The week began with Mercury in Aquarius meeting the Sun which marks the half way point of its retrograde cycle. Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun can represent a time of illumination and breakthroughs. You may be able to get back to an idea that started to emerge in mid-January or at least gain some traction with your thinking. Stay aligned with what your intuition is telling you.

Mercury in Aquarius is also applying to square Mars in Taurus, exact on Wednesday. The square between Mercury rx and Mars can bring arguments or tense situations to surface. Mercury square Mars can also be associated with rash thinking or jumping to conclusion too quickly. You may want things to happen faster than they can or be caught between what you want to do, versus what is possible which can feel frustrating. Much of the astrology of this whole year is about applying the right kind of pressure for things to evolve while also being aware of the breaking point. We also have to keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde until the 20th.

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on Thursday for a total of six planets transiting in Aquarius. The New Moon is a time of inception and with six planets in Aquarius, there is a lot of momentum available, especially in connection with the house where Aquarius sits in your chart. Just keep in mind that it will take time and probably some mental gymnastic to get where you want to go. Be open to changing your perception. You may also feel like you need more space than usual to process your thoughts and do your own thing, just don’t shut down people entirely as we truly need each other more than ever in order to create smaller networks of people who can provide each other with different services. We won’t be able to depend on the big corporation monopolizing the world right now and keep our autonomy simultaneously. Lets support the people as much as we can.

Venus conjunct Jupiter on Thursday morning which could help smooth out recent tensions you may have experienced. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter can be harmonizing and bring the optimism we need to believe that things will all work out in the end. The Moon enters Pisces on Friday and could even magnify the conjunction of the two benefic planets, bringing some smooth sailing into the weekend.


The year 2020 comes to a close with a Full Moon in Cancer late on the night of 29th illuminated by the Sun in Capricorn. The opposition of the Sun and the Moon creates the Full Moon which may symbolize a certain level of tension between our conscious intentions and our ambitions (Sun) with our emotional reality and our comfort zone (Moon). The Moon fully illuminated in her domicile of Cancer highlights what sustains and nourishes us at this time which may be in high contrast with what we are trying to accomplish in the world. The Cancer-Capricorn axis often relates to growing up, leaving the protected envelope of childhood imagination to face reality outside of the safe cocoon and to build ourselves independently while birthing personal vision in the material world.

At this time you may feel like leaving material ambitions aside for a moment to acknowledge what sustains you away from the harsh realities of a world in transition. Your roots may be reaching deep down into the frozen ground to find the mineral nourishments that feel familiar. The Moon holds the memories of everyone who came before you, and every event that led you to this day. Your story is alive with symbolic and symbiotic meaning that weaves itself around the traditions of your ancestors carried through your own memories. More extensively, the land and nature can be a great source of comfort and grounding in uncertain times serving as a mother to us all. The Full Moon represents a culmination process and a time of illumination which may be filled with nostalgia as the year come to a close.

Saturn and Jupiter now transiting in the sign of Aquarius will usher us into very foreign territories in the year ahead. The Full Moon in Cancer at the end of 2020 has her roots in the past and offers us nourishment coming from our personal stories and the memories that make us humans, filling us with her milky light before we head into the unknown future. The space between the old and the new, between memories and anticipation where the sacred reside.



I think almost everyone is happy to see the Sun transiting in Sagittarius after a year of feeling like things haven’t been moving very fast. We are definitely gaining some momentum as the year comes to a close. Sagittarius is the visionary of the zodiac, and is able to say YES to what hasn’t happened yet. It’s often a sign associated with potentiality, and the opportunities that come from the ability to take risks. Chance resides here. You don’t know if you don’t try, and Sagittarius is willing to try.

Before the adoption of the word luck at the end of the Middle Ages, Old English expressed the notion of “good fortune” with the word speed. There’s something to be said for Sagittarius ability to jump on opportunities when they presents themselves. Sure, there’s elements of proper timing, but more extensively there is something about the readiness to seize luck in mid-flight, and be willing to change your trajectory at the last minute to create an opening. This talent for turning on a dime is not given to all the signs. This is why we associate Sagittarius with the Mutable modality. To a certain extent we create our luck with our ability to take a gamble, to have faith, to trust that it’s going to work out and to lay cynicism aside but also to ACT on a conviction. Throwing yourself into the unfamiliar while staying motivated even when you don’t know how things are going to turn out can be very very scary for some but it’s something Sagittarius usually excel at.

