Michael Larrain left a Hollywood career in his mid-20’s to try his hand at writing. Larrain has been selling his “Flowers Not to Reason Why” from the back of his car on E. Cotati Avenue for nearly 50 years.


Venus in Gemini and what we attribute worth to and what it’s actually worth:

Venus is now in Gemini in Mutual Reception with Mercury in Taurus meaning they are in each other’s sign and are assisting each other. Gemini has received much attention in the past eight months with Mars retrograde having occurred there. The themes related to the House where Gemini is located in your birth chart can now get a solid ‘’polishing’’ with Venus transiting there until May 7th. This is an opportunity to make adjustments, organize or get better at something you have been working on or thinking about that relates to the Gemini House in your chart.

With Mercury in the Fixed (stubborn) sign of Taurus ruling over a Mutable (changeable) Venus, there may be a tendency to grasp too tightly or not want to face the inevitable or, on the contrary, NOT commit to anything because you want to keep your options open.

Venus in Gemini is curious, restless and experimental and will have a lot of say over the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Taurus which may highlight the contrast between where there is a need to secure things versus where you may be slowing down your progress by being too stubborn or attached to the status quo.

Although Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Taurus are in Mutual Reception – Taurus and Gemini are also in AVERSION – meaning these two signs do not see each other and are looking for and needing completely different things to thrive. Value and Worth come into focus via two very contrasting interfaces. It may not be about favouring one over the other but instead, mindfully adjusting your stance to acknowledge where you need stability and where you need change.

What happens when values and desires are at cross-purpose or when pragmatism gets in the way of creative flow? Can you pinpoint where you are bored with the status quo and need to bring fresh energy into your life versus where you are being too flaky and need more organization and stability?

Verbalizing or writing things down could be a helpful mode. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice and of your words at this time. Both Gemini and Taurus can be extremely persuasive signs. Just make sure you are pitching for something you actually want or care about.

The divide between luxury and scarcity is great indeed.

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