Mercury’s Day

Mercredi (Wednesday) is Mercury’s day. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and rules the sign of Gemini and Virgo. It is the planet of communication, curiosity, connections, speech, wit and versatility. Where he is located in the natal chart will give us clues on how we make sense of the incoming information, the mental process and the thinking and communication style.

Mercury is currently at 6º of Gemini where he is considered to have a swift and curious mind and  great versatility with language.


Mercury in Pisces, the taps are open…

With Mercury in Pisces at the moment, some of the answers you are looking for might come to you in dreams.

Pay special attention to the symbols dancing around behind the curtains at night. Missing puzzle pieces or burried images resurfacing to help you conclude old stories are best understood intuitively. Don’t bother passing it through the mechanical wheels of the left brain. Just feel the images pass through you, like you would with music.

Image: Sigur Rós