WEEK OF JUNE 17th, 2019: Solstice week

The week begins with a Full Moon in Sagittarius that culminated very early this morning.
Look at where Sagittarius sits in your birth chart and more extensively the sign of Cancer to understand where the momentum is picking up in your life.

The weekend was fuelled by the Sagittarius Moon peaking to Full and this could of seen you entertain many new avenues, dialogues and BIG ideas over the weekend. Aah the possibilities! Necessity is leading us down interesting roads at the moment and you could feel like there are lots more possibilities (and responsibilities) than you originally thought possible and renewed energy to accomplish your goals.

The weekend’s enthusiasm wanes by Monday afternoon as the Moon enters the sobering sign of Capricorn; the size of your ambitions is equal to the amount of work that lays ahead. Monday and Tuesday are good days to roll up your sleeves and put-in the efforts that are required to get some work done.

The Moon will be in Capricorn until late Wednesday evening, triggering the tension on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Wednesday is especially tense: weigh your words carefully before sending ultimatums.

Power struggles and intense exchanges are possible mid-week: acknowledging, and releasing tension towards creative and productive outlets could do wonders. The Moon in Capricorn can induce status anxiety in some people, and it’s a good idea to step away from comparing yourself to the success and achievements of others. Compromising your integrity could be problematic down the road so revise your motivations. Insecurities must be dealt with honestly.

The Moon enters Aquarius late Wednesday night, and will be in Aquarius Thursday and Friday offering some objectivity and vision to work with.

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer Friday at 11:54am EDT which signals the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere as we reach the longest day of the year.

The Moon enters Pisces next Saturday morning supporting the Sun in Cancer while we are under the spell of a Venus-Jupiter opposition all of next weekend. This pleasure-seeking Mutable T-square between the Moon/Neptune,Venus and Jupiter could diffuse some tension and colour the weekend with romantic and dreamy blues.

Next weekend is Watery and Mutable which could also be anxiety inducing if you don’t know how to swim in the deeper undercurrent of your psyche, however extremely creative and fertile if you can let go and let these currents guide you.

This week, we move between the imaginative and poetic waters of the heart and the austere and unforgiving edges of our rational mind. The changing tides of our desires collide against necessity, forcing us to find new and creative ways to navigate our situation. It doesn’t stop here as we have for mission to retrieve a pearl and in those changing waters, we must find a good spot to dive in.

It could feel both exhilarating and tense while you move deeper into this new landscape. The Waters are filled with foreign shapes and reliefs which inspire awe and wonder, or fear and anxiety depending on the state of your inner compass. The ocean is vast and clues are filtering-in through a confusing and inspiring mélange of visions and fantasies. Can you decipher this foreign language? Can you find the pearls in these troubled waters? Are you motivated by fear or by some higher guiding principle? Can you differentiate the call of the heart from the hypnotizing lure of the sirens?

Wishing you a soft and magical Solstice week

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