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Ambition is to be the fastest runner on this planet, to be the first on the South Pole, which is a grotesque perversion of ambition. It’s an ego trip, and I’m not on an ego trip. I don’t have ambitions – I have a vision.
– Werner Herzog


The month of December will see you make giant leaps forward. This time of the year is your time – support is here if you need it. There is still a lot of work needed to bring your projects to fruition but like they say, it’s the journey that counts not the destination, right? Monopolize your allies and find the support you need to continue on the path you are on. Take it a step further and get out of your comfort zone.  You will be amazed by the rapid evolution that happens when you do. One of the most important things to remember on your journey is finding the balance between the work you are doing and what you are trying to achieve. Keeping your vision in your mind’s eyes will help you tackle the more difficult day-to-day tasks. Perspective will also remind you of your bigger objectives. By keeping that goal in mind you are fuelling and energizing yourself. It might be hard to see the results of all your hard work at the moment but by this time next year you will look back and realize how much you have accomplished. If you don’t have a specific goal or vision in mind, now would be an excellent time to sketch one. What would you like to see more of in your life? What contribution can you bring to the bigger community?  What is your special skill and how are you using it? What type of wild ideas do you entertain and is there a way to bring some of them to reality?  What would be the first step? Your ruler Jupiter is in Libra (the sign most often associated with partnership) for almost a year.  This means that all of these ideas and projects will be a lot easier to tackle if you team up. Don’t be surprised if you crave more connections. Find your people, find your partners and don’t hesitate to reach out to others and include them in your plans.


December greets you with one door open on the past and one door open on the future.  One foot is still in your past and you haven’t quite taken that big step into the future. It would be wise to take in what you see before stepping into the future with both feet. A moment of contemplation will allow you to see the numerous possible outcomes, the roads ahead, and potential curves. Map and assess the terrain stability so that you can use the resources available to you in the best and most efficient ways possible. A revision of the plans you have for the year ahead will strengthen them and show you where things need to be solidified or let go. Once January arrives you will be ready to fully embrace the New Year. Until then, sort out what you don’t want to carry with you into the future door. Leave behind all of your old assumptions about what you think is possible. Dust off the dreams and visions you hold dear in your heart and make space for them again and again against the stale and the dead. One of the best ways to access this space is by having a good heart-to-heart conversation with yourself. Be honest about what scares you. Look at these fears straight in the eye and ask them what they want from you. Once you get their messages you will be well on your way. Using  fear to our advantage is probably one of the best ways to succeed. There is so much power behind fear; imagine turning them upside down, walking through them and harnessing all that power to fuel your dreams. Imagine that once you finally face them, they hold no more power over you. No. More. Power. Over. You. So, what are you afraid of? 😉


The month of December highlights two areas of your life:  The first one has to do with tying up loose-ends before January begins and the second one has to do with relationships and how you approach them. Having the company of others has been on your mind in the recent months but for the most part it has felt like something elusive. Your desire for partnership is there, but the feedback you are getting seems to get muffled along the way. You are only receiving bits and pieces of vital information and the whole thing may have felt like a complicated puzzle not worth your time and effort. Whether this has to do with work partnerships, friendships, or love interests, it seems to be way too daunting. You are more than able to take care of yourself and  you don’t have the time to dwell on other people’s drama, right? Here is the thing: you can’t pick and choose which part of others you will include in your life and which ones you will ignore.  People come whole with all of their weird quirks and hang ups. When you decide to step into that special space we call ”relationships” you have to be willing to see others for what they are and not just what you had hoped they would be. It also means being able to acknowledge our behaviour reflected back at us without erecting walls. This is probably one of the most difficult things to do in our individualistic society. If we don’t like the way someone challenges our ideas we can dispose of them and go about our merry way. The challenge is not met but avoided and eventually forgotten until it shows up again somewhere else in our life.  Lucky for you, scenarios that keep repeating themselves seem to be a trend within your relationships. You have plenty of opportunities to practice tearing down walls that separates you from authentic connections. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect.


