All images for this week’s forecast have been provided by Artist
Nicholas Aiden 
from their series: ”Smoke and Mirrors”

Slipping between cracks into the space where virtual dream sensation formats the body of the mind into realer than real reality of fantasies while the exterior temples of merchant spinners decay into nature’s abysmal plastic swirls gathered on the edge of highways and into the mouths of turtles for future generation to harvest into energy regulating AI that maps the soul of souls forgotten by ambitious fractal recognition softwares. The longing of the loins translated through hands, fingers, and into the doubting desires hiding in the heart of perpetual gossip. Nothing can fill the void for the job of the void is to be sanitized, empty and meaningless while the words go around building a world that collapses onto itself and into the future inverted potential like the anxious mechanic dreaming of horses and organic systems. The spleen of intuition misleads the algorithms of the feet around the tower of confused masses desires unfulfilled, camera in hand, ideas liquified by waves of unknown meaning yet to come. The promise of the touch of old love like apples and stick to keep moving converse from time, instinct drowning in no contact digital beauty, ethylic coma, and eternal life if only on the screen of the mindreader’s reel realer than real.

WEEK OF MAY 18, 2020

The week begins with the Moon in the fire sign of Aries while Mars rules the Moon from watery Pisces. There is momentum to play with, however we are in the darkest phase of the Moon before the New Moon in Gemini on Friday. It’s a good time to continue with inner and outer Spring cleaning, catching up on pre-existing structures or simply creating space through physical movement without straining your body. With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto moving retrograde at the moment, there are a lot of unknown and unresolved factors to contend with. Venus retrograde in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces is adding idealization and longing to the mix which is good for works of fantasy, and creative projects. However the square is not great for making important final decisions as judgment might be skewed. There is a lot of inspiring ideas flying around and it’s an excellent time to jump into the flow, and have fun with it without being too strict about the outcome.

Tuesday the Moon moves through Aries all day and enters Taurus at 22:11 EDT. The Moon travels in the sign of Taurus until Friday. Venus in Gemini is a big player this week ruling over the Sun in Taurus (until Wednesday), and the Moon in Taurus until Friday. However, with Venus moving retrograde and squaring Neptune things are probably not exactly as they seem. It’s especially good to keep in mind that this aspect could show up through bottomless desires  that we try to fill with our favourite cravings like food, shopping, wine, weed, love, internet ect ect. The square between Venus and Neptune has been more or less exact for the last few weeks.

The Sun enters Gemini on Wednesday joining Mercury, Venus, and the North Node already transiting here. Mercury in Gemini is at home and considered strong, clever, and capable of handling details. However (yes) Mercury is applying to a conjunction with Venus retrograde and a square with Neptune in Pisces and this could indicate that our minds are coloured by fantasy and longing for something beyond what is immediately available to us. Once again, an excellent time for works of fiction, poetry, cinema, photography. Anything that speaks in images and triggers your imagination is extra potent right now.

Friday, the New Moon occurs at 2 degrees of Gemini ruled by Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde in Gemini and square Neptune in Pisces. The Gemini New Moon is also trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius:

Creativity and effort pays off. Things might not move as fast as you would like. There could be details that escape you but you are making progress. The future is here and you get a hint of the shapes of things to come. Patience is a virtue. Fear is the mind killer. The memory of a goldfish is actually longer than originally thought. The news becomes fiction while poetry delivers the truth. Persuade your hands into making something beautiful. Trust your dreams and fool the algorithm. Be selective with the information you consume; stop hoarding tabs. Read a book, read a face, read a voice. Contemplate your outrageous ideas like mermaids sleeping on the shore of your destiny.

”When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”





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