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“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.”― C.G. Jung


The mediums you use to transmit your messages this month are very important. You will be super busy and you need to be selective when it comes to channeling your inspiration. Find solid and reliable methods that will help you get the work done. Don’t postpone sending emails, letters, applications and communiques. The time is now; work it. Mars, your ruler is still retrograde until the end of the month. Don’t wait for others to show up or to give you a clear answer just yet. Use your judgment and discriminate the essential from the superfluous so to not exhaust yourself mentally. Anticipate potential road blocks or misunderstandings in your collaborations and clarify your responsibilities. Do the ground work now so that you can take time off down the road. Back in November you had a spark, an inspiration, a vision and now you are in the middle of making it happen. You might realise that some things you had envisioned are not doable just yet. Or it might be that you are working really hard to realise an idea. Either way, you are now facing some of the consequences of the path you took about 6 months ago. Whether this is good or bad depends on your perspective. It also depends on how realistic you have been about bringing the changes that you want. Your home base and your work are in a state of flux and this will be strongly highlighted at the end of June. Finding some balance between resting and working will be important.


The line between stating your truth and crossing boundaries will be very thin during the first 2 weeks of June. You might be feeling ambitious and that is a really great way to be. You want to take on the world and that is fantastic; but others will push back against you. It’s a natural reaction. It doesn’t seem like it makes any sense but others have their own reasons and intentions. And that is something you should keep in mind when you step into a collective space. Relating always has its fair share of surprises. We cannot anticipate how others will react to what we have to say. We can imagine an outcome, a reaction, but often there are dozens of other factors that influence our interactions with others. There is a certain intensity that has been building up in your relationships for the last few weeks. You are finding new ways of expressing yourself, stating your needs and listening to others. Finding the right tone, the right balance between saying too much and not enough is half the battle. Resist the urge to ignore or repress or to push too strongly. The time and effort you put in your relationships and into being understood clearly will bring satisfactions and will deepen your bonds. A few of your illusions might get shattered in the process but this shows you what others are able to deliver and where you might have a few unrealistic expectations.


The New Moon in your sign on the 4th of June will be polarizing. Nothing new here since you are used to dealing with opposite needs and desires. This is all about you, your comfort zone and your evolution. This is all about YOU, staring at the edge of the world and wondering where you are going. This New Moon is a reset and a wake up call in regards to pretty much everything in your life. What you stand for, what you believe in, who you associate with and where you see yourself going in the future. The big picture and all the little details that make that big picture. You need to tap deep inside your core and retrieve what your heart longs for. Not in a superficial sense. And not in a sense of what others can do for you either. Think beyond your immediate relationships, beyond the daily hustle and bustle and beyond what you know. The beauty of the crossroad is that pretty much anything is possible. The secret lies in the potential of the moment. Soak it in. Feel the joy and expansive feeling of stepping beyond your perceived limitations. Where does it go when you let it roam? Plant that image/feeling/sensation deep in your heart and then let it be for now. Some of the answers you have waited for to move on will be coming soon enough and you will need to make important decisions. Do not let wishful thinking and magical remedies replace proper judgment. You might feel like putting things off for a bit longer but the time is now.


If it’s possible, spend the first 2 week of June taking stock of how far you’ ve come since last year. Notice all the changes that happened in 365 days. How much work and effort you have put into birthing new projects and ideas that are now part of your routine? Acknowledge your progress and how much it has changed you. Notice the areas of your life where you have seen the most dramatic growth. Some relationships have shifted and you are now more committed and serious about who gets close to you and who stays out. The sign of Cancer is sometime associated with memory and you are the keeper of many stories; some good ones, some crazy and wild ones and some painful ones. All the emotions that accompanies these stories are also stored somewhere. Eventually they collect in the mind and in the body. Things get stuffy and dusty and we forget what is stored in there. Scan yourself to see if you are holding on to old stories that have lost their purpose. Perhaps it is an old narrative that in some way is holding you back. See if you can release some of the sticky stuff, the clutter and create space for the fresh air of summer. Venus enters your sign on the 17th of June and the Sun will follow 3 days later signaling the begining of new inspiration, new ideas, new visions and new passions for the year ahead.


