At the end of the day the light stays a little bit longer to remind you of a distant longing like a Summer promise of ease from a time of innocence when your imagination was the only filter in the foreign country of your dreams where no one knows you. Feeling the zephyr within the passion of images arising from a mysterious well, the heart crusades for the intangible without compromise for the reality of flesh which keeps the spirit anchored only by a thin silver thread. It heads for the void where the music is loud and soft and light shocks you with golden visions of star fires and poetic combustions.



The week begins with Mercury’s ingress into the sign of Pisces (6:38am ET) where it will station retrograde on February 16. The Moon enters Gemini early Monday and travels here Tuesday  and Wednesday morning. Mercury’s ingress should be quite noticeable because of the Mercury-ruled Moon. We get a little bit of a ”mutable kick”. Things are shifting and it might be hard to keep your eyes on a moving target. It’s a busy start to the week. Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn on Monday afternoon, and could persuade us to be reasonable for a second. However we are heading toward totally uncharted territory…willingly.

Late Tuesday night, Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus. This aspect will take place again on March 21st. It’s an important marker for something that begins now could take you all the way to the Equinox. Mercury and Uranus are both associated with communication and how ideas travel. Mercury connects the dots, but in Pisces there is no linear framework. It’s all over the place, it’s imaginative, psychic, dreamy and inspired. Uranus is the direct cable to the zeitgeist and beyond. Uranus is plugged in to what’s buzzing on the horizon. Mercury sextile Uranus this week is your opportunity to put a finger on the pulse of things to come. You can look at where Pisces and Taurus sits in your chart to have a better idea of possible themes playing out in your life.


Venus reaches the degree of her exaltation on Wednesday at 27º Pisces where she is said to have great magnetizing potential. Venus in the last few degrees of Pisces will be clear of malefic (mainly Saturn and Pluto) and is excellent for love, beauty, and other pleasurable indulgence.The Moon will travel through the Water sign of Cancer Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and half the day Friday. We could be holding on to the familiar and the safe with one hand while turning the Wheel of Destiny with the other hand.

Venus leaves Pisces early Friday morning and enters the sign of Aries where she will transit until March 4th. Venus changing signs from her exalted place to her place of detriment is quite significant. Things which fall under Venus’s rulership like relationships could undergo significant adjustments as there will be less desire to compromise.

The Moon enters the sign of Leo Friday evening and the Full Moon in Leo takes place late Saturday night/early Sunday morning depending on where you live. The Moon in Leo will oppose the Sun in Aquarius illuminating the dichotomy between our desires to be seen in a certain light, versus the desire to break free from the mold entirely.

It’s a busy week with changing narratives and nothing set in stone. With Mars still in Sagittarius, Venus’s ingress in Aries on Friday, and the Full Moon in Leo Saturday night, the end of the week contains some power to fuel our desires and ambitions. However, with Mercury entering Pisces, plus Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn we could be torn between our reason and our intuition.

“The man who cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”

Andre Breton

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