Week of July 25th 2016

Hi everyone!

I am back to my astrology practice after a 4 months hiatus. I will continue to keep my approach to social media as intuitive as possible, meaning I do not want to spend my days sitting at my computer. But I will be updating and participating here more often now that I have more time to write.

I am also back to my consulting practice full-time if you want to book a reading via skype or order a pre-recorded reading from me. You can find more information about my offerings and book a reading ☞ here.

The astrology for the week is keeping us at the edge of our seat. There is a lot of shifting and churning happening on an internal level but also on the world stage. I think we can all feel/intuit that this period is an important historical turning point. (In our personal story and worldwide).

I feel like it’s essential to stay present and to not let anxiety creep up. Especially with the media and information overload hyping up all the drama, war and violence. Everyone is craving simplicity and there is also need to put some sort of ”buffer zone” around our psychic space. This can be difficult when we connect all day long to each other and the ”interweb”. A lot of people around me are keeping up a meditation or prayer practice in one form or another to stay centered.

Hope everyone is doing good and finding some quiet time with friends, in nature or whatever else makes you feel whole.

The Moon

IMG_5659 (1)People who know how to use the phases of the moon have better chance of success in all they undertake, whether material or spiritual. The period of the waxing moon favours all natural growth; so according to the law of analogy that governs the universe, we must always choose this period if we want to construct something, or begin an important project in our lives. If we work according to the phases of the moon, this divine law goes into action. The plan itself can be drawn up at any time, but once it has been decided to go ahead, the work of realization must begin during the waxing moon. And if you want to bring some venture to a close, it is better to do so when the moon is waning. The moon is linked to material achievement, whether it be the beginning or the ending.

-Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Tarot Monday


It’s ‪#‎tarotmonday‬!

The card I picked to start the week is from the Celestial Tarot deck.

The Four of Cups: ~Serpens~

The Four of Cups is represented by the constellation Serpens, the heavenly serpent, which embodies the profound mysteries of healing. The Four of Cups suggests there are feelings needing to be confronted. Unattended feelings from the past feed suspicion and insecurity and without facing them they fester and become toxic. The Four of cups is the snake, the soul’s surrogate, offering us the homeopathic remedy to heal the wound we must acknowledge it.

This card represent a period of self-reflection and going within after a difficult situation. It also suggest to stay open to new possibility and at its worst, this can a represent a time when we are either aloof of too self-absorbed to seize opportunities that are being offered to us.

It is a time of meditation and soul searching.

Beliefs & Games


The Moon is in Gemini and will square Neptune and oppose Saturn in a few hours. There is a lot of commotion out there today. People are preparing to celebrate the holidays and are out and about buying things  they probably don’t need.

The Moon in Gemini individual has an active mind and usually needs a lot of stimulation to stay interested. They are quick-witted and curious and they have a sharp intellect. It can be difficult for the Gemini Moon to deal with the more complex emotions and they would rather ignore difficult feelings. Meditative practices are a great tool to slow down and calm the nervous system.

Today will most likely be filled with agitation and excitement. We can expect a lot of back and forth communication, phone calls and last-minute preparations. With the Moon opposing Saturn later today we might stop and wonder what we are actually doing and why. Take a breather and enjoy the season, watch a movie, start a puzzle do something fun. Pay attention to your internal dialogue and appreciate the moment. Be patient with family, friends and strangers as everyone can be a bit more tense trying to fulfill all of  their obligations.



Reference: 36 Faces by Austin Coppock


Something totally new is emerging from the depth of your being. You can perceive the first rays of a new awareness but you can’t put a name on it yet. It’s too early to see the shapes that are lurking just beneath the surface. Let it be that way for now. You can’t force the flower to grow. Soon enough, the dreams will become matter and the fantasies that fuel your soul will become another cornerstone laid in the foundation of your existence.