October 23rd, 2021 – Sun in Scorpio

Welcome to Scorpio Season,

Whichever house you have Scorpio in your chart is about to get lit up. Especially once Mars (ruling planet of Scorpio) enters Scorpio on October 30th. Until then the Sun in Scorpio is ruled by Mars in Libra so we might still be too preoccupied with ‘’how things look’’ as opposed to ‘’how things feel’’.

Mars relates to power and when Mars is in Libra power is a collective action that we take together which can be extremely castrating on the individual level because the Mars principle relates to independence, autonomy and the power to act. Mars energy is fundamentally individualistic because it is instinctual in nature. In order to survive we need to think about our hunger first. This is the essence of Mars in Astrology. Mars in Libra might say ”it’s not fair” but Libra is an Air sign which means it is able to rationalize itself out of how it feels to keep a ”semblance” of peace.

Once Mars enters Scorpio on October 30th we start to get closer to the Scorpionic and Mars principles. As we move more towards how things feel as opposed to how things look we get into deeper transactional layers and very different ways of experiencing the world. There’s a turning inward and a return to the senses and intuition that allows us to tune in to the ways we focus our energies. As priorities shift from the superficial layers of our skin to the deeper layers of our body’s interiority we might come to realize that our spirit requires more agency to renew with our sense of potency. Libra is able to handle superficial encounters and even excel at it but Scorpio, not so much.

If you can’t feel it in your flesh is it even real?

From now until the end of October, the vibe is sort of mellow. We are on the other side of the Full Moon in Aries and Mars squaring Pluto which was edgy/agitating/energizing/impulsive (see: prop gun being fired and killing cinematographer) depending on your predisposition. The Moon is waning and there is a semblance of peace or calm although it’s more like the calm before the storm that will be November as we slowly return to the essentiality of our body and what it hungers for.