Heart & Mastery

Sometime obstacles shows up on our path so we can return to the essential.

There is a beautiful technology in the language of the stars (Astro-logos/Astrology) and I think it’s no coincidence that we get an exalted Venus in Pisces meeting Neptune in Pisces around Valentines Day, only short of a few days when Saturn meets the Sun in Aquarius which represents the heart of Winter. This time is confronting us with the essential fuel we need to thrive in this world: LOVE (unconditional). Loneliness and exclusion in the connectivity of social media is very real. Everyone is King and Queen of their own glamorous domain but what about our heart center and its very own unique song of Love it longs to sing the world? 

Everyone deserves love and respect but the world is unfair, cold and cynical.  

Saturn meets the Sun (on the 16th) compelling us towards the essential, the work we are here to do and what truly matters amidst a complete overall of the ways we relate to each other and the heart says:

‘’Here my song, it is the most honest reflections of my love for this world’’

You may feel lucid, alienated and maybe even cynical about the harshness of the world but simultaneously soothed by the connections and support you receive from people who love you and even from pure strangers. This is your arrow; it pierces your heart and makes it bleed so that you can surrender to the essential reality of this world which is: Love. Do not be led astray by your suffering.

What matters to you, what are you here to do and what electrical impulses govern your longings, your passions, your desires?

In our echo chamber, we can for one moment feel an intellectual superiority for what WE have understood, for our own ‘’specialness’’ and for our personal gnosis but in the end, the mind remains a beautiful servant but a terrible master while the heart extends and connects us towards each other like an infallible link across oceans, forcing us to return to the essential and most important principles of life.

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