Not one moment is the same: Notes to the student of Astrology

After one has learned the techniques and rules of proper delineation, one must be able to step away from any certitude that are germinating in the mind and remain open and observant on the nature of the manifest. This might be one of the most difficult thing to do for a modern Astrologer, as we have been conditioned to judge everything through the filters of Science. It is all too easy to fall back into the safety of techniques in order to find some level of certainty. However, due to the divinatory nature of its language, Astrology does not function with certainties and absolutes and these will only hinder your ability to properly practice Astrology.

The multivalent and archetypal nature of Astrology must be approached with constant reverence if we are to grasp a fragment of its immensity.  Finding refuge in certainties will fool your judgment and distract you from the observatory nature of the practice; there are no finish line and no guarantees since not one moment is the same.

If you are looking for absolutes, then do not waste your time with Astrology. The more confident you become in your techniques, the more likely you are to err from the centre of its meaning. (and lose yourself in strife) Be mindful of claiming you have found the truth. Certainty will blind you to the subtle gifts that the open mind can receive, enclosing you in an echo chamber of confirmation bias, fooling you, and the ones who seek your counsel.

The Astrologer must not let the rules and techniques narrow his understanding, and reduce his analysis to simple equations. Proper delineation is simply one step of the process. After assimilating what the chart has to offer through the lens of techniques, one must be able to integrate them without letting certainty take root in the mind. Occasional weeding will be necessary in order to keep hubris at bay.

When doing natal interpretation for someone, do not be so certain of your techniques as to let them blind you to who is sitting in front of you. Leave ownership of the chart to the person it belongs to and be receptive, open and observant. Assumption will only distract you from seeing how things are manifesting in real time.

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