WEEK OF JUNE 3rd, 2019

We began the week with a New Moon in Gemini which was exact early Monday morning.
Mercury, the planet ruling over Gemini was also in Gemini and this is a nice New Moon to reset your mental and physical stance, since we are already almost halfway through 2019.

The New Moon in Gemini brings forth a wave of fresh ideas and inspiration. The New Moon is was also squaring Neptune (God of Glamour) and opposing Jupiter (Think BIG) and the line between fantasy/fiction and what is realistic might be a little bit blurry at the moment but overall, this New Moon brings forth a lot of momentum for our ideas.

The lure of magic is strong in the collective psyche right now. When the societal climate is grim, we tend to find ways to cope via the imagination. Social media, wishful thinking, superstitions, drugs/alcohol, movies, music, magic, romance are all avenues that takes us out of the ordinary. This will continue to be a big trend in the months to come, and the dichotomy between dealing with the reality in front of us versus what we want our world to look like, could take us down strange avenues.

The mind is a powerful tool and it might be easier right now to glimpse at how malleable reality can be and how we shape our experience of it. Directing our attention on the proper subjects can bring the desired results. It’s an excellent time to be mindful of what you are letting in and where you are spending your attention; be selective.

The Moon will move into the sign of Cancer on Tuesday, eventually meeting Mars in Cancer and the North Node:

Tuesday and Wednesday has the potential to be a little bit more emotional, irritable, nostalgic so keep that in mind. Mercury also leaves its home sign and enters Cancer while the Moon is here which will accentuate the instinctual and subjective nature of the sign and uniting mind and emotions.

The Moon growing in light, enters the flamboyant sign of Leo on Thursday afternoon until late Saturday night giving the end of the week a fiery boost of enthusiasm before the Moon enters Virgo Saturday evening finishing up the weekend on a dutiful and practical note. Sunday will be a good day for earth oriented chores like gardening and fixing things around your house.

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