There is a light in the corner of your eye where your blind spot use to be and you can’t really see where the illumination is coming from or its shape but you can feel that it’s changing the landscape and a lot of things that use to take a lot of space have turned to ashes and their meaning is now part of the blackness of the void inside your pupil giving you clear sight. Time has become a strange pond on which you float face down while fishing for clues in the depths of the hypnotizing indigo nights and tentacular oracles reaches up and you can somehow breath underwater and dialogue with the creature who resides here opalescent pearls for eyes shining brightly from its hiding spot. Visions are shaping themselves into rocks in the palm of your hands which you leave behind as an offering to your future self who has walk this path since eternity and is watching from a different vantage point.



We have about 9 days left of this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Monday begins with Mercury conjunct the Sun which is always an important part of the Mercury retrograde cycle. This conjunction/cazimi/transit,  is happening in one of the most fixated part of the zodiac pulverizing long held ”materials” connected to the Scorpio house in your birth chart. Whatever emotional raking Mercury has been doing, it’s taking place at the depth of your being and most likely connected to things that are deeply ingrained, solidified, calcified. Whatever Mercury has been stirring up for you in the past few weeks, whatever has been on your mind, whatever type of process or shedding has been taking place, you will now be able to start  integrating these realizations more clearly.  It doesn’t mean however that we are completely out of the swamps, but your bullshit radar is tuned on high, and you can see right through artificial niceties in others and detrimental patterns in yourself. This Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is zooming in on weaknesses contained in our thought patterns that throws us out for a loop or doesn’t serve us well. Other people who are not willing to go there with us might be left behind as we renew ourselves in these authentic waters. It’s an excellent season to work with your fears, the ones that seem to lurk just behind your conscious awareness, and have an honest conversation with them while purging what keeps you in a sort of detrimental auto-pilot dialogue with your ghosts.


The Full Moon in Taurus rises Tuesday morning (8:36am EST) and like a giant sigh of relief, soothes our body into maximum relaxation, amidst the deep and sensitive churning of Scorpio season. With the even bigger tidal shifts happening thanks to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, this Full Moon acts like a calming balm and roots us down into the essential. A good day for body work, healthy sustaining food, hiking in nature, and for simplifying what has become overly complicated.

Venus in Sagittarius rules this Full Moon and is applying to a square with Neptune in Pisces (exact Thursday, Nov 14) while Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius at the time of the Full Moon giving off a lot of romantic and philosophical steam. We could find ourselves getting eager about an idea, a vision, a creative project, and there could be an excitable and enthusiastic momentum colouring our interactions. This optimistic outlook could in turn bring new opportunities since there is a tendency with these aspects to have faith and to trust that everything will work out. We might be tempted to take bigger risks than usual and this has the potential to pay off.

The Moon enters Gemini early Wednesday morning (5:15am EST) shining her light on the current Mercury retrograde as the day begins with Mercury forming a sextile to Saturn. This supportive aspect can help us separate the wheat from the chaff and delineate our ideas and goals in practical ways. We start to see the tangible shapes of recent revelations and visions and how they can serve our material reality. Wednesday evening, Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces plunging us again into a tide of inner sensations. We could feel overwhelmed by indescribable moods and imagery. Enjoy this aspect for what it is, and go see a movie, create, listen to music, write poetry, lose your footing without getting anxious about it. Get out of your own way and let the sensations take over without trying to analyze them.

Thursday has a similar vibe as Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces and the Moon in Gemini oppose Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius; big picture ideas about life and how we want it to be, versus detailed and realistic analysis of the practicalities that makes our existence possible collide, but there is space for both modalities. It could feel like things are not moving fast enough or moving too fast, and there is an underlying agitation about all the details of our existence, trying to form them into a consistent whole to match our vision while being overwhelmed by the impossibility of the task.

The Moon enters her home sign of Cancer Friday morning (11:16am EST) and will be here all weekend but void for most of the day on Sunday until she enters Leo (16:56 EST). Its a good weekend for integrating things as oppose to taking in new information, sitting with your emotional body (whatever that means) and assimilating all the juicy nutrients from the freshly raked soil. It’s a somewhat ”watery” weekend so bring a rain coat and your compassionate ear to meet the brokenness of the world.


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
-Søren Kierkegaard





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