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”If you would convince a man that he does wrong,
do right. But do not care to convince him.
Men will believe what they see. Let them see.”
― Henry David Thoreau



We are now officially in the middle of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and this time of the year is your time. This means that you will probably be busier than usual with your many projects and most likely in high demand. Your forward thinking and unique abilities are being broadcast to the four corners and you can expect at least some form of recognition for your talents. Opportunities should be taken: people are curious t0 hear your perspective. The Full Moon on February 10 will steal the spotlight away from you for a moment and shine its light on your collaborations and partnerships. You might be embarking on some new types of projects that involve other people in some ways. Expansion and growth are indicated for you this year but you will have to keep yourself in check. Your wish to take on more projects has to be coupled with temperance and a dose of pragmatism. In the coming months your ability to say no will be as important as your ability to say yes. If you didn’t already write a master plan for 2017, sit down and draft one. Even a rough estimate of what you would like to accomplish this year will help to stay focused on the essential and delineate what it is you want to achieve. Your willingness to stay flexible and take detours while keeping your objective in mind is what will take you there. Sort out your priorities; the coming months promises to be a test in regard to how serious you are about your convictions. Be ready to handle the unexpected while remaining faithful to your vision.


The time has come to start thinking about the next chapter you want to write as you are transitioning towards the end of an era. While you prepare to enter this foreign territory, I want you to consider the shoes you are wearing; are they representative of who you are becoming? Have you thought about the message they are sending or the old titles they carry with them? You might feel like holding on to that really old pair of comfortable shoes even though they have become full of holes and are essentially useless. If I were you I would burn those old shoes which have become awkward and more of a burden than a helpful protection for your feet. Throw out your old titles, you have outgrown them. Of course, this is just a metaphor and it might actually take longer to let go of some of the things you cherish, but these old relics are keeping you from exploring your full potential. You might decide against all odds to hold on just a bit longer-and that is perfectly ok. Things take time. Explore your options but keep in mind that it will most likely never go back to the way it was before. Get used to the idea slowly and have compassion for yourself through this process. Give yourself the patience you so easily give others. It is difficult to know exactly how to proceed but don’t sweat it. The next few months should help by giving you important clues on how to participate actively to what is happening.


There is a LOT of fire in the astrology of 2017. Like, a lot. Since you are a fire sign this will certainly fuel your awesome this year. However, as with anything flammable, some precautions are necessary to avoid setting things ablaze in a fury. First of all, you want to make sure that what you are getting passionate about is worth the cause. The great thing about being a fire sign is that it imbues you with the drive and motivation to move mountains. The down side of so much fire is that it can lead to exhaustion, or at its worst: self-destruction (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). To avoid the less pleasant side-effect of your hot nature, make sure to invest your energy wisely in the coming months. Do not waste your breath on people or causes that are not worth fighting for. Use your discernment and find constructive outlets to express yourself. You are majorly supported this month by Mars in Aries, and people will listen to you. If you can keep your impulsive nature in check then you will accomplish a lot. Use your fire strategically so that you are not dismissed as a short-tempered Aries. The world needs courageous people that will step over the line. Only you want to make sure that the world also hears and understand why you are stepping over the line. Rebellion is awesome but it is not enough to produce effective change. A strategic rebel has a lot more chance to succeed than an impulsive one.


Since the beginning of 2017, your focus has been directed on things happening to other people around you: on affairs which you have almost no control over except the ability to lend a helping hand when necessary. The Full Moon in Leo on the 10th of February will shine its light on you and your home and perhaps illuminate some things that needs to be put in order. You have been so busy that you might have neglected the more private areas of your life. This could include your health, your own personal creative projects, your family, and of course your partner. Make sure you allow yourself the time needed to reconnect, root-down, and rest. February promises to be a busy month socially and you will continue to be pulled in many directions for support and input. There might be something you are not aware of at the moment-something that could surprise you down the road, something hidden in plain view but not yet directly obvious. It could be tension building up in a part of your life that will need addressing later (unless you manage it now), so pay attention to what is happening. Don’t assume that you understand everything about a situation just yet and take in consideration that you might have a blind spot that is keeping you from seeing the whole picture. With that said, it doesn’t have to be worrisome. It could mean getting a second opinion on something or running an idea you have by a colleague at first to see how solid it is. It could also mean just stopping for a moment to reassess your direction and adjust your stance. Whatever it means, see it as a mindset; flexible, ready to deal with whatever arises while still feeling solid in your stance.