This year however, Sagittarius season is coloured by the Nodes of the Moon currently transiting in Gemini and Sagittarius, which basically means the eclipses will be occurring on this axis until December 2021. The North Node/Rahu or the Head of the Dragon is transiting in Gemini while the South Node/Ketu or the Tail of the Dragon is transiting in Sagittarius. The South Node is bringing its smoky influence to the archer and confusing its aims. Where do we shoot our arrows if the horizon is unclear? Where does luck resides while we cross this collective threshold into the Air period?

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th will most likely bring a lot of information noise. The overdose of anxiety-inducing news and data could be a very real thing as we spin on the Wheel of Fortune. The over-saturation of details, facts, and figures could render decision making difficult. The second eclipse coming will be a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14th, and could challenge beliefs and what we assumed to be true in our personalized echo chambers.

MARS RETROGRADE IN ARIES September 9 to November 13

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Mars is stationing retrograde later today at 28 degrees of Aries.

This retrograde is significant if you are born with important placement in the middle to late degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn) but in a mundane sense everyone has to contend with Mars retrograde in the next few months.

Whatever themes Mars retrograde finds you wrestling with all the pieces are already in place so you don’t have to look outside of your current circumstances to figure out how Mars retrograde is going to show up for you. You may however have to contend with circumstances that are outside your control.

One way to move forward now is to get acquainted with your natal Mars. What is your relation to power, your own but also the power that others have over you? How do you express your anger, your heat, your desires for independence, your passions, your physicality, your strength, your libido? Do you have the proper channels, do you have the right tools for the job? How does self-assertion and free-will look for you? Do you feel like you have the power to act in your life?

Mars is at home in Aries meaning it can express its nature fully. However, Mars has been squaring Saturn in Capricorn and will continue to square Saturn while retrograde. Saturn in Capricorn is acting as the gatekeeper throwing major obstacles in our paths, and our ability to move freely in the world. But Saturn is also limiting premature actions. Mars stationing retrograde means it’s time to strategize, adjust our stance, rethink our trajectories/goals, manage our powers, our drives, our stamina, and our desires intently. This Mars retrograde is completely coloured by Saturn in Capricorn. We may have no choice to play by the rules but patience will be in short supplies.

Look to the house where Aries and Capricorn sit in your chart to gage where the galvanizing powers of Mars are being limited by the time tested shackles of Saturn.

This is by no mean a time of passivity. Observe what is occurring around you. Pay attention to your inner and outer life. How much agency do you have? Stay alert. Sharpen your tools. Direct your attention on the constructive opportunities and ideas that can move you towards your long term goals.

Expired structures are slowly crumbling back into sand.


Hi folks!

I will be sharing some ideas on dreaming, synastry, and the Moon on Monday August 17th at 1pm EDT via Zoom. These observations came through in the context of the Lunar Zodiac research Chris Reppucci  and I have been doing in the last year. If you are interested in getting more out of your dreams or simply want to know about synastry and why you connect to certain people more than others, you can register for the presentation here:  and you will be sent a link to get in at the time of the lecture.

𓅓 Lecture description:

A presentation on the lunar cycle, dreams, and the encounters we have with others while dreaming.

We will explore some ideas as to why this may be possible via synastry, and the motion of the Moon while contemplating the importance and purpose of reflective engagement with others and our surroundings to trigger synchronicities and meaningful insights. There will be chart examples, simple dream recall techniques, and a practicum section for those of you who would like to engage with this process in the following months.

This lecture is geared towards people who have a good handle of their birth chart, and who can keep track of the lunar cycle. Having a proficiency for dreaming or the desire to integrate your dreaming experience actively via observation, practice, and through creative modalities of your choosing whether artistic, somatic, magical (or other) is helpful but not necessary.

Week of July 6th, 2020

Le baptême de l’air, Félix Labisse

The Eclipse in Capricorn that took place in the early hours Sunday morning serves as backdrop to begin the week. Saturn retrograded out of Aquarius, and back into Capricorn on July 1st just in time to serve as a stoic enforcer for the last eclipse occurring in Capricorn until 2027.

We saw a preview of things to come with the Nodes entering the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, and Saturn’s short stint into Aquarius since mid-March. For the rest of the year however, Saturn in Capricorn calls our attention back on the current structures on which our life resides… barely. Have we learned our lessons? And what about the recent epiphanies birthed out of our limitations, and the hard polishing of Saturn? At this point we hold hands with the past reluctantly backtracking as we guide ancient relics to the grave before the next chapter can officially begin. The process seems never ending.