2016 was a spectacular year for Pisceans.  It brought tidal waves of changes that might have felt uprooting and difficult at times. Some events are just outside of our control and all we can do is bend like bamboo. December could bring a dose of nostalgia as you contemplate the year coming to an end. You could get the strange desire to get lost in timeless prose while hard reality knocks at your door – the sweetness of your ideals colliding against the wall of responsibilities. But you chose this path and you are determined to challenge those ideals and their familiar stories. If there is one sign of the Zodiac that strives on instability it is the people of your sign. Pisceans are amazing at transforming a situation into a learning experience. You have vision and ambition available to you at this time so I wouldn’t get lost looking back for too long. This is an extremely fertile period to cultivate new ideas and to apply them into reality. People need your wisdom and insights more than ever so roll up your sleeves and put your hands on the plow. The unique intelligence you carry inside of your heart is needed more than ever to help others see what matters. In this process of applying and sharing your knowledge you can help others restore their own vision. It is very important at this time that you do not lose sight of what you believe in. You carry a torch that illuminates the path not only for yourself but for others. It might feel like a big responsibility or burden but trust me: you do this effortlessly. You do not have to think elaborately on the hows and the why’s, you just have to believe in the wisdom of what your heart already knows and the rest will shape itself.


The opportunity to take some calculated risk is available to you at the moment. You have to find the sweet spot between foolhardiness and your entrepreneurial spirit; the line between profit and loss. You and I both know that you have the motivation – that is NOT what you lack. But directing that motivation towards a specific goal is harder and you need to find which vehicle will carry you the furthest. The beginning of December highlights a journey: whether physical, mental, or spiritual. In the last year, stepping outside of your comfort zone has proven to be rewarding and you need to continue with that momentum. Find the people that will help you expand your scope of opportunities; put yourself out there. Your attention is on career and finances and there could be some possibility for partnerships but you have to be willing to create the space for it. Write down what you are good at and then write down what you lack.  From there you can start looking for the people who are good at what you lack.  Study how they do it, imitate their techniques or even better reach out for advice. I know that might be asking A LOT out of you Aries but it is for your own benefit in the long run! Find the quality you like in the people you admire; what do they have that you are lacking and how can YOU get  better at doing what they do? Last but not least, which defeatist attitude are you ready to leave behind before entering the new year?  What negative scenarios are you playing in your head that could be detrimental to your success? Revise the narratives and beliefs you tell yourself when it comes to your work and how you might be selling yourself short. Is there a skill you feel you are lacking in order to advance in your chosen field?  Consider the learning options available to you.  You might be surprised at the possibilities.


Winter is fast approaching and with the cold your gaze turns towards the horizon. Your attention will be on logistics and work this month and perhaps planning a vacation or travel somewhere. You might be craving a different experience and this could also be connected to your work in some ways. Combining duty and pleasure is your motto since responsibilities abound, but you can also make the process pleasurable. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13th sheds light on your finances and what is needed to make it right. You could feel the burden of expenses growing but a good brainstorming session will show you that you have a lot of assets and skills that could be put to good use. Don’t exclude options connected to teaching or mentoring. You might also have to tighten the reins in some areas in order to reach your bigger goals. Sorting out the essential from the superfluous will prove to be a valuable exercise and will help you delineate a good plan of action. When the desire to indulge in something that you don’t really need surfaces, remind yourself that the essential is invisible to the eyes. This month, seek out fulfilling experiences and rewarding connections. Go after the feeling instead of the object and separate what you truly seek from the automatic security urges that often run the show. Break one habit that keeps you crystalized in old stale beliefs about money that your spirit has outgrown. Find safety in knowing that true riches are collected within the heart through your connection with others. In the end we remember moments not things. Beauty, symmetry, and harmony is feeling at ease in the world without needing to constantly clutter the space with objects that reminds us of the essential. Take the revolutionary step of going directly to that vital space. Light a candle, find your prayer and bask in the warmth of the heart’s true wealth.


