The Recalibration of our Scales


If you want to shrink something,
you must first allow it to expand.
If you want to get rid of something,
you must first allow it to flourish.
If you want to take something,
you must first allow it to be given.
This is called the subtle perception
of the way things are.

The soft overcomes the hard.
The slow overcomes the fast.
Let your workings remain a mystery.
Just show people the results

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 36



The Moon is waxing towards full and the scales are oscillating between light and darkness. This week brings us halfway through Libra season as we move towards the Full Moon in Aries next Sunday. The week begins with the Moon in Aquarius until Wednesday afternoon allowing for a brief period of stabilization and equalization. Wednesday afternoon the Moon enters the Water sign of Pisces (13:35 NDT) plunging us far down into the mysterious realms of our senses and imagination. Mid-week contains a strange mixture of bewilderment and inspiration and it’s an excellent opportunity for unbounded creative projects. Saturday morning, the Moon enters the Fire sign of Aries at 2:15am NDT as we move towards the Full Moon exact on Sunday evening (18:37NDT). The Full Moon shines her light on our contrasts, contracts and alliances, what sustains and strains us, and the recalibration needed within and without.

You’ve so distracted me,
your absence fans my love.
Don’t ask how.
Then you come near
“Do not…” I say, and
“Do not…,” you answer.
Don’t ask why
this delights me.


Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday at 13:06pm EDT and will travel here until the end of October. Venus in Scorpio will relatively change the tone of this Libra season which until now had been ruled by a much gentler Venus in her home sign of Libra. With Venus entering Scorpio, we begin our exploration into the underbelly of our desire nature, confronted with the unholy sight of our attractions and obsessions and what remains un-satiated. Mars ruling over this Venus, has just entered its place of detriment in Libra, and will stay in Libra until mid-November. It could be difficult to find lasting satisfaction right now, and it will be easier to purge than to take in even though we might be magnetized by intense situations, people or experiences.

Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Saturday evening, breaking some taboos and freeing up the space needed within our relationships, while the Sun in Libra is being supported by Jupiter in Sagittarius;

The opportunity to redefine our alliances is here but it will take some shaking up and truth serum. Finding the equilibrium between our desire nature and what must be done to keep the peace, we are prompt towards honesty but it could create more problems than solutions. Decisions could feel difficult right now and the correct way to proceed elusive. Still, progress is being made. Pluto recently direct will exasperates or revitalize depending on how close you sit with power.



The Full Moon in Aries rises on Sunday evening at 18:37NDT illuminated by the Sun in Libra. Mars in Libra rules over the Moon in Aries while Venus in Scorpio rules the Sun in Libra and both are indisposed and in aversion (they do not see each other). Jupiter in Sagittarius will trine the Moon and sextile the Sun at this time.

The push and pull of instinct versus reason, containment and release, darkness and light culminates with the Full Moon. There are two very distinct sound tracks playing at the moment and no easy ways to harmonize them, unless we are to simply move beyond them. Look to where Jupiter in Sagittarius is transiting in your chart for where to invest your energies pro-actively and make progress right now.

The Full Moon in Aries shines a dramatic light on our emotional and relational landscape and the imbalances found here, what lies between the raw and unbounded aspects of our vitality which crave direct experience with life, versus the polite and stable facades of the established order which allows us to function in the world.  Passion and prescribed codes of behaviour do not make good bed fellows and we could feel torn between revealing and concealing, between creation and destruction, between our impertinent impulses and the inherent balance born out of experience.



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