Threads from the past are weaving themselves into the current fabric. Pulling out new strings to make space for old ones, adding to a tapestry that keeps revealing archaic shapes and ancient stories. The tension created by this weaving/unweaving weakens unsustainable narratives contained in the darkened fabric. Invisible hands dictate unknown yet eternal connections while the replicas get discarded. Holes and unfinished sections disclose clashing patterns with faded colours and missing links. After an honest review of primordial memories, a space will be created for unborn depictions to arise. For now a dim light illuminates distorted shadows, ghostly threads and changing colours in a labyrhthn of knots. Misleading synchronicities and insubstantial lies confuse the seeking eyes in search of the golden threads. Fears threatens the patterning, and discrimination must be taken in this part of the creative process; Looking backward to understand the original composition being birthed out of the void while keeping enough tension for the weaving ahead. An empty mind trusting the sensations moves with the flow.

The week begins with some contradictions as the First Quarter Moon takes place in the sign of Aquarius early Monday morning. The Sun in Scorpio highlights the deeply felt undercurrents and powers that regulate much of our lives and connections, while the Moon in Aquarius is busy separating herself from the heard, feeling rather alienated by all the intensity. There will be plenty of momentum and objectivity available on Monday and Tuesday to allow us to get back on track with some of our goals, while still being fuelled by our deeply felt insights.

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn to begin the week (exact Tuesday 5:21am EST), and this will require conscious handling for best results. Until now, Mars in Libra has been calling for diplomacy and balance within our relationships. However, there is a need to release some tension that has been building up while powerful libidinal dynamics and regenerative currents have been kept under pressure. Great aspect for heavy work or situations that requires focus and exertion, but not so great for getting caught up in power struggles and ultimatums with others. Domineering or uncompromising attitude will bring more trouble than its worth. Best to find pro-active, physical and creative outlets to release tension this week.

The Moon enters Pisces Tuesday evening (18:08 EST) doubling on the ”Watery” and impressionistic undercurrents, bringing poetic colours to the middle of the week. Saturn is also applying to sextile Neptune in Pisces (exact on Friday 21:46EST) for one last time this year.

Like the hands of Fate at work, reality is manifesting just as we imagine it. Saturn sextile Neptune is a highly visionary aspect that helps birthing new shapes and ideas that have been gestating for a long time. You could start seeing the results of all the hard work you have put into your thought processes, and how this affects your reality. Wednesday and Thursday contains a good dose of faithful optimism that supports new levels of understandings but also, totally new realities. Conscious acknowledgements of how your visionary impulses is shaping your world could bring renewed trust in your creative flow. Good mental posturing is essential at this time if we are to enjoy these ephemeral insights that bring life changing results. Keep your fingers on the pulse and stay blessed.

The Moon enters Aries Friday morning (6:49am EST) and will be here all weekend until Sunday evening when she enters Taurus (exact at 18:17 EST).

The weekend contains a mixed bag of optimistic impulses and confronting limitations. Desires could feel thwarted by circumstances without easy outlet. Mars in Libra ruling the Moon in Aries sees us vacillating between compromise and assertion, frustration and catharsis. Mercury retrograde sextile Pluto on Saturday night could bring old information and stories to light that changes an equation. We could feel impatient to ”get to the point” but this is simply not an option right now. Conversations will continue to feel deeply personal and revelatory with Mercury still moving backward in the Scorpionic swamps, but it could be hard to differentiate the many layers presenting themselves to you at this time. Intuition and mind could be working at cross purpose, and its best to be an observer without judgment at this time. You could still be missing some important pieces of the whole picture, and only patience and time will provide the clues.


Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood.

Friedrich Nietzsche




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