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The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves.
– Leon Trotsky


October opens under a New Moon in your sign. What are you wishing for? What do you want to see grow in the months to come that needs a dose of fertilizer? Now would be an excellent time to feed the soil upon which you walk. You are bursting at the seams with something that hasn’t taken shape yet. Your power word for the next year is POTENTIAL. This is not about wearing rose-coloured glasses. This is about believing and most importantly believing in yourself. Trusting that YOU know what is right for you, trusting your inner voice…if you can locate it amongst what other people are asking from you. Because one of the biggest stumbling blocks for us Libras is to sort out our desires from what we think other people want from us. Are you doing the thing because you want to or are you doing it because it will make someone else happy and thus make you happy? Locating what you want might be the real challenge here. Who are you doing it for? What are you doing it for? Are you keeping your needs under wrap in the fear of ruffling some feathers? If you can sort that out then you are on your way to a year filled with opportunities. Dare to see beyond your immediate reality. Dare to follow your own path. Dare to loose some but then gain more in the process. Carpe Diem.


Intensity is not something that you fear. In fact, you need a dose of it to feel like what you are doing is worth it. The big question is: Are you aware of the ways in which you make your life more complicated then it need to be? I am not telling you to make abstraction of the powerful emotions that reside within you, but to meditate on what drives you. The hidden compulsions that have a hold on you and the way you make your decisions. The reluctance to be soft and easy going because of the vulnerable position that would put you in. The inability to let go because the struggle brings an intensity to your life that might be otherwise too quiet. Meditate on the way your armour and your stance might be taxing for your health but also for your close relationships. Contemplate the ways in which your walls might be keeping others at bay. Is it because of your reluctance to be seen? Your nakedness and your wounds are your strength. Drinking poisons is an art of which you are an expert but everyone enjoys a dose of honey sometimes. Can you find that sweet spot? Can you find that space within yourself that screams for peace, for quiet and for balance? Can you start to imagine what your life might look like if you gave yourself permission to be open and a little bit more trusting? Taming your fragility will certainly take a while but new doors will open once you decide to drop your armour and walk away from the battlefield.


A renewed momentum permeates October and the shift moves from the various projects you have worked on for the last year to the people with whom you collaborate. Your associations will take on new meaning in the months to come and this is only the beginning of realizations surrounding others and how they can help you accomplish your goals. A broader potential will come for teaming up and this month you get a glimpse of what shape this might take. While a lot of people tend to be destabilized by endings, Sagittarian usually thrive in the opportunities that changes bring; when she knocks at your door, you are the first one to greet her. This month expect chance encounters with like-minded people who could change the equation of a project that is dear to your heart. The support you need is here if you can balance the give and take that any relationship require. The other essential ingredient will be an open mind. If you assume that you already know, you might miss out on a piece of information that could help you. Open your ears and listen to what others are saying. Having convictions is noble, having assumptions is another thing altogether. Make space for your team-mate, your lovers, your partners and your friends. Allow them to believe in their stories without judgments and learn something new in the process.


The pressure to take what you have learned in the last year and apply it to your work is mounting. The practice round is over and you are entering a whole new territory. Collaborating can feel both oppressive and elating simultaneously. We need others as much as they need us. We get back what we put out. As long as both parties know how to play with fairness and without cheating. It’s never that easy of course. Give and take is a lot more complicated in practice. Things get complicated and fuzzy. Our human dynamics hide some fundamental principles around power and most of us like to keep that under wraps as much as we can. Integrity is essential if we want others to respect us and what we do. This month you could find yourself pondering important philosophical dilemmas that have direct implication in your life. It could be connected to something dear to your heart and the answer might not be easy to come by. Nothing is quite black and white. We like to plan it out and imagine it will go according to plan. But the reality is there are a million unforeseen factors in life that throw us off-balance. And most often these factors involves other people. And that’s ok. If you are ok with it.