There is a lot happening these days for Gemini people and December will be no exception.  Expect a lot of back and forth between you and others as you are in the process of laying the ground for some important relationships. The foundations are being build as we speak and the agreements that are in the works could have significant implications for your future. It is not the time to back down from the responsibilities and duties of these said partnerships. This is a major learning curve for you as you usually like to have some freedom of movement and you could feel bogged down by the demands made on you. But the rewards will be worth the small compromise being made at this time. If you are not clear from the get go about how you feel, now would be the time to speak out and bring the adjustments needed. You do not want to re-visit these issues once the situation is crystallized. Nip it in the bud; Put a stop to something while it is still in it’s early development if you are not happy with it. If you’re not sure of what I am talking about the days surrounding the Full Moon in Gemini on December 13th should make it clear. Give yourself until the second week of January to revise any arrangements and long term commitments. Write down what you expect to gain from the situation and make sure you are aware of what is expected from you. Allow yourself plenty of time to think things over as there might be a missing piece of information that comes to light later in the month. There is a possibility of unforeseen development that could change the equation, so give yourself plenty of leg room without shunning the work that needs to be done!


Cancer folks are very good at making others feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, what often ends up happening is a dismissal of their own needs and well-being. It is not so much neglect on their part but more that the natural flow of their internal waters pours outward. You cannot stop a river or a spring from flowing in one direction; nature has an imperceptible wisdom contained in her motion. For thousands of years, humans have built diversion damns in order to channel the portion of the flow of a river from its natural course into various canals. Without irrigation, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Irrigation is the method in which a controlled amount of water is supplied to plants at regular intervals for agriculture. It is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall. [1] A similar process is at work in your life and your task in the coming weeks will be to monitor where your waters are going and re-direct its flow where it is most needed. Do not waste your precious energy on projects, people, or situations that will dry out your soil and cause draught in the long run. Pay special attention to any circumstances that deplete your strength and leave you feeling tired or run down. You will get cues this month from your body; don’t dismiss these cues. Allow yourself periods of contemplation and silence. Many things will come to light and with these revelations a period of re-assessment. Until mid-January, you have the opportunity to evaluate your territory and clearly see where your river runs. Is it producing enough energy supply for everything you have growing? Are you sending your water in too many directions? Are you using the right methods of irrigation for what you want to grow? Give yourself plenty of room to adjust to changing circumstances. Don’t fret on what is not working out the way you had planned. If you get discouraged by the resistance of the terrain, see if you can work with the flow and where it wants to go.


Relationships and the obligations they bring have been high on your priority list and will continue to be well into December. You are ready for the next level and you are willing to step up to the plate and assume your responsibilities. Although, there is still one distant voice that occasionally whispers to you to keep some space for your own projects. With all of your recent connections, you want to keep some freedom to do as you please and not be relying on external factors to dictate what you can and cannot do. It is easier to adjust the foundation of something before the roof goes on and you are settled in. It is way less stressful to rely on yourself and your assets than to borrow from the bank. Of course these are metaphors but you get the picture. The next few years should bring some fundamental changes in the way you operate Leo. There will be a series of eclipses in your sign beginning in February of 2017 and all the way to January 2019. These eclipses will bring stories that are already being woven as we speak. Doors will open and close in some unexpected places. You want to be self-sufficient enough to allow flexibility and options down the road. There are many opportunities for you at the moment and some might require sacrifices. In other words, you are in a growth curve and you have to think about what you are willing to let go of and what you can’t live without. You want to aim far enough ahead and be smart about it. It might seem like a lot of contradictory desires are influencing you.  It might also feel like a strange in-between world and to some extent it is. You can think of this period as a transitional space. You want to be able to walk that fine line between risk and safety; between the familiar and the unknown: between being responsible but keeping your fire and spirit alive. For the time being, the Full Moon in Gemini on December 13 will shine bright on all the creative projects you want to carry out within your community and the people you need to associate with in other to birth these ideas into reality.