The word overwhelmed doesn’t even sum up how you’ve been feeling in 2017 so far. Your attention has been like a weathervane, one moment pointing in one direction only to spin 180º in the opposite direction with the slightest wind gust. Rest assured that this is not due to the fact that your head is coming loose but more to the fact that you are juggling with so many balls! Of course you wouldn’t have it any other way and as February progresses, you will start to feel steady with your juggling act and you might even find a short cut or a magic trick to help you out. It also looks like you will continue to be quite busy and you will have plenty of opportunity to broaden your horizons and your scope of influence. The tension you are feeling is mostly due to growing pains and responsibilities, but you can handle it. You are at a point in your life where you have been there before and you have the expertise to back you up. Do not let doubt or other people deter you from that fact. You might feel alienated this month if some people second guess the validity of your knowledge and undermine what you know. You could also find the support you need amongst some of your colleagues so do not dismiss everyone. Be prepared to back up what you know with some facts or evidence and you should get the acknowledgment you deserve. As you know, nothing is free in this world, and you will still need to pay your due with work and discipline if you want to get the results you are looking for. Allow yourself some down time for your mind to relax but be willing to put in the extra hours if needed.


You are starting to adapt to the new elements that were recently added to your routine. These new patterns of behaviours that were foreign to you only a few months ago are starting to feel more normal. You will have to pay attention not to revert back to some of the old habits that tends to sprout only when you get too comfortable or when you are stressed. Resolutions that were taken at the beginning of 2017 will now start to either take hold or dissolve. If you are not totally aligned with all that you have promised yourself for 2017, is there a way you could be more realistic about what is possible? Are you perhaps taking the long road when you could be taking a short cut? Who said the long way was better anyway? Efficiency is a beautiful thing; get familiar with that word. Contemplate the ways you could use what you have at your disposal to get closer to your goal in a shorter time period. Can what you set out to accomplish be done faster if you team up? Can it be that in order to be more efficient you will need more funds? If so, assess what is possible in that department. Let go of the desire to do everything on your own and ask for help if you need to. Yes, you can get a lot done by yourself but other areas of your life might suffer in the process-mainly your health. It’s ok to give yourself the down time needed to regenerate. Sometimes that is what being efficient is all about; making sure you have enough fuel to keep going.


This is a big month for you, with a Full Moon and a lunar eclipse in your sign on February 10. ”Ok, sure” you say, ”but what does this mean for me?” Well, first of all you have to understand that a good part of your attention at the moment is directed on your partnerships or onto the things outside of yourself that makes you feel supported. You are deriving your energy and vitality-in part-on the people who are close to you. February will highlight your attachments and what you need to feel content. What is lacking will also become more obvious. The fact that the Full Moon and the lunar eclipse are in your sign is an indication to take stock. The Full Moon represents amongst other things a culmination of that part of your life which is ruled by the ebb and flow of your heart’s desires. This is in some ways the opening act of what will unfold in your life in the next 2 years. There is no reason to resist what wants to be born, just as there is no reason to resist what needs to be let go. Doors open and doors close and if we move with it it becomes easier to seize the opportunities as they present themselves. What needs to happen will happen regardless but you can decide to set yourself in a receptive stance as opposed to a resisting one. The eclipses of the next 2 years are on the Leo/Aquarius axis. Eclipses usually bring some fundamental changes in the way we operate. Sometimes they bring events or opportunities that help us move forward. As I mentioned above, this first lunar eclipse in your sign is like the opening act. It is possible that what is sprouting is still invisible to the naked eye but in a couple years you will look back on this time period as an important transition.


Logistical issues could take its toll on you this month so allow yourself plenty of down time. There is no point in letting anxiety run the show. You could feel overwhelmed by matters that are really out of your control for the moment. These things could be connected to shared assets, taxes, or other monies that tie you down in some ways. You could feel limited by your immediate surroundings or there could be extra responsibilities on the home front. The Full Moon on the 10th of February will highlight your need for silence and tranquility. Allow yourself to step away from the hustle and bustle if you need as this will serve to invigorate and revitalize you. Habits that do not serve you well will become obvious this month and this is also an excellent time to maximize on your wellbeing. Mid-month, your attention will shift on your partnerships, shedding a gentle and healing light on them. Anything that needs closure will culminate before the end of the month. The New Moon in Pisces on February 26 brings with her a new level of awareness in regards to your relationships and the people who are dear to your heart. You are now engaging with your partners in a subtle but different way and you might discover some characteristics in yourself which had remained hidden until now. This New Moon in Pisces is also a Solar eclipse in Pisces and marks the last one of a series which started back in March 2015. A process that had begun approximately 2 years ago is now culminating. A new level of consciousness, a new level of self-love, and a new way of relating to the world is ready to flourish.


