What kind of reality are you dreaming?
Alice in the Sea of Tears, Illustration by Arthur Rackham 1907

We begin the week with the First Quarter Moon; The Sun in Gemini squared the Moon in Virgo early this morning. A First Quarter Moon is a time when we are asked to take some actions on what was seeded at the New Moon just a week ago. The train is moving forward wether we like it or not. We must deal with the cards we have been dealt amidst a sea of change.

This is especially relevant this week as we move through mutable/cardinal astro-weather which is changeable and fluctuates like the tides of the Ocean. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, and the best way to navigate these currents is with flexibility, ready to adjust your sail with the changing winds. It can feel both exciting/exhilarating or overwhelming/frustrating depending on the type of birth chart you have.

The shapes and structures of a foreign land is arising in the distance. We are in a place of intuition and you could be SENSING what you need without clearly KNOWING how to get there or how things will turn out.

The Sun in Gemini is fickle, changeable, curious. Venus entered Gemini Saturday evening bringing an emphasis on the sign, while Mercury, Mars and the North Node are in the sign of Cancer emphasizing intuition, nostalgia, moodiness, sensitivity, nourishment, privacy and comfort.

This week, we are also under the shadows of a Mars-Saturn opposition on the Cancer-Capricorn axis while being hypnotized by the Neptune in Pisces-Jupiter in Sagittarius square. This could feel like a lot, especially once the Moon enters Scorpio on Thursday:

We are dreaming our life while reality seems to crumble around us. It is a time of novelty and inspirations amidst very destructive currents. The pressure to change is here and it won’t go away. There could be a lot of stressful factors to contend with amidst truly magical revelations. It could feel like a really inspiring time when new idea emerge out of necessity. Tremendous efforts are required to move ahead, to deal with our lives and the reality of the material world, but it is through adversity that we find the jewel. There could also be many jewels, many choices, many options to choose from.

One minute you are turning left only to realize you took a detour…but detour ends up being the scenic route and now you discover a secret beach and suddenly your priorities shift. You might decide you want to go for a swim forgetting your destination. The water is inviting, shimmering with a mysterious glow, enticing you to jump in, to relax into her warm and dissolving presence and forget your troubles, forget the stress…but then, your telephone rings… you are late for work…

”Ocean is more ancient than the mountains,
and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”  -H. P. Lovecraft

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