Mars in Taurus – Mercury in Cancer

Mars just left the sign of Aries for Taurus and Mercury left the sign of Gemini for Cancer.

In terms of elemental qualities we go from Fire and Air (impulse and ideas) to Earth and Water (tangible and meaningful). In terms of modalities Mars leaving the initiating Cardinal sign of Aries for the stubborn Fixity of Taurus could feel quite distinct, slowing down speed and progress. We might become aware of the material obstacles, the habits or patterns that must be dislodged before we can have the freedom of movement or the meaningful experiences that we crave even if we don’t know what that looks like in this fast changing world.

Uranus and the North Node are both transiting in Taurus which has been disrupting the ways in which we use to find stability and peace. The same old grooves or pathways won’t cut it and we must evolve whether we like it or not. What used to feel safe and steady is now susceptible to the striking evolutionary genius yet unpredictable Uranian impulse. Things that feel oppressive or limiting could become unbearable. With the North Node transiting in Taurus we might be compulsively attached to material comfort, simplicity and stability, looking for ways to shelter ourselves from the stress and anxiety of current realities. But Uranus could continue to bring the opposite of what you think you need in order to break you open to the intelligence that sleeps within you when you get too comfortable. The more you try to stick to the status quo, the more Uranus will taunt you towards something different, something new, something more exciting. Your intuition could be telling you one thing, yet you may feel compelled towards safety. You may have to find new ways to ground yourself in your physical world. A small revolution awaits you especially if you have important placements in the Fixed signs.

Mercury in Cancer until the 19th of July is sure to bring a certain amount of romantic nostalgia, pushing us to recreate family rituals or reminiscing on the past.

Safety, food, money and shelter could be a center of focus with Taurus and Cancer being highlighted in the next few weeks. Just remember that the only constant in this world is change and strive on. 🔥

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