Just like the needles of a clock,
the luminaries keep spinning in their respective cycles demarcating a perpetual shifting landscape.

Some important planetary ingress are taking place in the next few days:

May 20th: The Sun enters Gemini : Cool, breezy

May 21st: Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun: Opportunities for illuminations

May 24th: Mars enters its home sign of Aries and will serve as fuel for Jupiter already transiting in Aries

Today the Sun escapes the first instalment of eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis (next one will be in late October) as it enters the Mutable Air sign of Gemini at 21:23 Eastern Time Zone.

This weekend, you may have the opportunity to see through the shadows that have been slowing you down or at least move with increased agility thanks to Gemini’s ability to cleverly navigate duality. Like all Air signs, Gemini relates to the mind, the intellect and the ability to assess things from a breezy place. Like all Mutable signs Gemini’s talent lies in navigating change, having the flexibility and open-mindedness to understand situations from different angles. It might get easier to apply objective detachment on things that are problematic.

Trickster planet Mercury, which rules the sign of Gemini, has been moving retrograde since May 10th and almost simultaneously reaches the borders of Gemini, greeting the Sun at zero degrees of Gemini for its inferior conjunction before re-entering the sign of Taurus on Sunday. Mercury’s Cazimi (in the heart of the Sun) is exact Saturday at 15:18 Eastern Time and represents the half-way point of Mercury’s retrograde.

You may feel a new sense of clarity emerging or approach things from a different angle especially for things you have been wrestling with since the end of April. After meeting the Sun in Gemini, Mercury retrograde almost immediately re-enters the Fixed sign of Taurus which foretells that it might get harder to change your mind on things that are already in motion although you understand the ambiguity. You could feel a sense of certainty about something and it might get easier to call things by their names after a somewhat confusing period. You might be compelled to stand your ground on what feels important to you not because of stubbornness but to avoid further difficulties down the road.

Embrace the cool and detach pragmatism of the next few days, banish doubt and take notes of the knowing that sits within your heart. Pay attention to what is being said as the meaning behind words is being revealed.

Mercury will station direct at 26 degrees of Taurus on Fixed Star Algol on June 2nd so we are not done with Mercury’s retrograde but this weekend’s Cazimi serves as illumination on the path.

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