Félix Labisse


July’s infamous aspect: Mercury retrograde in Cancer squaring Mars in Aries is exact on Wednesday July 8th, and occurs again at the end of the month on July 27th once Mercury is direct. Mercury square Mars saturates the month and it really begins to amp up this week. Mercury is pretty moody in the sign of Cancer and the fact that Mercury is retrograde doesn’t help. Mercury ruling over communication is currently colouring our exchange with a good dose of sentimentality. Mercury in Cancer coming into a square with Mars in Aries will add a lot of combative righteousness to the already strained conversations occurring on social media platforms and in the world at large. 

The pent up energy of the last four months doesn’t have a lot of place to go at the moment as we try to adjust our stance to the overly restrictive and dehumanizing social protocols being put in place. Of course everyone has their own opinions on what the proper protocols should be, what the real situations are, and there is already a lot of bullying, finger pointing, and ostracisation taking place because everyone has figured it out with their own information sources (please see my Venus square Neptune post). This will continue to increase as Mercury square Mars reflects the shouting, impatience, anger, resentment, and debates taking place. Being overly emotional and pushy about opinions is just one of the lovely side effects. The best thing to do at this time is to observe, listen, be selective about what you decide to engage with and the information you chose to consume. You can also simply chose to disengage from the constant flow of information/noise stream.

The Moon is in Aquarius until Wednesday, enters Pisces on Wednesday for the rest of the week, and will be in Aries all weekend.

Chiron in Aries stations retrograde on Saturday July 11th with the Moon and Mars conjunct in Aries. Chiron stationing retrograde leads to the last quarter Moon in Aries, and Mercury stationing direct on Sunday July 12th.

The weekend promises to deliver the raw and real. You can look at where Aries sits in your chart to know where ”the fire that is likely to burn you if you do not properly manage it” is likely to arise down the road. Mercury stationing direct and the Sun in Cancer are your buckets of water. The last quarter Moon in Aries (when the Moon squares the Sun in Cancer) is all about the proper management of your resources. You want the heat, the passion, and the drive of that Fire/Mars in Aries but you also want the thirst-quenching and nurturing qualities of Water/Cancer. In the next several months you will likely have to revisit many, many times the topics of the house where Aries sits in your chart. Being proactive with the sparks arising from bad wiring now will save you a lot of troubles down the road.

Félix Labisse


“Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.”
― Victoria Erickson





Morning Star

Venus started appearing as a morning star in the East on June 19th, and stationed direct early Thursday morning which will help all things that falls under her rulership. (Love, beauty, romance, art, aesthetics, money, relationships) More especially after July 29th once Venus moves beyond her shadow phase and out of the square with Neptune in Pisces which also occurred in early May.

Venus now as a morning star is also known as #phosphorus or #luciferwhich means light-bearer. Some Astrologers say that morning star Venus is more impulsive, warrior-like, and tend to act first and think later. Venus will rise as a morning star until early 2021

For the entire month of July, Venus will retrace her step leading to another square with Neptune in Pisces which initiated her retrograde at the beginning of May. Neptune offers idealization and poetic longing while bypassing or totally ignoring the harsher details. Romantic idealization could lead to disillusionment or disappointment later down the road once Neptune’s veils are lifted off. This could be felt most strongly again at the end of July when the square between Venus and Neptune is exact. On a mundane level the information we get from the media will continue to be confusing and contradictory af.

On a personal level, relationships matters could still feel in flux. Venus in Gemini entertains passions by remaining in a state of possibilities. It is the expression of ambiguity that gives Venus in Gemini her charms.

The month of July continues to offer much in regards to connecting ideas via communication, technologies and networking. The ability to entertain multiple options, and contradictions can lead to unique creative perspectives.

If you’ve acted hastily in the last month especially in your relationships, in artistic, or aesthetic matters, you might find yourself changing your mind again moving back and forth between yes and no or both simultaneously.


The Moon is in Taurus ruled by Venus retrograde in Gemini. Conversations and exchange of information continues to be a major way to realign values, what we attribute worth to, and to basically put our money where our mouth is. Obviously this is a process that won’t happen over night but things are in motion.

Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer Thursday the 18th until July 12th (more on this later), and the Moon enters Gemini a few hours later; We will start to feel a shift from thinking/debating/conversing/conceptualizing to: feeling/creating/connecting in a way that feels closer to our heart. Mercury retrograde in Cancer will highlight basic needs and what that means.