Some decisions regarding work that you took back in November are now taking root and becoming part of your life in concrete ways. Some of the dreams or ideas you had 6 months ago are now part of the daily grind, which is not a bad thing. Something that was just a wish in a distant future is now more real than you had anticipated. You are very lucky to have such manifesting powers; take a breather to savour the victory over matter. I know it is a lot of work but isn’t what you wanted? See this time period as an occasion to be disciplined and dedicated about your vocation and what you are passionate about. You will continue to receive acknowledgement if you continue to push your creativity and your work ethic beyond your comfort zone. Around mid-month you will get some opportunity to take stock of your progress and perhaps take some time off to take care of your personal life. You relationship continue to be a work in progress and the need to find common ground with others could be challenging. You might feel divided between your obligations at work and some issues on the home front. If you can remain somewhat detach in your dealings and keep an objective approach, this will keep you from potential misunderstandings. The Full Moon on June 20th, will highlight the polarity between your need to go out and have fun and a need to retire from the world and re-charge your batteries.


If you were starting to lose faith in yourself or a project that you have worked on, something will shift in the first week of June. You will get a strong indication or a clue of the next step that you need to take. It might be an easy step or it might be a difficult decision but something gets unstuck and you can start moving forward again. This is also a cue for you to use your power of discrimination and sort out the essential from the superfluous in your life. Don’t waste your time or invest energy on projects or people who won’t give you a good return. This remains an excellent time for you to progress in your life, expand and renew your faith in yourself by doing what you know you are capable of. But like any opportunities, there is a hidden cost and this means simplifying. Your are healing and you are growing and part of the growing pains involve leaving behind cherished habits or illusions. Something will need to be dealt with on the home front around the Full Moon on the 20th. Take time to strategize and delineate a widder plan of action to help you take the pressure off. You want to be productive but you also want to remain anxiety free. Staying flexible, taking care of your health and asking for help if you need too, will help you go a long way. Find your allies or friends that supports your creativity and put yourself out there.


The New Moon on June 4th is in your fellow Air sign of Gemini. This means it is in a trine or a 120º angle to the sign of Libra. In astrology, a trine is considered a beneficial and supportive aspect. This New Moon also conjoins Venus; your ruler. I am not saying that the month of June will be smooth sailing but you can plant some potent seeds at the beginning of the month. Of course there is always some small prints to take in considerations and there is an element of seriousness accompanying this New Moon. Responsibilities loom large and could seem to be taking joy out of the equation. Try not to get lost in all the small annoyance in your immediate reality. Deal with them but, if you can take a step back to look at the big picture this will help. Have faith in yourself and what you are doing. There is a lot of work for everyone this summer and the vacations will come later. The Full Moon on June 20th highlights your base of operations and you could be seriously considering relocating. You might feel like you have outlived your home situation and are ready to bring some much needed changes. But you also have some responsibilities connected to your family or partner and it will take some time to find common ground. To stay on top of things, be realistic by prioritising on the concrete steps you can take and keep the diamond in your mind.


The month of June kicks off with a pressure to deliver the goods. If you did your homework, this shouldn’t be too hard and you can generate some cash in the process. Your fate is strongly linked to others and your collaboration can bring you an extra source of income or some recognition. I would suggest asking for help and to not try to take on the work load all by yourself. Your ruler Mars is still retrograde for all of June and will be making some funky aspects to Mercury in Taurus on the 9th. Stay out of trouble, bide your time and ”try” to keep the peace with your co-workers and partners. Lilith went into Scorpio on the 21st of May and will be there for the next 9 months. You will have less tolerance for bossy or domineering people in your life and you might feel a visceral need to be free from the influences of others. But you need to be a team player this month especially in the first half of the month. The Full Moon on June 20th will highlight your finances, contracts and perhaps a project or an idea that have been in the works. There are bills to pay but this is also a very fertile time. You might have to choose between your responsibilities and taking some creative risks and perhaps you can strike a balance. You might also be able to have it all if you plan carefully and with foresight. Mars turns direct on the 29th and you will feel your momentum returning.


