The Sun entered Aries on the 20th and the New Moon in Aries occurred a day later on the 21st being an important astrological time-stamp or marker for the renewal that is flowing through the world and through our lives at this time.

There has been a lot going on astrologically, so much so that it’s almost too confusing to try and delineate it all, especially amidst the astrological noise that has taken over social media now that everyone speaks astrology.

Saturn entered Pisces on the 7th of March lifting the heavy vibes that had befallen us all since 2020 while Saturn was transiting in Aquarius; a sign in which Saturn is extremely strong which is not necessarily a good thing. But we’ve learned some hard lessons and our eyes got opened in many ways which is why Saturn is a great teacher in the end. Now we are all collectively excited to find our groove and blood flow again while moving from scenarios and patterns that are stagnating.

Saturn in Pisces until 2025 definitely brings a lot more fluidity but it is still Saturn, and for those of you with important Gemini/Pisces/Virgo/Sagittarius placements – you will most likely be called to sharpen your skills and refine your boundaries at some point during this transit lasting two years.

Mars which has been in Gemini since last August finally exits this dual sign that brought some paralysis by analysis, and way too much intellectual chatter, especially during its 2.5-month-long retrograde which ended mid-January. Mars enters the sign of Cancer on the 25th of March where it is way more irritable and emo but at this point, I think we are ready for the shift although Mars in Cancer is likely to bring different kinds of problematics in the world at large at least.

Pluto leaves Capricorn tomorrow to enter the sign of Aquarius for the next 20 years. You will see a LOT of delineations about this ingress but keep in mind that Pluto is an outer planet; a slow-moving, generational planet which means that its impact is long-lasting but usually more obvious in retrospect. It will also be back in Capricorn later this year and officially re-enter Aquarius in November 2024.

There is a lot of change in the air so give yourself the time to process these changes somatically. Aries season is perfect for reconnecting with your intuition, and your body and not overthinking things too much.


For this Aries Equinox moment…

Aries Rising 🐏 : Renewing with vitality and intuition. Being on the move and in my body. Simplifying and streamlining. Making time for my own needs. Taking care of my body. Honouring my personal rhythms and accepting the gifts that life is bringing me.

Secret weapon: My ability to generate wealth

Aries 2nd House (Pisces Rising) 🐬: My worth and my values and what I attribute worth and value to is changing. I am making space for a more authentic version of what it means to be resourceful, independent and wealthy. I know a lot more than I give myself credit for.

Secret weapon: My skills

Aries 3rd House (Aquarius Rising) 🍶: Not all information is good information. How can I be more honest and direct in my communication with others and honour my truth and my frustrations without feeling alienated? Where am I being too stubborn and unbudging?

Secret weapon: My loyalty

Aries 4th House (Capricorn Rising) 🐐 : Deep down I want to not care about what people think of me so that my creative expression, and my desire to have fun, can flow forth uncensored. I am bursting at the seem with creative vitality.

Secret weapon: My pleasure

Aries 5th House (Sagittarius Rising) 🏹 : Pleasure and sensual experiences are available to me and I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I am an infinite well of inspiration and the greatest satisfaction comes to me when I can live out my passions and express my purpose unencumbered and in the most authentic ways.

Secret weapon: My endurance

Aries 6th House (Scorpio Rising)🦂 : I like to be in charge of my time and my schedule. The greatest blessings come my way when I am in control of my own experience. I create more space for pleasure by getting through my to-do list and getting rid of what distracts me from my goals.

Secret weapon: My relating skills

Aries 7th House (Libra Rising) ⚖️ : Commitment turns me on. I want to feel mutually excited and purposefully aligned with others. Confrontation helps me understand what my partnerships require from me. Stress is a shared experience and I want to find a pathway to serenity with the people that I love.

Secret weapon: My secrets

Aries 8th House (Virgo Rising) 🌾 : Being in charge of my psychic well-being. Knowing how to differentiate my own burdens from the burdens of others. Honouring my intuition and need for personal agency within my partnerships. Understanding power dynamics and frustrations in my shared experiences so that I can release myself from unnecessary responsibilities.

