Taming a Beast


Civilization is not by means an easy thing to attain to.
There are only two ways by which man can reach it.
One is by being cultured, the other by being corrupt.
Oscar Wilde



The instinct knows what the mind can’t explain. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, you won’t find the answer to that riddle. Your body is hungry and you eat. It gets complicated because we rationalize things that can’t be rationalized and then we find systems for these rational ideas. ”You need 5 portions of vegetable a day” We like to do that a lot. It makes us feel structured and functional even though your body already knows what it needs on a fundamental level without over thinking it.

It gets even more complicated when we start creating rules and regulations, and contracts, and agreements, and codes of behaviours but we have no choice if we are to function in society together. We sort of find the middle ground so that everyone gets their fair share of pie, we really like the idea of fairness and equality. It works for the most part until it doesn’t. Things get unbalanced and corruption sets in. Power is very alluring, and the world is not a fair place. Our instinct is more like dog politics than the high democratic principles we aspire to when you take water, food, and shelter out of the equation. Put people in survival mode and see what happens to the established rules and regulations.


This week, the Sun moves through the very last degrees of Libra and enters the sign of Scorpio on Wednesday around 13:20 EDT. Mars, planet ruling over Scorpio is halfway through the sign of Libra and this is what we have to contend with for the next month.

This part of the book is a tricky bit of business. In Libra we aspire to high principles of fairness and harmony especially in the realm of relationships. We willingly compromise so that we can stand on the middle ground between what we want and what the people we care about need from us. Relating to others is an art form that requires smooth charms and tactful concessions. Maintaining alliances means having the willingness to surrender some of our personal desires for the sake of our bonds. This situation is never a given of course, and things must constantly be recalibrated in order to keep the balance intact. With the Sun entering Scorpio this week, we will start to see how our personal desires and instinct push to override our contracts and alliances. What happens when the mental tries to rationalize the visceral and create a civilized structure fo it? This will be an ongoing theme with Mars in Libra ruling the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio for the next several weeks.


We begin the week with the Last Quarter Moon (exact at 8:39am) on Monday in the sign of Cancer. What was initiated during the New Moon in Libra on September 28 is now reaching its point of integration. This week, we can sit with the revelations and discoveries of the last few weeks. Collaborations and connections that were established or the ones that were lost or severed during Libra season is fertilizing fresh perspectives. With Saturn in Capricorn being such a big player right now we have been negotiating our boundaries and a lot of the excess is being trimmed off. We are getting to the essential quicker because we have a new awareness of time and what we want to do with it.

The Moon enters the sign of Leo Monday at 12:30 EDT, and will travel here until Wednesday when it enters Virgo at 15:31 EDT. The Moon is in Virgo for the rest of the week, and enters Libra Friday evening at 16:21 EDT. The weekend will see the Moon at her darkest light in the sign of Libra before renewing herself late on Sunday night 23:38 EDT in the sign of Scorpio.


The New Moon in Scorpio late Sunday night/early Monday morning (Oct.27-28) initiates a fresh lunar cycle. The New Moon takes place at 4 degrees of Scorpio exactly opposite Uranus in Taurus. Mars the ruler of this New Moon will be in Libra exactly square to Saturn in Capricorn. There are two very distinct threads going on right now. One has to do with the dismantling of old corrupted structures and our ability to address these, and deal with them. The square between Mars and Saturn shows that it might not necessarily be easy, and will require disciplined actions and sustained efforts on our part. We could feel blocked by circumstances, stuck between a rock and a hard place, with a tremendous urge to break free from a difficult circumstance, situation, habit, or person. Something that has power over you could feel stifling. We must move through these times very strategically as each actions and thought is shaping the future. Stay clear on what feels right for you at this time.

The other thread is connected to the birth of a different and powerful awareness that relates to our material world/realities and the breaking of very stubborned crystallized patterns. This arising perception allows for tuning into a sense of knowing that could feel new for you or that could be deepening. Priorities are reorganizing themselves as we plug into this current. New modalities and ways of being in the world will be birthed from these insights, but for now we must sit with the visions and trust our gut feeling. The materialistic world and established corporate structures lose their grip on us as we deepen our intuition and get clear on the essential. The hunger for meaningful connections and experiences will no be satiated by superficial success.

The Moon in Scorpio is not a comforting or nurturing one, but instead it’s our cue/challenge to work with our fears and vulnerabilities, and let them inform us forward. Trusting could be the central issue. We could be wrestling with a need for security that keeps us locked in unhealthy patterns. We are moving forward and things change and die, and we must learn to move with this flow, and surrender, and let go, and shed old skins if we are to renew ourselves. Security and safety at its core is not an external condition.

This week, our desire for authentic experiences and deep soulful connections with life could collide against protocols. Our powerful urge for renewal will not necessarily find an easy outlet. Don’t battle your intuition, speak to it, work with it. Intuition is at an all time high. Mars squaring the Nodes to begin the week calls for efficient actions that supports your progress. Deal with the minor irritants/people/workload efficiently so that you have time left to tune in to the synchronistic undercurrents informing your life.

“Conscience is no more than the dead speaking to us.”
Jim Carroll

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    • Elodie Miaow October 21, 2019 / 9:42 pm

      Thank YOU so much! ❤️❤️


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