Summer Solstice arrives on June 20th when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer at 17:44 EDT. A few hours later a Solar Eclipse occurs ushering us into Cancer season with a bang. Things continue to be in a state of flux but we are starting to be seasoned navigators on this sea change. This will be the last eclipse in the sign of Cancer in a series that began in July 2018. Look at where Cancer sit in your chart to understand the progress and changes that are now being integrated.

Cancer season underlines emotional safety, connectivity, protection, and support that can be found by creating networks that feels nurturing/sustaining. The deep cracks in broken systems that creates vulnerabilities will continue to be a major concern. How can we take care of each other but also create environments that are conducive to sustainable growth.

As we move into Cancer season we could also be confronted to what feels familiar and who we rely on for feelings of safety. We have to remember that the ones who look after us do not always have our best interest in mind. Sometimes we have to let go of the idea that we are being taken care of, and learn to take care of ourselves. We cannot hide behind our mother’s skirt, and expect the freedom to come and go as we please simultaneously.

Have a nice week, and happy Summer Solstice!

Painting: Bull – The 3rd Lunar Mansion


All images for this week’s forecast have been provided by Artist
Nicholas Aiden 
from their series: ”Smoke and Mirrors”

Slipping between cracks into the space where virtual dream sensation formats the body of the mind into realer than real reality of fantasies while the exterior temples of merchant spinners decay into nature’s abysmal plastic swirls gathered on the edge of highways and into the mouths of turtles for future generation to harvest into energy regulating AI that maps the soul of souls forgotten by ambitious fractal recognition softwares. The longing of the loins translated through hands, fingers, and into the doubting desires hiding in the heart of perpetual gossip. Nothing can fill the void for the job of the void is to be sanitized, empty and meaningless while the words go around building a world that collapses onto itself and into the future inverted potential like the anxious mechanic dreaming of horses and organic systems. The spleen of intuition misleads the algorithms of the feet around the tower of confused masses desires unfulfilled, camera in hand, ideas liquified by waves of unknown meaning yet to come. The promise of the touch of old love like apples and stick to keep moving converse from time, instinct drowning in no contact digital beauty, ethylic coma, and eternal life if only on the screen of the mindreader’s reel realer than real.

WEEK OF MAY 18, 2020

The week begins with the Moon in the fire sign of Aries while Mars rules the Moon from watery Pisces. There is momentum to play with, however we are in the darkest phase of the Moon before the New Moon in Gemini on Friday. It’s a good time to continue with inner and outer Spring cleaning, catching up on pre-existing structures or simply creating space through physical movement without straining your body. With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto moving retrograde at the moment, there are a lot of unknown and unresolved factors to contend with. Venus retrograde in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces is adding idealization and longing to the mix which is good for works of fantasy, and creative projects. However the square is not great for making important final decisions as judgment might be skewed. There is a lot of inspiring ideas flying around and it’s an excellent time to jump into the flow, and have fun with it without being too strict about the outcome.

Tuesday the Moon moves through Aries all day and enters Taurus at 22:11 EDT. The Moon travels in the sign of Taurus until Friday. Venus in Gemini is a big player this week ruling over the Sun in Taurus (until Wednesday), and the Moon in Taurus until Friday. However, with Venus moving retrograde and squaring Neptune things are probably not exactly as they seem. It’s especially good to keep in mind that this aspect could show up through bottomless desires  that we try to fill with our favourite cravings like food, shopping, wine, weed, love, internet ect ect. The square between Venus and Neptune has been more or less exact for the last few weeks.

The Sun enters Gemini on Wednesday joining Mercury, Venus, and the North Node already transiting here. Mercury in Gemini is at home and considered strong, clever, and capable of handling details. However (yes) Mercury is applying to a conjunction with Venus retrograde and a square with Neptune in Pisces and this could indicate that our minds are coloured by fantasy and longing for something beyond what is immediately available to us. Once again, an excellent time for works of fiction, poetry, cinema, photography. Anything that speaks in images and triggers your imagination is extra potent right now.

Friday, the New Moon occurs at 2 degrees of Gemini ruled by Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde in Gemini and square Neptune in Pisces. The Gemini New Moon is also trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius:

Creativity and effort pays off. Things might not move as fast as you would like. There could be details that escape you but you are making progress. The future is here and you get a hint of the shapes of things to come. Patience is a virtue. Fear is the mind killer. The memory of a goldfish is actually longer than originally thought. The news becomes fiction while poetry delivers the truth. Persuade your hands into making something beautiful. Trust your dreams and fool the algorithm. Be selective with the information you consume; stop hoarding tabs. Read a book, read a face, read a voice. Contemplate your outrageous ideas like mermaids sleeping on the shore of your destiny.

