Shimmering reflections
hearts on Fire
feedback in the eye
the centre of being
lightning strikes
pouring out
an eternal dance
feedback loops
a cacophony of voices
the original spark
feasting on the ONE
revealed in the absent
promise of the impossible
and consumed
by echoes of
the ideal


The week begins with the Moon in Capricorn prompting us to roll up our sleeves, and get to work before the Moon goes VOC (void of course) at 18:12 Monday evening leaving the books open for debate and casting some doubts and worries on our current situation.

The Moon enters Aquarius Tuesday at 11:35am EDT. The Moon remains in Aquarius Wednesday, waxing towards Full. The Full Moon in Aquarius will be exact early Thursday morning at 8:29am EDT. A good amount of effort is necessary right now if we are to fulfill our vision. The status-quo is not good enough and the future remains unseen. The Full Moon in Aquarius could illuminate important information, allowing you to plan a course of action.

Thursday evening, the Moon enters Pisces, exact at 23:49 EDT and travels here until Sunday when she enters Aries at 12:32pm. The end of the week casts a dreamy glow on our reality as we release our grip and trust that everything is happening as it should. Take advantage of Friday and Saturday when the Moon is in Pisces to let yourself be inspired, playful and accept what is.

The Moon enters action-oriented Aries Sunday afternoon, less than 12 hours after Mars enters Virgo (exact Sunday at 1:18am). Sunday afternoon could see us planning and organizing with little patience left for Summer pleasures. We could feel extremely ambitious, perhaps a little bit scattered or nit-picky, but motivated to get moving.


A rich amount of hope is available at the moment, and the sweetness of Summer is keeping us in a good mood. Jupiter rising high after sunset is the promise of wish granted as we aim for the prize. Jupiter in Sagittarius until late November is allowing far reaching vision and current setbacks should not deter you from your path. Faith is the fuel that powers the engine so keep your eyes on the far reaching horizon and the potential hidden in your original idea. Trust that opportunities are waiting to be discovered.


Venus in Leo conjunct the Sun on Wednesday at 2:07am EDT only a few hours before the Full Moon in Aquarius. The Sun and Venus significations mingle as they meet, revealing how we might reach what our heart most desire. The union of Venus with the Sun in Leo is the peak expression of the self – reflected. We see ourselves special, everywhere translated through the reflections of the happenings that surrounds us. Validation ignites the egoic fires as we dance our special little dance. We are in love with ourselves, seeking only to be declared the one and only one, the incomparable and immeasurable best. Our reign supreme will not last as we quickly are confronted by the Full Moon in Aquarius shining a bright light on the selfish and childish nature of our desires. Realizing that the Earth continues turning even when we sleep, the Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates the spectacle for what it is; a demanding and monstrous little child. In the process of wanting the best of the best for ourselves, we must also understand the repercussions of our self-involvement on others and the world at large.

By putting ourselves out there, our reasons and motivations become crystalline and onlookers who cannot do the same, are filled with disdain for the brave and regal displays. It is up to us to differentiate between narcissism and self-expression as everyone secretly long for the golden rays of Love to reach them. Are we mere consumers or are we creators?


SATURN, the traditional ruler of Aquarius and by extension the Full Moon on Thursday morning, is retrograde in Capricorn, 3 degrees away from the South Node of the Moon and sextile Neptune in Pisces: This period of time, highlights the unstable structures in which we seek comfort but that are totally crumbling. We are somewhat still stuck in our old habits perhaps even deluding ourselves about the solidity of their foundations. We are living in a hologram of what WAS, migrating reluctantly towards what will BE.

URANUS, the modern ruler of Aquarius,  is also retrograde at the time of the Full Moon in the sign of Taurus and squaring Mercury in Leo. Mercury is sitting at 4 degrees Leo, the exact degree where it stationed retrograde on July 8th: These aspects suggest that there are totally new elements being integrated in our lives and we need to completely re-think the ways in which we operate. Novelty and innovations are favoured and we must make the effort to step outside of our comfort zone if we are to make progress.

The fact that both traditional and modern rulers of this Full Moon in Aquarius are retrograde suggest that nothing is given right now as we stand between the old ways and the new ways not yet birthed. Things will take some time and we are not out of the woods quite yet.

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