Here it is.
Saturn is moving into the last degree of Scorpio for the last time until 2041.
The lessons of the last few years have been difficult. The burdens very real. A slow crippling death to all the illusions about what you thought intimacy meant.
Psychological lessons. Bonds and boundaries between partners.
Corruption of the soul exposed.
The heaviness and the burden felt tremendous.  An underground journey where you had to carve a tunnel through solid rocks. Chipping away in the hope of seeing the light…in the end.
Now you are out sitting at the edge of the abyss contemplating the teachings.


Until September 18 when Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, some of the lessons of the last 3 years could come back to haunt you. But don’t be fooled by these hungry ghosts.  They are  nothing but a shadow, a trick of the light. You have pulled the root cause of the pain and found some gold in the process. You are forever transformed by the darkness.  You learned your lessons. You have set the boundaries of what you will accept in your life and what needs to go. There is no need to go back to the abyss. You know what’s there. Courage. Breath deeply…and release.  ★

Jigoku Dayu (Hell Courtesan) by Kawanabe Kyosai