Power dynamics will be an issue this month for everyone and there are no easy answers. But you are backed up by your skills and knowledge and you can benefit greatly from adopting a broad vision. The Full Moon in Aries mid-month will be indicative of who is pulling the strings but it might not be clear until November. Keep faith in what you are doing and what you believe but be prepared to be challenged. This will serve as a good exercise in solidifying your place among your colleagues, but also to identify what you are willing to stand for. Understanding your own motivations or what is driving you could be harder than usual. There could be misunderstanding between what you are trying to convey and how people receive it. That’s why it might be a good idea to clarify (for yourself) your intentions within your various partnerships. Dealing with conflicts and anger in the most peaceful way could mean finding productive outlets for the steam. See it as a work in progress. There will be many conversations in the next several months around fairness, equality, proper allocation of time between people and how much we are willing to give in the context of partnerships. This month remains a time when you are blessed with social grace and many opportunities to show what you are capable of so don’t get dragged down by politics.


The first half of the month could have you feeling like a brand new human. Something is very different. It could be related to your environment or it could just be the head space you’re in but something has shifted. A pressure has lifted off and you are finding ease even though the future looks uncertain. It could be a minor and undetectable detail but it is there. Where others are finding pressure, you are finding lightness. In duties you are discovering a freedom, and in restrictions; flexibility. How is this possible? Could it be that you have finally lost your head? Most likely it has something to do with surrendering to the muse. What does she/he/it look like? What is the driving force behind your madness? What do you love more than anything and how does it fuel your engine? What is this mysterious power you hide? The pressure of the recent months has somehow lifted leaving you with a sense of ease even though responsibilities abound. There could also be a renewed desire for collaboration and you could be spending more time than usual socializing. Don’t lose track of your bigger goals in the pursuit of minor pleasures. There is a lot of instability around the Full Moon of October 16 but you will somehow manage to escape most of it. Instead you could be playing the very familiar role of anchor for partners and friends.


Dear Aries, we are six months away from your birthday. This means that instead of having all the attention on yourself, the light shines on the part of your life that connects you to others. Your collaborations, your lover(s), your friends, your enemies, your business partners and everyone else. This also means that some form of compromising is in the equation. I heard once that we shouldn’t have to compromise in our relationships. If we feel the need to give up something to keep the peace, it means that the relationship is not worth it. I don’t really agree with the idea but it stuck with me. Is it possible to be in a happy place with other people without ANY form of compromise? Is it possible to stay ourselves entirely, have ALL of our needs fulfilled without meeting someone halfway? I haven’t found the answer yet so please tell me if you do. The New Moon in Libra September 30th/October 1st will be an excellent time to set intentions around your many partnership and what you would like to see flourish within them. Embrace the challenge of collaboration. The Full Moon in Aries on October 16 is YOUR Full Moon of the year and will serve to highlight what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be surprised if you get overly emotional about your need for space and freedom. Whatever arises mid-month will help you claim back the space you need but within the context of working with others.


Your partners could be asking a lot from you in the first half of the month. You could find them to be overly clingy one minute only to see them rebel against you the next. I would not take it too personally, if I were you. It’s not so much what you are doing. It’s just easy to target the familiar people in your life. All you can do is remain naturally you: loving and supportive. The New Moon September 30th/October 1st connects you to your health, habits and more extensively the habits you take on within your partnerships or the people you live with. Set intentions for the month ahead around your daily rituals and especially the ones you do in tandem. Without imposing your ways or totally surrendering to the ways of someone else, what would you like to see flourish in the months ahead? How much space do you need to feel healthy? The Full Moon in Aries on the 16th will be a bit more cathartic and the themes that began early October will be fully illuminated. Conversations around space and closeness come to a halt and you might need to acknowledge some things you would rather ignore. If you can avoid putting your head in the sand and pretend all is perfect. This would only aggravate what needs to be aired. State your needs clearly and be ready to listen and acknowledge the needs of the people close to you.


