WEEK OF FEBRUARY 10th, 2020: Energy goes where attention flows

Let’s make a plan while we still have some sense left in us. Let’s make a drawing of our desires before we forget what we came here for. The fog rises and changes the landscape and the shapes of things to come. The path disappears with a trick of the light but maybe this is the way. To get lost, to lose sight of the shore, to restore inner sight all the way to the source. We must live in the ambiguity of wanting both storm and safety. Memories from the future informs the creative act allowing things to be born in the great confluence of Earth and Sky which gives tangible shape to the World while we divine our way backward.

The week begins with the grounding influence of the Moon in Virgo directing attention on practicalities and logistics. Mercury in Pisces is slowing down, and preparing to station retrograde on Sunday. This period of time is ripe with ideas especially regarding creative projects. Mercury retrograde in Pisces until March 9th should be an excellent time for the gestation of some of your wildest visions for 2020. We are very much at the beginning of a new decade and we are starting to see what this means. New paths are emerging as we locate ourselves on foreign territory. It could feel both exciting and scary but for the most part we are ready for it. The stellium of planets in Capricorn is bringing a sober perspective on big dilemmas, and the patience to move through them with stoic resolve.

The practical concerns at the beginning of the week will start to wane once the Moon enters Libra on Tuesday night. Venus in Aries conjunct Chiron on Monday, and Venus square the Nodes of the Moon on Wednesday could shift our attention on relationship dynamics. We can expect themes around fairness, compromise, justice but also conflicts and resolution to surface. We reflect each other for better and for worse in a delicate balance of give and take. Venus currently in Aries can inflame the passions and display our desires brightly but it could feel harder to reconcile personal needs versus the need to keep the peace while the Moon is in Libra mid-week.

The Moon enters Scorpio on Thursday night continuing to highlight needs and desires. With Mars about to leave Sagittarius for Capricorn on Sunday, it all comes down to energy investment, and where you want to focus your attention. Mars in Capricorn from February 16th to March 30th will offer strategic support for long term goals. Knowing your priorities is the first step for directing your attention towards the realization of your goals.

The Moon enters Sagittarius Saturday night and on Sunday the Moon square Mercury just as it stations retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter in Capricorn ruling both Pisces and Sagittarius is sextile to Neptune in Pisces (exact on February 20th) just as Mercury stations retrograde. Much of this retrograde could be about giving tangible shapes to our visions. There could be a feeling of genuine connection to the bigger narratives in our lives and an ability to gain philosophical perspective regarding our current material predicaments. Optimism is a spell.

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.”
John A. Shedd

2 thoughts on “WEEK OF FEBRUARY 10th, 2020: Energy goes where attention flows

  1. Danielle February 12, 2020 / 8:03 am

    Wow. Great insight & technique. Thank you.


    • Elodie Miaow February 12, 2020 / 9:48 am

      My pleasure!


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