Some things to consider when reading an astrological interpretation

Astrological interpretations wether natal or predictive are some of the multitude possible ways in which higher and lower expressions of the Astrologies can manifest. Most of the time, these are interpreted through a human(astrologer).This means that astrology is first filtered through the personal subjective understanding and experiences of the person doing the interpretations.

Even though there is a general consensus and standard of interpretation on the meaning of this complex language amongst astrologers, when it comes to understanding and assimilating the language, each person will have its own unique experiences with it.

Astrology, being an archetypal, participatory and symbolic language of a divinatory nature means that ”transits” or ”astrological patterns” have a multitude of ways in which they can show up for YOU in your life.

You can actively “attune” yourself to the language in order to benefit from its highest expressions, or simply be a witness to the tides that regulate your Fate. However it does take a little bit of practice to get use to the language and requires participation on your part.

Fate means that things and circumstances will happen to you outside of our control.
Free-will means that you can decide how to react to these things and circumstances and more extensively choose how to best utilize the cards that Fate has given you.

Knowing and understand Astrology can help you take a step back and gain perspective on the events in your life while simultaneously allowing you to have more control over your reactions and decisions.

So when it comes to reading astrological delineations, keep in mind that these things can show up in subtle ways for some while being text book for others. This often comes down to how much we resonate with the Astrologer doing the interpretations, our own birth chart and how much we use our own archetypal eyes. Once you are attuned to the language, astrology becomes an indispensable tool.

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