The month of December begins with your attention turning towards your home and family of origin. You could be called to reset your stance and this might require some planning on your part to find the sweet spot between compromise and comfort. You will need to adjust to other people and you could find yourself feeling restricted or limited in some ways. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13 highlights your professional life and the need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Your base of operation and career are closely linked and this will become more apparent as the month progresses. You will likely need to make some mature decisions. This last year has been a tremendous period of expansion for Virgos and you don’t want to stop that momentum. However, expect to review the plans that were made in the spring in order to make the most of December onward. Your ruler, Mercury, stations retrograde on the 19 of December in the sign of Capricorn. A Mercury retrograde is really not the end of the world, but it’s always a good idea to review and reorganize what we have been working on before laying on the next structures.  This retrograde is closely linked to your creativity/creative projects so it’s a good idea to tweak any of the big ventures and ideas you have been working on. Mercury goes direct on the 8 of January and you should feel confident by then with the adjustments and reforms. Slow, steady, and deliberate expansion remains your motto. There is still lots of room for awesome and innovative (financial) risks but you want to cover all of the bases. Then, you can take those wild ideas of yours and bring home the bacon – literally or figuratively.


I was once called out for playing ‘the offended Libra’ which at the time I didn’t really understand. One thing we are good at is sensing when a situation is unjust or out of balance; call it the perks of being born under the scales. It is honestly pretty common for Libras to get ‘offended’ when we witness something unacceptable or unfair. We are after all the moral regulators of the zodiac and it is not voluntary as much as it is our innate programming. However, there is one thing, one trapping, one less fortunate side-effect of being a Libran that stops us from going more actively after what we believe, and that is: other people. The amount of space we give lovers, partners, friends, and even strangers is usually the one thing in our life that is out of balance. We are sometimes so agreeable that we end up places we don’t really like and wonder how we got there. This month you have the opportunity to break free from some of the usual roles you end up playing and embrace a fresh perspective. Wherever this is happening in your life, try to hold on to your new found vision. Angst can be super liberating if you apply it productively and carry out real long-lasting changes. Knowing when and where to strike is the trick and I have a feeling this will become more obvious for you towards the end of December. The second thread running through this month is linked to your obligations towards family members and the home front.  Be ready to deal with some unforeseen obligations. You might be craving a distant escapade somewhere far away from all of the holiday noise but you have some important familial commitments to attend. All of your intellect is conspiring for you to break free from restrictive patterns and bring much-needed changes to a stale situation. Nevertheless, you might have to bite the bullet for just a bit longer before you can spread your wings. Until then, clarify and refine the images and sensations of what your future looks like and break the mould.


The beginning of December highlights your finances and the need to tighten the reins to insure you are spending your assets wisely. This is a theme that begun last month and will continue throughout December. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13 could show you where the leaks are. There could be a lot of commotion on the home front as your need to innovate and break free of old habits is fully activated and you don’t want to settle for the same old stories. With that said, you don’t want to wait until the only option is total destruction either. Scorpio is a Fixed sign, this means you were born in the middle of a season (in your case, the Fall) and it can be extremely difficult to change habits. Being a Fixed sign means you are usually committed for the long haul.  You are reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. On the flip side, being born under a Fixed sign also means you tend to stay in situations way passed their expiry dates. Some patterns get crystallized and trap you in a small prison that you confuse for comfort. The safety of those solidified habits allows you to keep your powers but in the long run depletes you of your vitality. This month, watch where you might be holding on too tightly. Once you find the places in your life, in your body or in your mind where your tight grip is impeding the flow of circulation, see if you can loosen up your hold. Practice stepping outside of just one of your usual habits. You do have tremendous powers of adaptation, only it has to be on your own term. See if you can anticipate where in your life you will need to adapt in the coming years and practice opening up that space. Get out of your comfort zone by small increments and find more flexibility within yourself for the new stories that want to be born. You have the opportunity to practice vulnerability in new and creative ways but it won’t happen on its own. You can stay where you are, frozen in time, holding on to your powers, but understand that the status quo also contains its risks. Prioritize a healthy circulation by breathing in new air and breathing out the stale and create space for positive changes to happen in your life.

“The circus collects the outsiders like a flame tempts moths.” -Laura Lam

[1] Irrigation, Wikipedia.