Inside the storm of digital glass with fast spinning centrifugal circumstance a force polarize a divide between the two sides of the same eyes. Flipping into mobius design make-beliefs magnets pretend to be the other side or the other side or the other side or maybe the other side. The four corners of your spirit pulling in opposite directions to create a hologram of untold territories that might never exist depending on your next impossible vision. Everything moves back to the future in a reverse dance of captivity for the eccentricities of the jesters are great indeed. Serious words are not meant to be taken seriously, the mouths of fools mimicking dreams into vulgar shapes and false titles of importance. The essence is lost to time slipping into a virtual snake tightening around a vast network of arteries that connects everyone to their source of custom-made phantasm. Curtains hide the shapes of true intentions for titles and pretty pictures are better than none. Ephemeral appellations on a resume seduce the images inside of you to extract the last drops of existing discernment before you sell your secrets to the mob. Tap here for the oracle.

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020

We enter a pivotal time this week with three planets stationing retrograde and two other planets changing signs. All this while we move through the last quarter Moon in Aquarius on Thursday. Situations will start to shift and continue to do so as we enter a very mutable (changeable)period.

Monday May 11th, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini (17:58 EDT) and will travel here until May 28th. Mercury in Gemini is excellent for communication, languages, and sorting out information. We should start to see an increase in tempo and a versatility within our interactions and thought processes. Internal and external dialogues benefit from Mercury’s transit here as long as you can stay away from over thinking things. Information will tend to move or change faster and this could be both useful and aggravating.

Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde Monday night at 22:17 EDT and will slowly start to retrace the territory it covered since entering this sign on March 22nd. This is a significant shift that could temporarily dissolve some of the boundaries and restrictions that were erected in the last two months.  I say temporarily, because Saturn will officially re-enter Aquarius in mid-December officiating this new era upon us.

Mars enters the mutable sign of Pisces in the early hours on Wednesday and will move through Pisces until it enters Aries at the end of June. Mars in the sign of Pisces does considerably well but will definitely increase the overall changeability factor currently taking over the skies. For now shifting circumstances is the norm without any clear indications of where things will fall.

Venus stations retrograde in Gemini very early Wednesday morning, and will be moving retrograde until June 25th. Venus remains in a tight square aspect with Neptune in Pisces for the rest of the month. Venus moving backward in this very mutable position can indicate a period of changing circumstances and a certain level of confusion or illusion. This Venus retrograde could find you changing your mind often without the ability to rest your thoughts on a single thread. There could be a multitude of options, and potential directions available but the square from Neptune could diffuse any real sense of clarity. At it’s worst, Venus square Neptune until the end of May could mask the reality of a situation to the point of creating a fake veneer on something that is actually not that shiny. It’s a great time for inspired work, creative projects, and free flowing ideas. A good time to revisit what you attribute worth to, what you value, especially in the parts of your chart ruled by Venus or where Gemini is located. However it is not a great time to draw super hard conclusions on the state of your heart and longings. Say yes to poetry. Say no to spending all your money on plastic surgery.

Thursday, the last quarter Moon occurs at 10:03 EDT when the Moon in Aquarius forms a square with the Sun in Taurus. What was initiated around the New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd, and more extensively what was illuminated on the Full Moon in Scorpio last week come under tension. Some things are taking roots while other things must be plucked out. It’s a time of realization and dissemination as opposed to initiation. Since Uranus was so closely involved with the New Moon in Taurus a few weeks ago, the things that are currently taking roots could also feel like a thorn in your side. Things will still take quite some time to make sense logistically.

Lastly, Jupiter in Capricorn station retrograde on Thursday (9:44 EDT) for a total of three planets stationing retrograde this week. Jupiter will be transiting all the way back to 17º of Capricorn before turning direct on September 12th. Much like Saturn stationing retrograde, I think Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn could see the temporary dissolution of some boundaries that were erected in the last two months.

This week certainly indicates the beginning of a shift regarding the current state of affairs. However, the fact that we are heading towards a highly mutable time, with many planets moving backwards – indicates that circumstances are far from being set in stone. Opportunities arise from change, and the ability to move with the changes. Differentiating opportunities from wishful thinking could be the tricky part.



All Images by Artist Roland Topor

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