Secret weapon: My innate wisdom

Aries 9th House (Leo Rising) 🦁 : I trust the wisdom and the expansion that is emerging in my life. I let my intuition guide me toward new possibilities. I am open to new experiences and letting the world receive me and my inherent knowledge. Fear informs me and transforms me. I am a spiritual dare-devil, full of wisdom and insights.

Secret weapon: My charisma

Aries 10th House (Cancer Rising) 🦀 : Trusting that my pioneering spirit is needed. To honour my impulse to reach the top and to be the best possible version of myself. I am allowed to be both competitive and caring. My ambitions are the most genuine expressions of my love for this world. I can be both a leader and a collaborator.

Secret weapon: My resilience

Aries 11th House (Gemini Rising) 👯‍♀️ : I am excited about my dreams and about becoming more genuinely aligned with my guiding star/my daemon. I am not afraid of hard work, I am energized by the path ahead and everything that is left to learn. I honour my warrior spirit and I am ready to defend my right to live authentically.

Secret weapon: My alone time

Aries 12th House (Taurus Rising)🐂 : My anger and passions are the secret fuel that serves me well. I am able to channel my abundant energy and anger into creative and physical outlets – creating results that will outlast me. My self-expression is a legacy beyond my control.

Secret weapon: My generosity

On Venus, Jupiter and Chiron’s conjunction in Aries

The month of March opens with a conjunction of the two ‘’benefics’’ Venus and Jupiter in Aries shining brightly in the Western skies after sunset in the Northern Hemisphere. Another astrological factor mainly the asteroid Chiron joins this conjunction yet is not visible to the naked eye like Venus and Jupiter. This seemingly beneficial and bright meeting of Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries is actually a lot more complex than meets the eyes (literally) and it may be what is invisible yet quite raw or painful that will speak the loudest at this time while hiding under a veneer of superficial gloss.

Five years ago, in the Spring of 2018, Chiron entered the sign of Aries. Think back to what was happening in your life at that time and the realizations that were starting to emerge especially around your need for autonomy and personal revolution. If you know your chart, I can almost guarantee that some of what is coming up now in your life relates to a longer story that is playing out in the Aries part of your chart wether you are tying a stronger knot with that story, revising your alliances or simply putting on a brave face.

Natal or transiting Chiron has a way of putting a finger exactly where it hurts in a way that brings epiphanies that feels so convoluted you can see the entire tapestry of your life in all its twisted complexity and find patterns with opposite threads and stories you didn’t even know were actually connected and that usually feels a lot more awkward than integrative because what actually truly hurt is connected to things we can’t intellectualize.

Which brings me to this part of the story when Venus and Jupiter shines their light brightly not only on what we love and believe so dysfunctionally but also on the idea we might have that things are going to change or that we can get all that we want without changing and the subsequent bargaining we do with ourselves to self-soothe or toughen up. Chiron acts like a reflex or a muscle memory that is mostly imperceptible except for times like these when we are asked to take in the whole picture and see the beauty in our desires and flawed humanity.

Heart & Mastery

Sometime obstacles shows up on our path so we can return to the essential.

There is a beautiful technology in the language of the stars (Astro-logos/Astrology) and I think it’s no coincidence that we get an exalted Venus in Pisces meeting Neptune in Pisces around Valentines Day, only short of a few days when Saturn meets the Sun in Aquarius which represents the heart of Winter. This time is confronting us with the essential fuel we need to thrive in this world: LOVE (unconditional). Loneliness and exclusion in the connectivity of social media is very real. Everyone is King and Queen of their own glamorous domain but what about our heart center and its very own unique song of Love it longs to sing the world? 

Everyone deserves love and respect but the world is unfair, cold and cynical.  

Saturn meets the Sun (on the 16th) compelling us towards the essential, the work we are here to do and what truly matters amidst a complete overall of the ways we relate to each other and the heart says:

‘’Here my song, it is the most honest reflections of my love for this world’’

You may feel lucid, alienated and maybe even cynical about the harshness of the world but simultaneously soothed by the connections and support you receive from people who love you and even from pure strangers. This is your arrow; it pierces your heart and makes it bleed so that you can surrender to the essential reality of this world which is: Love. Do not be led astray by your suffering.

