Neptune, AND the pressure cooker of the Saturn-Uranus square.

The approach I have personally found that works best at the moment with this intense energy is being present in and with my current circumstances and simplifying my expectations. While I am still applying myself towards my goals, I also understand that we are currently in the midst of really far reaching changes and it’s actually very difficult to know which way things are heading. There are a LOT of opportunities flying around, maybe even an overwhelming amount of new and bizarre opportunities, doors closing and new ones opening but things are in a state of flux.


On Tuesday May 11th at 16:29 (NST) a New Moon at 21º Taurus takes place which is positively supported by Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

This New Moon in Taurus is all about gaining traction and witnessing progressive change especially in connection with an idea, a vision or a situation you have been thinking about for quite some time but didn’t seem to be able to move forward with it until recently. There is an echo of something (perhaps a few things) that were occurring last year at this time and you might even feel like you’ve come full circle. Taurus is associated with solidity and rooting down and the Moon is said to be exalted here because of Taurus’s fertile pastures offering stability, nourishment and a grounding influence for the Moon. Perhaps the openings are occurring in connection with the places you’ve felt the most stubborn or consistent about and it may even feel unsettling or foreign to find how easy it is to move in places where there was only resistance until now. Your ability to navigate these times (or anytime really) depends in part on how well you can find stability and consistency within yourself amidst changing circumstances.

You might be craving calm, peace, and security without being able to stop the Wheel of Fate from turning however. There are a lot of changes taking place and we have to keep adjusting our stance without being able to settle into one path or one direction. This is a time of opportunities and adaptability and these opportunities can present themselves if we keep an open mind. We are on the verge of Jupiter’s ingress in the sign of Pisces on May 13th,  Eclipse season which starts on the 26th and Mercury stationing retrograde on the 29th. Venus which rule over the New Moon in Taurus is in Gemini and the co-presence of Uranus in the sign of Taurus augurs that instead of settling into comfort and finding safety in what feels familiar, we are being prompted to remain open, flexible, and adaptable because of too many uncertain factors and contrasting desires.


The week began with Mercury in Aquarius meeting the Sun which marks the half way point of its retrograde cycle. Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun can represent a time of illumination and breakthroughs. You may be able to get back to an idea that started to emerge in mid-January or at least gain some traction with your thinking. Stay aligned with what your intuition is telling you.

Mercury in Aquarius is also applying to square Mars in Taurus, exact on Wednesday. The square between Mercury rx and Mars can bring arguments or tense situations to surface. Mercury square Mars can also be associated with rash thinking or jumping to conclusion too quickly. You may want things to happen faster than they can or be caught between what you want to do, versus what is possible which can feel frustrating. Much of the astrology of this whole year is about applying the right kind of pressure for things to evolve while also being aware of the breaking point. We also have to keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde until the 20th.

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on Thursday for a total of six planets transiting in Aquarius. The New Moon is a time of inception and with six planets in Aquarius, there is a lot of momentum available, especially in connection with the house where Aquarius sits in your chart. Just keep in mind that it will take time and probably some mental gymnastic to get where you want to go. Be open to changing your perception. You may also feel like you need more space than usual to process your thoughts and do your own thing, just don’t shut down people entirely as we truly need each other more than ever in order to create smaller networks of people who can provide each other with different services. We won’t be able to depend on the big corporation monopolizing the world right now and keep our autonomy simultaneously. Lets support the people as much as we can.

Venus conjunct Jupiter on Thursday morning which could help smooth out recent tensions you may have experienced. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter can be harmonizing and bring the optimism we need to believe that things will all work out in the end. The Moon enters Pisces on Friday and could even magnify the conjunction of the two benefic planets, bringing some smooth sailing into the weekend.