”When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”






Inside the storm of digital glass with fast spinning centrifugal circumstance a force polarize a divide between the two sides of the same eyes. Flipping into mobius design make-beliefs magnets pretend to be the other side or the other side or the other side or maybe the other side. The four corners of your spirit pulling in opposite directions to create a hologram of untold territories that might never exist depending on your next impossible vision. Everything moves back to the future in a reverse dance of captivity for the eccentricities of the jesters are great indeed. Serious words are not meant to be taken seriously, the mouths of fools mimicking dreams into vulgar shapes and false titles of importance. The essence is lost to time slipping into a virtual snake tightening around a vast network of arteries that connects everyone to their source of custom-made phantasm. Curtains hide the shapes of true intentions for titles and pretty pictures are better than none. Ephemeral appellations on a resume seduce the images inside of you to extract the last drops of existing discernment before you sell your secrets to the mob. Tap here for the oracle.

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020

We enter a pivotal time this week with three planets stationing retrograde and two other planets changing signs. All this while we move through the last quarter Moon in Aquarius on Thursday. Situations will start to shift and continue to do so as we enter a very mutable (changeable)period.

Monday May 11th, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini (17:58 EDT) and will travel here until May 28th. Mercury in Gemini is excellent for communication, languages, and sorting out information. We should start to see an increase in tempo and a versatility within our interactions and thought processes. Internal and external dialogues benefit from Mercury’s transit here as long as you can stay away from over thinking things. Information will tend to move or change faster and this could be both useful and aggravating.

Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde Monday night at 22:17 EDT and will slowly start to retrace the territory it covered since entering this sign on March 22nd. This is a significant shift that could temporarily dissolve some of the boundaries and restrictions that were erected in the last two months.  I say temporarily, because Saturn will officially re-enter Aquarius in mid-December officiating this new era upon us.

Mars enters the mutable sign of Pisces in the early hours on Wednesday and will move through Pisces until it enters Aries at the end of June. Mars in the sign of Pisces does considerably well but will definitely increase the overall changeability factor currently taking over the skies. For now shifting circumstances is the norm without any clear indications of where things will fall.

Venus stations retrograde in Gemini very early Wednesday morning, and will be moving retrograde until June 25th. Venus remains in a tight square aspect with Neptune in Pisces for the rest of the month. Venus moving backward in this very mutable position can indicate a period of changing circumstances and a certain level of confusion or illusion. This Venus retrograde could find you changing your mind often without the ability to rest your thoughts on a single thread. There could be a multitude of options, and potential directions available but the square from Neptune could diffuse any real sense of clarity. At it’s worst, Venus square Neptune until the end of May could mask the reality of a situation to the point of creating a fake veneer on something that is actually not that shiny. It’s a great time for inspired work, creative projects, and free flowing ideas. A good time to revisit what you attribute worth to, what you value, especially in the parts of your chart ruled by Venus or where Gemini is located. However it is not a great time to draw super hard conclusions on the state of your heart and longings. Say yes to poetry. Say no to spending all your money on plastic surgery.

Thursday, the last quarter Moon occurs at 10:03 EDT when the Moon in Aquarius forms a square with the Sun in Taurus. What was initiated around the New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd, and more extensively what was illuminated on the Full Moon in Scorpio last week come under tension. Some things are taking roots while other things must be plucked out. It’s a time of realization and dissemination as opposed to initiation. Since Uranus was so closely involved with the New Moon in Taurus a few weeks ago, the things that are currently taking roots could also feel like a thorn in your side. Things will still take quite some time to make sense logistically.

Lastly, Jupiter in Capricorn station retrograde on Thursday (9:44 EDT) for a total of three planets stationing retrograde this week. Jupiter will be transiting all the way back to 17º of Capricorn before turning direct on September 12th. Much like Saturn stationing retrograde, I think Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn could see the temporary dissolution of some boundaries that were erected in the last two months.

This week certainly indicates the beginning of a shift regarding the current state of affairs. However, the fact that we are heading towards a highly mutable time, with many planets moving backwards – indicates that circumstances are far from being set in stone. Opportunities arise from change, and the ability to move with the changes. Differentiating opportunities from wishful thinking could be the tricky part.



All Images by Artist Roland Topor