What matters to you, what are you here to do and what electrical impulses govern your longings, your passions, your desires?

In our echo chamber, we can for one moment feel an intellectual superiority for what WE have understood, for our own ‘’specialness’’ and for our personal gnosis but in the end, the mind remains a beautiful servant but a terrible master while the heart extends and connects us towards each other like an infallible link across oceans, forcing us to return to the essential and most important principles of life.


“It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills,
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Pluto: Compulsion – Obsession – Power – Unconscious – Fears – The Underworld – Riches – The Shadow – Darkness (Not the darkness of night but the darkness of the world in all its horror and degeneracy) – Transformation – Putrefaction and Compost that fertilizes new soils.

Aquarius: Individuality, equality, friendships, group associations. The desire to distinguish oneself for our progressiveness, scientific minds and ideals. (Cafe Astrology)

The last two years have shown us that society can very easily be divided into two camps of folks who are unable to comprehend the very real ‘’reality’’ of the other , each party in complete outrage and disbelief by the seemingly incoherent beliefs and behaviours of the other side. What took place in our society with the lockdowns, the vaccine mandates and the masks is the most extreme example of the power and the hold that social media has on shaping and dividing the collective psyche which has primed us for the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

Looking at the current cultural and societal weather we can easily see the place that social media has carved for itself in our daily lives and in the very most interior parts of our spiritual being. The virtual world now permeates all aspects of our daily existence and a lot of us make our living entirely online which brings a host of very real problems as we navigate corporate platforms that are engineered to polarize in order to keep us engaged. As we connect to each other online, everyone is also experiencing its very own little echo chamber of news, information and world views.

Believing that you are outside of these corporate-plaforms behaviour-shaping influence would be a grave mistake as we proceed forward. Think very carefully about what you are engaging with; your outrage is the trap and if you are someone with a spiritual practice think of the emotions generated by your anger, your fear and your polarized state and the subsequent parasitical entities it attracts to feed on your state. 

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd and will be transiting there for the next two decades. Pluto tends to expose what is corrupted and bring to the surface the darker aspect of the sign it is transiting through. The sign of Aquarius relates to ideals of betterment where the whole is favoured as oppose to the individual. However, the archetype of Aquarius also relates to the individual, the rebel and pioneer who is able to think outside of the box as they stand on the periphery of society although alienation and exile often results from excluding oneself from the group or worst, from being ostracized.

Belonging versus estrangement or exclusion are concepts that relates to Aquarius and we’ve witnessed first hand what that meant collectively as Saturn entered Aquarius in 2020 and gave us an appetizer of the themes that we may have to contend with while Pluto moves through Aquarius for the next 20 years.

I will continue to reflect on the very real issues we are now facing as individuals navigating the virtual world, artificial intelligence and the behaviour-shaping algorithms and how the upcoming transit of Pluto in Aquarius may reflect this process taking place in the collective for the next several years so I hope you stick around… 😉

For when Mercury meets Pluto: The Power of words

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”

What was hidden is revealed. Everything eventually rises to the surface; the fears and the corrupted. If you want to test a man’s character, give him power. Power corrupts absolutely. Let others reveal themselves to you.

Mercury is now separating from its conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn; the last one that will occur in this sign in our lifetime.

Pluto is associated with the underworld and its powers. What lays under the surface, what hides in the shadows behind the veneer of what is deemed socially acceptable. The blackness of the places where the Sun (the light of reason) never shines. The blindness of night. The mystery

Pluto holds dominion over the underground world and its riches; nuclear power, gold, and all the precious minerals. Think of the unconscious and the incredible power it has over our conscious awareness. Although it expresses itself through our behaviors, there is a reason conscious and unconscious do not mix. This is why the underworld must be fiercely guarded by Cerberus.

Pluto is associated with the underbelly of the world in all its ugliness. What society tries to hide; the bad, the broken, the corrupted. What happens to people when they hold some form of power over others? It leads to abuse, corruption, exploitation and greed which subsequently brings all the inequalities we see in the world.

