Universal Truth/Healthy Boundaries

by Chemical Sister, found on The Church of the Nervous System

The Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune today. Difficulty concentrating, knowing which is which, what is what and who is who are possible side effects. The boundaries between us dissolve to reveal a bigger truth. Intuition and imagination collide to bring a new level of understanding. We can heal the rift between us by tenderly witnessing. We can help without taking on the pain of others. We can guide without wounding ourselves. It is a matter of knowing where one ends and where others begin.



Saturn/Neptune square

Today, Neptune goes direct. The big astrological event of the month is the Saturn/Neptune square that is intensifying. It will be exact on November 26. A lot of astrologers have written extensively about this aspect. One of the most obvious manifestation being the current debate over the refugee crisis. The concern for security and boundaries (Saturn) versus the ideal compassionate response we should have. (Neptune)

To understand how this square is affecting you, locate where Saturn and Neptune are transiting in your chart. These will be the areas in your life, where you may need a realistic appraisal of the situation. Conversely, it is where your dreams are trying to take shape, where the ideal and the real are colliding. How much work will it take?

Barry Perlman at Astrobarry has done a great job of delineating the upcoming aspect.

”Practically speaking, this Saturn-Neptune square forces us to acknowledge where our wishful thinking, overly idealistic attitude, or self-deluding naiveté has muddled our decision-making. We cannot effectively head a certain direction as long as we’re also clinging to motivation-depleting habits, energy-sucking relationships, tortured souls we’re trying to rescue, pie-in-the-sky notions about work or money, or unhealthy familial patterns which inaccurately define us, holding us back.”

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