We clasp the hands of those that go before us,

And the hands of those who come after us.

We enter the little circle of each other’s arms

And the larger circle of lovers,

Whose hands are joined in a dance

And the larger circle of all creatures

Passing in and out of life

Who move also in a dance

To a music so subtle and vast that no ear hears it

Except in fragments.

The Larger Circle, Wendell Berry



We begin the week on the other side of a potent Full Moon that took place on Sunday evening in the sign of Aries. The Sun is now in the last decan of Libra and we are moving deeper into the obscurity of the Fall season. With the obscurity also comes a special kind of interiority and the ability to shine a light in dark. What was hidden is revealed not through the five senses but through the ability we have of reading between the lines.

The Sun is separating from a square with Pluto and Mercury in Scorpio is slowing down while walking in its shadows, preparing to move retrograde at the end of the month. Revelations could feel potent at this time, like you are on the threshold of a new understanding. The skies are regenerative, and your experience will be reflected by your ability to look into the under layers that regulates your life, and being honest about your findings.

This relational time of the year highlights our connections and alliances. With Venus in Scorpio ruling the Sun in Libra, we might be inclined to go for authentic connections with little time left for superficial exchanges. Exchanging becomes the means of understanding ourselves and our motivations, and this could feel both painful and cathartic depending on our ability to step into intimacy with others. Conversations with others could feel open, honest, and edgy while an underlying tension promises to throw everything off balance at any moment. A delicate little dance we dance while moving between seasons, balancing the old and the new, holding and releasing, revealing and concealing just enough to be seen, but not enough to be hurt. A finger on the trigger while the other hand waves a white flag, juggling the vulgar and the ethereal, looking for peace and change simultaneously. There is a certain obsessive edge to our mental pursuits right now and the ability to look at a situation and its complexities from many different angles.


Monday, the Moon enters Taurus at 12:24pm triggering the recent opposition of Venus in Scorpio with Uranus in Taurus; catch and release is your best approach right now. Live and let live will save you a lot of trouble. The Moon in Taurus ruled by Venus in Scorpio is sensual yet the nerves are frazzled. The Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday night at 10:31pm and will be traveling here until early Saturday morning. The Moon in Gemini ruled by Mercury in Scorpio could bring out more information into the light, obsession and gossip, but her opposition with Jupiter in Sagittarius on Friday, could be asking us to separate the wheat from the chaff and reset our stance before we get too deep into a situation. The Moon enters Cancer early Saturday morning at 6:44am.  The weekend under the auspice of Watery aspects could see us move between sensations and intuitions without a definite hold. We might gravitate towards familiarity in order to find our footing while also extending a hand towards the future. Fears and vulnerabilities can be utilized as a creative stepping stone but you must be willing to step into the dance.









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