In the virtual world, we are always on the verge of the next big astrological aspect, there is always the NEXT Full Super Blood Moon, the NEXT Retrograde, the NEXT Eclipse. I noticed over the years that this phenomenon is in itself creating a lot of anxiety for people who are not able to contextualize astrology entirely out of the bite size astrological information offered through the constant spinning realities of social media.

Now more than ever, everyone is expressing their own versions of every astrological aspect happening at every moment which creates a hall of mirrors with a million variations on the same thematics. Some people who are good at creating polished content, gain the most traction and often have the least substance. Not all that glitters is gold as they say.

I think that overall the online access to astrological information is fantastic and serves a real need that we have as humans to contextualize our experience into a broader context and I am grateful to be part of this mess.

Which leads me to the impending (astrological) threshold we currently find ourselves on and the extreme chatter of Mars in Gemini about to turn retrograde on the 30th.

Scorpio Season opens with an Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th while MARS (which rules the sign of Scorpio and therefore this eclipse) is slowing down to station retrograde in the sign of Gemini on October 30th while also applying to a square with Neptune in Pisces.

Yes, Scorpio is an intense sign focused on unearthing what is hidden and penetrating what is taboo. However, looking at Mars in the sign of Gemini which is scattering the focus and bringing a lot of words and a lot of talking, the current dramas that are unfolding may not be as substantial as the fuss and chatter gathering around them. There is a lot of flustered impatience and anxiety and the square that Mars is receiving from Neptune only aggravates this lack of substantial traction, lack of focus, lack of potency, lack of progress and clarity which are usually associated with Mars.

So please don’t fall for the fear mongering and the worries especially in regards to the information you consume or the stories you are telling yourself. CHILL OUT

With Mars moving retrograde in Gemini for the next two and a half months, there will most likely be a lot of words spoken, tales woven, juicy gossip emerging and yarn spun before the tapestry of what is actually going on emerges.

Your ability to navigate the current waters really depends on your unwavering focus and your willingness to invite your attention back to your own center of gravity, and your own truths.

Your consciousness and presence is your truth. Choose your distractions wisely. Most of what glitters is not gold. Know how to distinguish between the substantial and the inconsequential, glamor versus authenticity, gossip versus information, fantasy versus reality.

Know how to separate your dreams from the dreams of others, your own thoughts from what you think someone wants to hear. Understand your fears and how they shape what you see and most importantly don’t get lost in a labyrinth of your own making. We are in the process of important changes. Stay with it. Unplug. Put your hands on the Earth.

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