The good news is that the corruption, the horror, the putrefaction, and decomposition is the compost needed to create fertile soils so even the bad has its place in the cycle of things.

Secrets are exposed

Maliciousness worn as righteousness

One rotten apple spoils the bunch 

There is nowhere to hide

The light has been turned on;

the actors have removed their masks

Revealing character to the world


The House where Capricorn sits in your birth chart has been undergoing major renovations which may have involved a lot of demolition and management in the last 14 years; the length of Pluto’s transit in Capricorn.

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on the 29th of December but I think this retrograde is like the last polishing stage of a long renovation project that has been taking place in the sign of Capricorn since Pluto first entered the sign in 2008.

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 23rd takes place on the 1st degree of Capricorn echoing when Pluto first reached that degree in March of 2008. However, Pluto is now preparing to exit Capricorn and the New Moon in the very first degrees of Capricorn, on the Solstitial degree, augurs renewal for that part of your chart. The New Moon in Capricorn forms a very tight square aspect to Jupiter in Aries also sitting on the Equinoctial degree.

This is fresh, new, initiating energy and although a New Moon is when the nights are at their darkest, particularly a New Moon near the Winter Solstice, I think the end of 2022 comes with a beautiful integrative influence.

Saturn which rules the New Moon has separated from its square with Uranus and its the third and last pass on these degrees (March and August this year) so we are really integrating the transit of Saturn in Aquarius and the lessons and work it brought and the timing is perfect because it is at the end of the year when we are compelled to take stock.

Mercury is about to turn retrograde in Capricorn (29th) where Venus was retrograde last year. The years before that we had Saturn transiting in Capricorn and the South Node Eclipses taking place here! That is a lot of demolition and renovations. If you have important Capricorn placements you most definitely know what that means.

Imagine you are sanding something in the Capricorn part of your chart:

First in the background there’s the coarse Pluto in Capricorn sandpaper (2008-2023-24): ‘’Unfair/corrupted/pain/rough/horrid/ugly problems’’.

Then the ”relatively coarse” Saturn in Capricorn sandpaper came (2018-2020): ‘’Depressing/harsh reality/no cake/all work-no play’’

AND the ”still coarse” South Node in Capricorn sandpaper (2018-2020): ‘’Must become a monk with no desires/let go/transcend’’

AND more recently the cherry on top: Venus retrograde in Capricorn sandpaper: Less coarse but still harsh (December 2021): Nobody loves me/must try to have no feelings’’

Which brings me to this year’s Mercury retrograde in Capricorn which I think will be polishing that same place in your birth chart to a near perfect shine.

I realize that things are far from being perfect but the end of 2022 is imbued with a mysterious light that shines in the darkest of night. Do not waste time on trivialities; let your heart be filled with this light and the wisdom acquired from your past experience.


Catching your breath as the future you


Saturn transiting in Aquarius since 2020 ushered us into a 200-year Air period cycle which is determined by Jupiter and Saturn only forming their conjunctions in Air signs for the next 200 years. Jupiter and Saturn met in the Air sign of Libra in 1980-81 and
Air Period themes have to a certain extent been permeating the cultural landscape for a long time. However it wasn’t until December 20th, 2020 when Saturn and Jupiter met in Aquarius that the Air Triplicity shift ”officially” occurred.

We now have fully exited a 200 year Earth Period Cycle and although the last two years were very static (thanks to Saturn transiting in the Fixed sign of Aquarius) they also served as a quantum portal into new ways of being in the world.

We are still humans with all of our human complexities, however we may very well be on our way of becoming very different humans on a biological and energetic level. What we ingest has been changing us in unexpected ways and as we move forward, reality may not work exactly as it did before. We have been initiated into an Air paradigm, foreign to your grand-parents, your great grand-parents and the archaic crumbling hierarchical structures that run our societies. There is still much to discover about this Air period and how it works and we can only speculate on the extent of the changes upon us especially in regards to technology, our ‘‘natural humanness”, and how these two things combined are shaping our future. There is no reason to fear or resist these changes and yet we may have to be more deliberate with our consciousness and where we invest our attention as we move forward. I believe many of us are coming to grips with that realization especially as it relates to social media and the impact of technology on our bodies.