Oh dear Libra, if only you could make up your mind half your torments would vanish! If only you could settle on what you want then things would flow in one direction so easily… or would they? I’m sorry, I actually don’t know the answer to this very complicated riddle but what I know is that the time to take some important decision has come. Or has it? Perhaps this is just a test run and not the actual real time to act yet? Maybe you still need to assess which of the myriad of options available to you is the right one? Maybe you don’t need to make any decisions at all! Maybe it’s better to let things unfold and see what happens? It looks to me like what you want right now is the whole cake and to eat it, too. You want freedom and the perfect partner, ease in motion and challenges, you want to be in business without the responsibilities. You are actively searching for the perfect trick that will allow you to do just that. How can someone desire one thing while also desiring its opposite? This is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the scales. One way you can start bringing more focus to your affairs is by drafting what is is you truly value. Imagine you have the powers to bring abundance into your life but only to what truly matters; no cheating. What would you choose? What are the things you cannot live without? What are the things you absolutely cannot tolerate anymore? The next few months will bring some important clues to your attention. You are entering a transitional phase; do not remain passive to avoid making clear cut decisions. One way or another, you won’t be able to keep that cake forever. Let the sorting process begin!


Your inner landscape is undergoing some major transformation at the moment and even though it might not be obvious on the surface, you feel it. Your connection to the unseen is being strengthened by events or circumstances and keeping the dialogue open has some major benefits. What I mean by this is that even though we get to choose what we like and don’t like in our lives, some things are beyond our control. Releasing our grasp helps in assimilating the value of these experiences and supports us in moving forward. Of course, Scorpios are experts in the process of regenerating, but why is that? In part, I think it is because your loyalty to what you hold dear is so deeply ingrained and solid that it makes letting go even more difficult. Someone who can turn around and forget their allegiance easily wouldn’t even notice this process, but for you it is a total transformation – a new skin. Once you move on from something you do not turn back. You become a new person and that is why I think letting go is so difficult. There is an old story coming to an end in your life and you can feel it in your bones. As long as you do not cross that bridge you stay in that old skin; the one full of stories and scars which are dear to your heart. You can stay here forever if you want; on the verge of the abyss, contemplating the familiar void of something that is no more. Take the time you need to contemplate this landscape – this is how you build your strength. However, be aware that the opportunities knocking at your door won’t be there forever.


The year 2017 has been good to you so far. You have felt the momentum of things moving forward in your life even amidst the general uncertainty that floats in the collective. The process of sorting out what is essential to you and what you do not want in your life anymore continues and the image is getting clearer everyday. Shedding old pre-conceived ideas about how things ought to be is not an easy process and sorting out what matters to you has been difficult at times. Being pulled in opposite directions by our dreams versus our responsibilities requires fine adjustments and this balancing act will continue in the coming months. The changes are partially due to a fundamental transformation of your beliefs and how you have perceived the world until now. What was once important to you doesn’t seem essential now. So when our priorities shift our life changes. Even though you might not be able to relate with some of your old opinions and ideas, it’s good to keep in mind that not everyone around you will be able to shift their perspective simultaneously. If you find that you are having difficulties relating to the world, it could be in part due to the dichotomy of your old beliefs vs the new ones. You could be feeling very different internally but your reality might seem ill fitting for a while and in turn this could affect your existing relationships. It’s a good idea to keep that in mind in the coming months while you make the small adjustments needed in your external reality to fit your inner vision.


Your allegiance will be undergoing revision this month as you try to reconcile your private life with your professional one. This is not an easy task and you could feel divided between obligations on the home front versus career opportunities. You might need to reformulate your plans in order to meet all of your expectations. Elements of your work could be undergoing revision and this is indirectly linked to a change of beliefs on your part or some new role you are stepping into. Your priorities and values are shifting with the changing of tides and your desire to focus on what matters is becoming more important. The Full Moon in Leo on February 10 highlights some issues in regard to joint finances. Unexpected expenses could indicate the need to tighten the reign on your finances in order to accomplish what you set out to do. The opportunities to make money are there but it all depends on how you organize your schedule. Since a lot of pleasure will be derived from spending time at home with your loved ones this month you might not feel like having the extra responsibilities but fortunately your heightened intuition should help you make the proper decisions so that you can benefit from both. The right balance of work and pleasure does exist so do not deny yourself the down time. It’s easy for Capricorn’s to feel under-productive but you must be able to allow yourself a period of grace to adapt to the changing circumstances.


“The study of thinking machines teaches us more about the brain than we can learn by introspective methods. Western man is externalizing himself in the form of gadgets.”
― William S. Burroughs