Why are you lying
I’m not lying


Underneath the superficial and glamourized reflections, a deep rumble threatens to break the status quo. Electrifying currents stirs the instinct awake and long buried sparks rise into presence. Revealing a soft interior, your heart open as a rebellion, displaying wounds like war paint, you step into the circle. The light fades from the landscape and you are left with the luminescence rising from this new found flesh. Glow in the dark powders fall like ashes around your body who is invisible yet eternally birthing. True power lies here; in this circle of cycles and the ability to surrender to it. Every moment dying – every moment renewed. The experience is total. Are you covered in deadly poisons or beautiful jewels, precious stones or cursed objects? Difficult to tell them apart in this liminal space. While night spreads her wings across the land, you stalk your own shadows in search of Fire.

Uranus oppose the New Moon in Scorpio to begin the week, and offers momentum to enter this New Lunar cycle with a renewed vision. Some answers might come from understanding our past and our lineage, but this is also call into presence and embodiment. Uranus is the spell breaker, the liberator. Uranus opposing the New Moon is a wake up call to exorcise old fixated patterns, finding more spaciousness, freedom, and creativity in the process.

”It’s an invitation to us in reality to lean into sensation not as a doorway to the catastrophic, but as our soul anchor to the present moment, to the here and now, what we’re feeling as leaning into the body, starting somatic therapy, feeling those pangs of hunger, lust, and panic as indications that nature and culture are both trying to reclaim their right to sing their songs to us and through us. It’s no so much a choice between sameness and switch, as it is about flexibility and response, and seeds of beauty and exquisite delight are created in the most disorienting places.”  – Nate Speare from @mythopoetic_astrology



On Thursday October 31st, Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio (11:33am EDT)  after a conjunction with Venus foreshadowing (amongst other things) a revision of our desire nature, our attraction, our relationship to relationships, beauty and pleasure. However this won’t be the only themes under revisions during Mercruy’s retrograde time. Look to the house where Scorpio sits in your chart for a more precise idea of where this house cleaning is taking place.

Something that emerged prematurely will need more maceration time than expected. In the excitement of a new idea or discovery you might of forgotten some important details. Like the birth of a premature child, a period of incubation is necessary. Before seeing the world in all its confronting glory, this child, this idea, this vision, this connection, must build enough resiliency to withstand the tests of reality. Old stubborned skeletons will first need to be dislodged to make space for a new protege. Intuition must be sharpened without overthinking the process. Old habits die hard as they say.


On her favourite day, Venus enters Sagittarius (Friday 16:25 EDT).

On the archer’s territory, Venus sheds her deep velvety magnetizing gowns for something much more light-hearted. The appeal here is for the bright bond fires of potentiality and the joys found in spaciousness. An image or a map that had recently been polished to the point of reflecting a path is getting oxidized by the ambient desert winds. Amnesia sets in as we enter a vast foreign landscape and our gaze shifts on the distant horizon and all the promises that it holds. Venus will be in Sagittarius until November 25th.

Capture d’écran 2019-10-27 à 17.48.49



The week begins with the New Moon in Scorpio. On Tuesday morning, the Moon in Scorpio  exchanges secrets with Mercury and Venus before entering Sagittarius at 17:55 EDT Tuesday evening. The Moon moves through Sagittarius on Wednesday and will square Neptune in Pisces while Mercury and Venus perfect their conjunction. Thursday, the Moon in Sagittarius meets up with Jupiter an hour before Mercury turns retrograde. Wednesday and Thursday holds much excitement and it could feel like you are on the verge of some sort of breakthrough. Mid-week is great for renewed faith and optimism directed towards your current projects. There is a lot of momentum and excitement coming up this week even though Mercury is slowing down and stationing retrograde. Prepare to be bombarded with opportunities to extend your reach much further than originally anticipated. It’s a good time to say yes to what is happening to you, while keeping in mind that Mercury retrograde for the next few weeks will demand a careful analysis of what is being initiate at this time. The Moon will be void for most of the day Thursday (from 10:29am to 22:39) creating the perfect liminality for Halloween’s shenanigans. Plans made during the day on Thursday might not hold ground. Best to go with the flow and see where the day takes you.

The Moon enters Capricorn late on Halloween night (22:39 EDT) until early Sunday morning when she moves into Aquarius.(6:19am EDT) The weekend is somewhat of a return to work and the grind after the excitement of the week. The Mars-Saturn square is fading but still within degrees, creating a controlled and pressurized atmosphere. This aspect can have us feel confined to a very limiting set of circumstances and a sober approached is needed to tackle next weekend’s tasks.

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”
Oscar Wilde
(Born with Mercury in Scorpio)


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