Total Lunar Eclipse

The month of February is shaping up to be a big month!

I am offering for a limited time, a pre-recorded personal analysis of where the 2 eclipses in February will fall in your birth chart: Which part of your life will be influenced by these eclipses and how best to utilize this time-period creatively.

The recording is approximately 20 minutes and the cost is 25$.

You will receive a link to download the video with your reading 24hrs to 48hrs after your purchase. Your birth time is required for this analysis.

25$ – For a 20 minutes recording of my February Eclipses ☞ Buy Now Button

Please fill in the: 👉🏽CLIENT DETAIL FORM HERE👈🏽 after your payment is completed.
*There is no need to fill-in the desired time for your appointment as this will be a pre-recorded reading.