The actors having reached the end of their dialogue quickly retire backstage to transform into the next versions of themselves. Old skins fall off on the floor like worn out hides while technicians fuss around in haste trying to line up everyone with their new costumes. You can hear the artists reciting secrets under their breaths like barely audible prayers to the Gods of Drama. All those lines memorized by heart will soon offer the audience a lively performance. Under the dim light of giant flickering chandeliers, you can also hear the murmurs of impatient spirits waiting to be conjured into the next act. Crimson electricity permeates the air in anticipation of the battle and gore that will unfold very soon on the stage. Behind the heavy curtains, the actors possessed by their roles revise and visualize the rhythms of the play.


Once again, change is in the air this week with a lot of defining moments, mainly Mars entering Scorpio, Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio, the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, and an exciting Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius on Sunday. All this is happening while the Moon reaches her last quarter square in Leo on Tuesday creating some inner tension, and a time for consolidating what has been scattered.

Monday begins with the Moon in Leo, and we are off to a good start with one of the calmer days this week. Tuesday Mars enters Scorpio in the early hours as the Moon reaches her last quarter when she squares the Sun in Scorpio at 16:11 EST. Mars traveling in its home sign and ruling over the Sun and Mercury should give a push to all that has been brewing in the last several weeks and increase the tempo in our lives. Things will start to move faster, and what has felt blocked or muffled will start to get clarified.

The Moon enters Virgo Tuesday evening, and will travel here until late Thursday night when she enters Libra. Mercury stations direct in Scorpio Wednesday at 14:09EST after being retrograde since October 31st. Mercury rules the Moon in Virgo and will be stationing direct on his day of the week, which means that all of Mercury’s significations will get magnified mid-week. We can expect to have to contend with unforeseen circumstances and new information coming to light. Things that have been brewing will start to find momentum towards some sort of resolution in the weeks to come. However, with Mars moving towards an opposition with Uranus this upcoming weekend, it might require the popping of an abscess or a period of initial chaos.

The Moon enters Libra late Thursday night/early Friday depending on where you live, and we should start to feel the Venus/Jupiter conjunction building up, which will be exact on Sunday November 24th. This is an exciting conjunction that will be visible in the Southwest skies one hour after sunset. This conjunction happens simultaneously as Mars and the Moon in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus. The weekend promises excitement and unpredictability so just roll with it. We might have very little tolerance for demands being made on us at this time, and there could be an urge to break free of limiting circumstances/people, and confining situations. With the Sun entering Sagittarius on Friday morning we now turn our attention on potentiality, movement, and discovery.

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”
William Faulkner



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