Morning Star

Venus started appearing as a morning star in the East on June 19th, and stationed direct early Thursday morning which will help all things that falls under her rulership. (Love, beauty, romance, art, aesthetics, money, relationships) More especially after July 29th once Venus moves beyond her shadow phase and out of the square with Neptune in Pisces which also occurred in early May.

Venus now as a morning star is also known as #phosphorus or #luciferwhich means light-bearer. Some Astrologers say that morning star Venus is more impulsive, warrior-like, and tend to act first and think later. Venus will rise as a morning star until early 2021

For the entire month of July, Venus will retrace her step leading to another square with Neptune in Pisces which initiated her retrograde at the beginning of May. Neptune offers idealization and poetic longing while bypassing or totally ignoring the harsher details. Romantic idealization could lead to disillusionment or disappointment later down the road once Neptune’s veils are lifted off. This could be felt most strongly again at the end of July when the square between Venus and Neptune is exact. On a mundane level the information we get from the media will continue to be confusing and contradictory af.

On a personal level, relationships matters could still feel in flux. Venus in Gemini entertains passions by remaining in a state of possibilities. It is the expression of ambiguity that gives Venus in Gemini her charms.

The month of July continues to offer much in regards to connecting ideas via communication, technologies and networking. The ability to entertain multiple options, and contradictions can lead to unique creative perspectives.

If you’ve acted hastily in the last month especially in your relationships, in artistic, or aesthetic matters, you might find yourself changing your mind again moving back and forth between yes and no or both simultaneously.

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