To have


Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus until April 30th.

Mercury rules all form of communication, the intellect and thinking process. When the planet that symbolizes our mental outlook, moves into Taurus territory, we can expect the way we think to become more pragmatic and grounded. Concerns with the material side of life of having, wanting and acquiring.

Do a small inventory of the resources you already have and think of how you could maximize them to bring wealth.

Focus on the qualities you have that will help you bring abundance and growth into your life.

Formulate a creative way to get closer to your goal, delineating time limits to help you stay anchored in reality.

Manage your assets
Plant the seeds in fertile soil
Lay out a solid foundation
Stay focu$
Write down an inventory of your options


The Revolution of Flirting

The Moon moves into Aquarius for the next few days and is applying to trine Venus in Gemini, square Mars in Taurus and oppose Jupiter in Leo.

With the Moon in Aquarius, the focus is on groups of people and organisations with an eye on the future.  Friends with original ideas, the collective, humanitarian concerns and the outsider’s point of view  are all associated with the sign of Aquarius.


With the trine to Venus in Gemini, we have a brief window of opportunity to discuss new or forward thinking ideas and hold opposite points of view. Anything from gender or LGBTQI rights to the future of internet activism or human-computer interactions. You could find yourself having a friendly debates about societal change on a street corner or at the coffee shop. People with great ideas are everywhere, and you could be more curious to know what others are thinking. Don’t exclude yourself from the conversation. Participate.

Wonderful  day to talk about anything and everything but don’t expect deep introspective life changing revelations. It’s a light, breezy and flirty day. A good day to generate a lot of innovative ideas, and brainstorming.  Get curious, get moving, get talking , flirt with others and their ideas. Remember to stay open minded and share the stage.  You don’t want the discussion to turn into a monologue.

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