In a sense, what’s happening is that the unconscious mind is a luxury the human species cannot afford at this point in our dilemma, and so the unconscious mind is simply rising into consciousness by being hardwired into this global infrastructure.

Terence McKenna

The Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) are said to be conceptual, dynamic or ”yang”, relating more to the intellect and the realm of ideas. Air signs excel with abstractions, linking concepts into theories with the right amount of detachment to bring about objective visions and perspectives that functions better when applied to the whole as oppose to the individual level. The Air signs allows for the experience of abstract constructs, ideas and networks which means it also becomes much easier to reside within them. We have entered a space where multiplicity is part of the game and reality may be as malleable and multi-layered as what we focus our attention on. This is always the case but the Air period may emphasize consciousness in ways we have only dreamed of so far in our life time.

Our online experiences and personas are now overlapping with our everyday awareness in ways that are hard to observe consciously. It is becoming increasingly hard to know if our cravings and desires are arising from within or if they are subliminally suggested to us via our online experience; We are becoming hackable humans.

Technology is now overlapping with reality in ways that emphasize how our internal landscapes are projected onto material reality and how our experiences of so called ”reality” is reactive to our internal dialogues. Technology, your phone, your smart watch/home/car/fridge/vacuum, social media, the internet, is filling your awareness with more images and information than your mind could ever process consciously which blurs the lines between the material, the virtual, the conceptual and everything in-between. Our ability to communicate and share information with anyone instantly is also emphasizing our inherent interconnectedness and increasing the speed at which people experience psy phenomenons like telepathy, pre-cognition and apparent synchronicities. Even our experience of time is on the verge of changing, revealing itself to be non-linear in ways which are usually only theorized about but not necessarily experienced.


This upcoming Capricorn Season starting on Winter Solstice is ruled by Saturn in Aquarius and I think it will offer us important integrative moments in regards to the events of the past two years and allow us to catch our breath and root down more solidly before Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, 2023 and more extensively before Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023 after having been in Capricorn since 2008!!

Pluto leaving Capricorn may also bring to a close an important chapter that began in your life around 2008. The ingress of Pluto into Aquarius is very much part of this larger Air Period shift we are moving through and although we will not be able to know in our life time the impact of this 200 year Air-cycle, Astrology allows us to speculate on some of the forms that could emerge that relates to the Air element, and what kind of societal and cultural shift we could expect. As of right now, it looks like some of these shifts may in part have to do with managing our consciousness while being augmented and influenced by technologies.

This year’s New Moon in Capricorn arrives on the 23rd of December, only a few days after Jupiter’s ingress into Aries on the 20th and the Sun’s entry into Capricorn on the 21st. The New Moon takes place in the very first degrees of Capricorn and forms a square to Jupiter in Aries; two Cardinal signs that bring extremely dynamic initiating powers to this lunation.

Mercury station retrograde in Capricorn on the 29th of December and Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn on New Year’s Day which may bring up some of the themes you were wrestling with last year at this time while Venus was moving retrograde in Capricorn. I do think that this particular Mercury retrograde in Capricorn (29th of December to January 18th, 2023) could offer much needed integration in preparation for the important changes coming in 2023. It will get increasingly easier to let go of things that have been hard to dislodge in the past two years and 2023 will bring some important astrological shifts starting in March 2023.

To be continued….

”There is no contradiction between technology and spirit. There is no contradiction between the search for intellectual integration and understanding and the psychedelic experience. There is no contradiction between ultra-advanced hyper-spacial cyber culture and Paleolithic archaic culture. We have come to the end of our sojourn in matter. We have come to the end of our separateness.”

-Terence McKenna

NOVEMBER 30th, 2022

The Mutable signs are lit up right now with the Sun, Mercury and Venus transiting in Sagittarius. Mars is moving retrograde in the opposite sign of Gemini creating a push and pull between the philosophical and the tangential. Gemini is ruled by communication planet Mercury and therefore Mars in Gemini is currently ruled by Mercury transiting in its opposite sign of Sagittarius. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is illuminating the dilemma between superficial information absorbed and regurgitated in bite size pieces versus the wisdom acquired through lived experience. It’s emphasizing the disparity between what you hope for and what you have to change to get there.

