Gemini Full Moon

Illustration by James R. Eads. Check out his tarot deck here:

To celebrate the Gemini Full Moon which will be exact tonight at 17:44 EST, I want to inundate you with some fun facts.

-Did you know that our body fluids have the same mineral composition as seawater?
Our blood, lymphatic fluid and intracellular fluid or plasma (the colorless fluid part of the blood), contains all one hundred or so minerals and trace elements that exist in the ocean. Just imagine, the necessary life-giving elements that circulate in the ocean currents, are the very same elements, and in very similar concentrations, that flow through our veins. (Sea Water, Organic Substance, 1987)

That means we carry the ocean inside of us!

-The menstrual cycle in reproductive-age women lasts about 28 days, which is similar to the length of a lunar phase (29 days and change). A study published in the journal Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica tracked more than 800 women for up to 25 years and found that almost 30 percent of women had their periods around the Full Moon.

-The alternating pattern of rising and falling sea level with respect to land is what we know as the tides. What causes this “motion of the ocean”? In one word, gravity. Specifically, the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon.The key to understanding how the tides work is understanding the relationship between the motion of our planet and the Moon and Sun. As the Earth spins on its own axis, ocean water is kept at equal levels around the planet by the Earth’s gravity pulling inward and centrifugal force pushing outward.

However, the Moon’s gravitational forces are strong enough to disrupt this balance by accelerating the water towards the Moon.

So, let me conclude with this question:

Our body fluids have the same mineral composition as seawater, and the rising and falling sea level is influenced by the gravitational pull of the Moon. Does that mean that the Moon might have some sort of influence on us?

New Moon in Taurus

We have a New Moon Sunday night at 26º of Taurus, right ON Fixed star Caput Algol also known as the severed head of Medusa. (For more on Medusa) This could represent a time of ambiguity between the established and comfortable order of the known and what terrifies us.  But I don’t know enough about Mesusa’s myth to venture on that one.  The Medieval astrologers interpreted Algol in terms of losing one’s head literally but we could also take it in the metaphorical sense.

This New Moon is happening at the end of the fixed sign of Taurus which represents the well established Spring season. Taurus is an Earth sign concerned with accumulating resources and experiencing life through the five senses. The bull has a sensual and primal nature. A New Moon is a good time to set  intentions for the month ahead. Set your intentions around anything related to your physical well being and how you go about bringing comfort and ease into your physical space. It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact simplicity is the key with Taurus (don’t lose your head over this!).  It can be about creating a beautiful living space (Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and she is in Cancer right now) or  gardening projects for the coming summer season. How you go about setting up a safe oasis for yourself either externally or internally will help in how you cope with future stress.

We are moving along nicely into  mutable energy, with Mercury in Gemini going retrograde on May 18 , and the Sun is going into the sign of the twins on May 21.  Things that appeared to be congealed or stuck are moving ahead and soon the pace will pick up. Don’t be fooled by the apparent stillness and soak in the peace while it passes.

Nourish the body, find contentment and beauty for a moment.

Twins hiding behind bull skulls

Mercury’s Day

Mercredi (Wednesday) is Mercury’s day. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and rules the sign of Gemini and Virgo. It is the planet of communication, curiosity, connections, speech, wit and versatility. Where he is located in the natal chart will give us clues on how we make sense of the incoming information, the mental process and the thinking and communication style.

Mercury is currently at 6º of Gemini where he is considered to have a swift and curious mind and  great versatility with language.