It’s Tarot Monday!
Every Monday, I pick a card for the people of the interweb.

The card I picked for this week is from the Motherpeace Tarot deck.

The 2 of Discs (Pentacles)

”The Two of Discs shows a woman nursing twins, and surrounded by a circle of a double headed snake with a long piece of film running constantly through the circle. Normally when you see a Two in the Tarot, a decision needs to be made between two or more things. In this card, the woman must juggle the tasks of feeding both her children at once. She needs help either from other people, or will need to learn to prioritize her time better to be able to complete all her responsibilities.

The crescent moon in the background shows her strength will soon be renewed, that her inner strength will grow, and also her ability to be recognized for her outer achievements. Twos are all about balance, how to find it, and how to restore it.”

Balance, adaptability, time management, prioritisation.

And from Biddy Tarot:

”This is a card of good time management and financial management, ensuring that your bills are paid on time, that you keep a record of all your appointments and daily commitments, etc. It may sound tedious having to focus your attention on these more mundane issues but this card reminds you that sometimes getting on top of your daily affairs is as important as pursuing your broader life goals.

Sometimes, the Two of Pentacles can indicate that there are problems and difficulties in the future. There may be obstacles erected which hinder the attainment of what you wish to pursue or obtain in life. The situation may cause undue worry and again, you will be required to juggle your priorities and manage your time effectively to stay on top of the situation.
Similarly, the Two of Pentacles predicts change.

You need to be able to cope with change, remaining flexible and adaptable in your approach. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, you may be better to keep two or more things going at once so you have the luxury of choice, should one option fall through. You must stay centred while you stay flexible and keep informed. Look for new possibilities, be open to change and go with the flow as best you can.”