It’s not that one sign is better than the other as they both represent opposite ends of a spectrum in all their intertwined complexities. Example: Gemini rules the telephone you are holding and the social media platform you are using to read this while Sagittarius rules the wisdom and perspective gained from the information you read. Both signs are quite curious and verbose either way so lots of big ideas, important conversations around meaning and purpose could be taking place.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and is transiting in its nocturnal home of Pisces and has the final say on the planets transiting in Sagittarius which brings good faith, hope and perspective on our current predicament. However it doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

We may be looking for more meaning and substance while growing tired of the superficial aspects of existence monopolizing our attention. How many check points do you really have to go through before you get to the Holy Grail?

Mars currently moving retrograde in Gemini highlights the hamster wheel you may be caught in and although it may feel like you are gaining traction are you really advancing? Jupiter is saying YES. Keep faith.

The emphasis on the Mutable signs means that we are moving from one state to a yet unknown next state. This is a transitional phase that requires us to juggle various contradictions within ourselves, modes of being in the world and hopes we have while trying to find more cohesion in our actions for the next leg of our journey.

Collectively, we have been moving from the Earth period into the Air period and Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 will really emphasize this. Technology is taking over our lives and consciousness and we must re-assess what we are doing. It’s a slippery slope and we have to align thoughts and actions accordingly as we move forward.


In the virtual world, we are always on the verge of the next big astrological aspect, there is always the NEXT Full Super Blood Moon, the NEXT Retrograde, the NEXT Eclipse. I noticed over the years that this phenomenon is in itself creating a lot of anxiety for people who are not able to contextualize astrology entirely out of the bite size astrological information offered through the constant spinning realities of social media.

Now more than ever, everyone is expressing their own versions of every astrological aspect happening at every moment which creates a hall of mirrors with a million variations on the same thematics. Some people who are good at creating polished content, gain the most traction and often have the least substance. Not all that glitters is gold as they say.

I think that overall the online access to astrological information is fantastic and serves a real need that we have as humans to contextualize our experience into a broader context and I am grateful to be part of this mess.

Which leads me to the impending (astrological) threshold we currently find ourselves on and the extreme chatter of Mars in Gemini about to turn retrograde on the 30th.

Scorpio Season opens with an Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th while MARS (which rules the sign of Scorpio and therefore this eclipse) is slowing down to station retrograde in the sign of Gemini on October 30th while also applying to a square with Neptune in Pisces.

Yes, Scorpio is an intense sign focused on unearthing what is hidden and penetrating what is taboo. However, looking at Mars in the sign of Gemini which is scattering the focus and bringing a lot of words and a lot of talking, the current dramas that are unfolding may not be as substantial as the fuss and chatter gathering around them. There is a lot of flustered impatience and anxiety and the square that Mars is receiving from Neptune only aggravates this lack of substantial traction, lack of focus, lack of potency, lack of progress and clarity which are usually associated with Mars.

So please don’t fall for the fear mongering and the worries especially in regards to the information you consume or the stories you are telling yourself. CHILL OUT

With Mars moving retrograde in Gemini for the next two and a half months, there will most likely be a lot of words spoken, tales woven, juicy gossip emerging and yarn spun before the tapestry of what is actually going on emerges.

Your ability to navigate the current waters really depends on your unwavering focus and your willingness to invite your attention back to your own center of gravity, and your own truths.

Your consciousness and presence is your truth. Choose your distractions wisely. Most of what glitters is not gold. Know how to distinguish between the substantial and the inconsequential, glamor versus authenticity, gossip versus information, fantasy versus reality.

Know how to separate your dreams from the dreams of others, your own thoughts from what you think someone wants to hear. Understand your fears and how they shape what you see and most importantly don’t get lost in a labyrinth of your own making. We are in the process of important changes. Stay with it. Unplug. Put your hands on the Earth.