The New Moon on September 30th/October 1st is a supportive one and will act as a healing balm for all the effort you have put in during the last year. You are starting to see the horizon and the road ahead more clearly. Slowly you will start feeling your extremities again. After being on auto-pilot for a while to get through the hard part you can now have a sigh of relief as you reach an important landmark. When you look behind, all you see are twisted paths, crossroads and decisions that led you here. But it doesn’t matter now. It doesn’t mean that all of your troubles are over. But they don’t bother you like they used to. Time is like that. Things take time but it polishes you into a shiny, sparkling GEM-ini. You are still in many regards in the process of refining what you want from life and your relationships but this process will feel less lonely now. You could start seeing the result of this long maturation cycle and feel a lot more solid in your partnerships. The Full Moon in Aries on October 16th links you to the people you associate with, your collaborations, your community and your contribution within those circles. You could receive acknowledgment for your uniqueness and originality. You could also feel the urge to take part more actively in your social sphere. A lot of October will be spent debating ideas back and forth and taking a stand on what is important to you. Listen to what others are saying and be ready to water down your wine if needed.


The New Moon in Libra on September 30th/October 1st will open the doors of your private quarters; your inner sanctuary, the safe place where you go to take refuge from outer demands. The wish to find more space within your home, perhaps be closer to your family or to expand your living arrengment, is increasing. This New Moon helps you set things in motion. What you plant now will flourish in the months to come. What is germinating in the darkest corners of your private gardens? You could find yourself balancing this desire for privacy and space with the demands of a partner or a parent. Finding the equal measure of retreat and duty is always a work in progress and it could take some time to come to an agreement. The Full Moon in Aries on October 16th brings emphasis on your career and you could find yourself juggling the many demands made on you. Keep in mind that you can’t please everyone. A certain amount of planning and scheduling will help, but you might feel like telling everyone to go for a walk. (if you know what I mean) Better to bite your lip and bide your time. Give yourself plenty of rest and water. This is a short and disruptive passage but October remains a creative and productive month if you can walk the middle path.


The New Moon in Libra on September 30th/October 1st is linked to your environment and your place in ”the hood”. The way you communicate to your immediate surroundings, your reputation and the networking that happens naturally when we step outside of our house. It’s time to pay attention to how news travels within your circle of people and monopolize on it. Whatever you are working on can get a boost from word of mouth so talk to the right people and go to the right places. Schedule time for your health between bouts of socializing as you could feel your level of physical energy shifting with the change of season. Romance also remains high on your priority list. Schedule some down time to worship the god/goddess that has the privilege of having you in their world. If you can cover these areas, you should be able to maximise on what October has to offer. The Full Moon in Aries on October 16 will bring with her a flurry of unexpected events that could affect some of the plans you have for yourself, especially if you are traveling or going to school. It could be a pleasant surprise if you stay flexible. Contrary to common mortals, you might find a lot of excitement in the challenges this month. You have heaps of creative juice brewing and others are recognizing it and willing to support you.


October begins under a New Moon in Libra which links you closely to your assets and more extensively your creativity. The time is ripe for you to lay out a plan that can help you manage your income wisely. If you don’t know where to begin you could seek out the help of allies. Your collaborations could help you see the bigger picture and lay out a longterm plan or boost an existing project. The idea is not to surrender to someone else’s vision, but to expand what you think is possible by brainstorming with others. Write down what is said or record it so that you can go back to what is generated during these conceptualizing sessions. The Full Moon on October 16th will shed the light on your shared resources. There could be some strain between what you own and what your partner contributes. It could also illuminate the areas of your life where you depend on others. Expect a certain amount of tension and the need to air things out to recalibrate what has become unbalanced. Remaining cool-headed and objective will save you a lot of drama. The idea is not to lose track of the bigger picture while both parties find the middle ground between compromise and sacrifice. This is a necessary process, so avoiding the conversations could only aggravate the existing instability. These dialogues are essential with every partnership. The time invested in building relationships is also what makes them solid and long-lasting.

A real conversation always contains an invitation. You are inviting another person to reveal herself or himself to you, to tell you who they are or what they want. -David Whyte

Photo of Antoñita La Singla born deaf-mute, whose unique energy was captured in the early 1960’s by photographer Xavier Miserach.