Fall Equinox: An unacknowledge feeling of specialness

The Sun just moved into Libra and the Moon is in Aquarius.

Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs which favor intellect and reflection above emotional display. But if we scratch the surface, we can see that the appearances are deceiving at the moment.

The ruler of Libra is Venus. Venus is in the sign of Leo a Fixed Fire sign.
Both the traditional ruler of Aquarius: Saturn and its modern ruler: Uranus are also in Fire signs. Saturn just moved into Sagittarius a Mutable Fire sign and Uranus is in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries.

We could be maintaining an air of polite detachment while some big internal changes are happening.
We could also feel like we are unjustly being excluded from the action. The desire for warmth exchange, community and friendship might be strong but it doesn’t come easily. Our specialness is left unrecognized. A sense of isolation or frustration around not being seen for who we are.

We are prompt to stay cool-headed and diplomatic to keep the relationships that we have. Wanting real communication while simultaneously not being able to say everything. The want for company and partnership is strong but the wish to have it our way might be stronger.

The amount of egoic desires we bring in our relationships might determine their quality.

We are walking the line between participation and exclusion. And you might be the one excluding yourself or burning bridges.

The conversation is also happening on a collective scale. Heated debates and words like: ”alien” is use to describe migrants and refugees. There is a need to find creative ways to deal with the global community.

Who belongs where and who was here first? Races and religions are at the forefront. How long can we stay diplomatic? The need to discard some old dogmatic beliefs has come. This is a period of change and the best way to deal with change is by staying flexible. It is important to  remember our role as individuals in affecting those changes whether it is in the choices we make as consumers or in our contribution to society.



Beyond the frontiers of the Mind

You thought you knew because you read it in a book

Painting by Quincey Tahoma

The words fed to the masses and traded for faith

The ideas of the prophet translated as memes

Blinding beliefs sold as merchandise

Making profit on the devotees.

Beyond the frontiers of dogma,

there is an unrestrained freedom

but to get there, you have to forget about

the uncivilised freedom of the old school rock star.

What you thought was the truth

is only the beginning of a lie.

Go back to the body, go back to the rhythm of the heart.

Loose yourself in the purifying fires of not knowing with the mind.

Faith is a big word

Freedom is even bigger

The Word distracts you from the truth

into the exquisite pleasures of description.

While the real you sits quietly knowing,

filled with every single spark that shines forth from the Sun.

The teacher shapes you into an anxious contradiction.

A skilled puppet

Who is in charge?

Is it the Donkey or the Spirit Rider

The Revolution of Flirting

The Moon moves into Aquarius for the next few days and is applying to trine Venus in Gemini, square Mars in Taurus and oppose Jupiter in Leo.

With the Moon in Aquarius, the focus is on groups of people and organisations with an eye on the future.  Friends with original ideas, the collective, humanitarian concerns and the outsider’s point of view  are all associated with the sign of Aquarius.


With the trine to Venus in Gemini, we have a brief window of opportunity to discuss new or forward thinking ideas and hold opposite points of view. Anything from gender or LGBTQI rights to the future of internet activism or human-computer interactions. You could find yourself having a friendly debates about societal change on a street corner or at the coffee shop. People with great ideas are everywhere, and you could be more curious to know what others are thinking. Don’t exclude yourself from the conversation. Participate.

Wonderful  day to talk about anything and everything but don’t expect deep introspective life changing revelations. It’s a light, breezy and flirty day. A good day to generate a lot of innovative ideas, and brainstorming.  Get curious, get moving, get talking , flirt with others and their ideas. Remember to stay open minded and share the stage.  You don’t want the discussion to turn into a monologue.

For inspiration, please visit:  http://bcradfae.ca/who-are-the-radical-faeries/