Your ruler Jupiter going direct at the end of May could help restore some of the faith and joy that perhaps doesn’t seem as forth coming as usual these days. The reality is you are a lot more fierce and solid than you were a year ago but in the process of reclaiming your authority, you’ve lost a bit of your impulsive boldness. And you might start wondering why or how you have become so tame. The New Moon on the 4th of June will highlight your obligations towards others and perhaps a desire to step outside of the boundaries or contracts you have with them. As much as you are dedicated right now, there is a part of you who doesn’t want to feel tied down. Keep in mind that you might not see the whole picture or that you haven’t taken some crucial elements into consideration. The effort you put in extracting yourself from a messy situation might prove to be fruitless unless you are straight forward in your approach. Remain clear in all of your dealings and don’t try to put more on your plate then you can deliver. The Full Moon on the 20th is in your sign and will illuminate a crossroad between your freedom and the promises or commitments you made with someone. You must decide on what is best for you and what will sustain you in the years to come. Objectivity will be your best ally this month.


Your ruler Saturn continues its retrograde motion and will be making major aspects this month prompting you to pay attention to your inner sanctuary as much as your outer domain. Of course this is just one of the many threads running through your life at the moment. Your relationship to your own power is shifting as you slowly let go of old ideas about what you are capable of accomplishing versus what you want out of life. A major project is underway and the New Moon on June 4th might provide all the information that you need to pull through a this shift. Jupiter in Virgo remains in a beneficial aspect to your sign until September. Deliberate and careful expansion can take you far. Refine your thinking and set up a long-range vision. Later this month, things will get fuzzier and your judgment might be skewed. Monopolise on the first 2 weeks of June to delineate an action plan if needed and spend the second half of June tapping into the incoming inspiration. Your attention will turn towards partnerships of all sort and you might be called to adjust your stance within some of them. Spend time with the people you love and find ease through your associations. Networking and finding support for your ideas will be easier if you put yourself out there. You also want to set some time aside to nurture your body and retreat from your busy schedule. Focusing on your well-being remains an excellent investment and one you don’t want to neglect.


The month of june is full of creative potential if you can manage to keep a steady course among the obstacles. This busy time period will probably demand a lot out of you but any reforms made at this time can have long-lasting result. Keep your hands on the plow. Your ruler Saturn is still retrograde and will be making some major aspects this month prompting you to straighten your stance. The New Moon is in Gemini on June 4th and will support any resolutions that would bring more pleasure and ease in your life. Setting realistic goals while keeping the inspiration flowing is your balancing act this month. You might also have to negotiate to get some of your ideas accepted in a work or group context. Make sure that your core principles do not get forgotten for the sake of practicality. If your vision do not fit the context, perhaps revisiting your approach before reforming would prove to be your best option. You might still feel unsure of your involvement with some people. You might question how much time you want to invest in ideas that aren’t totally aligned with your vision. Going through the motion just for the sake of it might become less and less tolerable. Breaking away and reclaiming more independence might be what the doctor ordered. But before taking any definitive actions, you need to look closely at your assets, your needs and plan accordingly.


A recurring theme for you since last fall has been around finding your center amidst the chaos of other people. You’ve been learning to delineate boundaries between yourself and the people close to you, the ones you love, your family and the ones you collaborate with. Partnership doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself at the altar of other people’s problems. Loving others doesn’t mean taking on their baggage even if you KNOW you could ease their pain by doing so. You still seem to be dancing between rigidity and vulnerability, between saying yes and saying no. You are learning to love yourself through opening up with others in a new way, a delibirate way, a way that doesn’t hurt. You are also super busy right now and prioritising will help in setting your stance and meet the many demands made on you at this time. Remind yourself to take a breath occasionally through the month as there could be a tendency to hold it in when engaging with others. Things will start to ease off around the 20th and you will be able to find common ground or at least communication will start to flow in a more positive direction. June remains an important month with a heavy workload. Some adjustement on the homefront is needed. Once again, clarifiy your boundaries with others. Your best assets will be critical thinking while remaining flexible and open-minded.

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