The week begins with the Moon in Capricorn conjoining with the South Node of the Moon and squaring Uranus: If you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, rest assured that it gets better by Monday night. 

The Moon in Capricorn conjoining with the South Node could translate as a feeling of being dragged down into a heavy swamp before breaking free from a burden imposed on us or simply finding release after being trapped in our own mental prisons. It could also be that today, we are reminded of what structures in our lives do not support us anymore.

The Moon enters Aquarius in approximately 8 hours and this should lighten us up and bring the breath of fresh air we so desperately crave. New ideas and new plans will be easier to generate on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The emphasis on Water signs at the moment (Chiron, Mars and Neptune in Pisces and Venus and Mercury in Scorpio aspecting the North Node in Cancer) brings attention to the healing of ancient emotional wounds:

The cuts are deep and painful and the anxiety is faceless. However there is a strong momentum to find the proper medicine to heal ourselves right now and we are determine to shed our old skin. 

We can see new territories arising on the horizon and hope is in our heart. However we must first unload the heavy baggage if we are to move faster towards the promised land with renewed faith. We’ve come too far to back down.

This is the process we find ourselves in right now: Sorting through emotional baggage, wounds and fears that keeps us small. They have become so visible that it will be easier to accept them and bring changes to our behaviour. We are growing out of our old skin.

Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on Wednesday highlighting THE BIG PICTURE. 

By Thursday morning, the emphasis shifts to Mutable signs and it is best to keep a flexible approach: You move with the changes, you work on your big ideas, your dreams, your healing and you accept what can’t be changed but you keep moving. Optimism is the best medicine right now.

With the Moon in Pisces on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you could feel compelled to open your heart to the hardships of humanity as you become more sensitive to it. A good time for charity, for volunteering and to get into ”the true spirit of Christmas”.

Next Sunday, the Moon will be in the energizing Fire sign of Aries, igniting passion and bringing renewed vigour to our lives. Best spend the day finding mouvement to release any excess energy.

This week is the first Quarter Moon. The fresh ideas and the momentum that are born out of the New Moon in Sagittarius last Thursday are now being challenged. 

This is a time in the monthly lunar cycle when we can clearly see how realistic (or not) our plans are and a call to action. There is a need to adjust our stance to match exterior circumstances which can be challenging. A good dose of pragmatism combined with a smile should get you through!

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