The first part of the week has a predominance of WATER. The Moon enters Scorpio in a few hours and will travel here until Wednesday evening. WATER signs in Astrology💦= Emotions.

We are at the tail end of a long process of emotional sorting with the Venus retrograde in Scorpio and Libra for the last couple of months. Venus just re-entered Scorpio and will re-trace the backward path she took in October. Only this time, she is moving forward and she knows exactly what she needs to feel emotionally fulfilled.

Mars is in the WATER sign💦 of Pisces and will be conjoining Neptune all week. This is a dreamy and inspired signature with an underlying vibe of fantasy/rose-coloured glasses. Psychic insights and inspiration is turned on HIGH.

DREAMS can be super vivid and insightful. Mars/Neptune in Pisces is inspired transcendence OR delusional escaping: you get to choose.

With the Sun squaring Mars all week, it can also be a time of emotional drama and grudges and since Mars is with Neptune, there could be an underlying thread of anxiety and frustration.

Mercury turns direct in Scorpio on Thursday just before the New Moon in Sagittarius and we can expect glitches and miscommunication to be part of the week so be prepared.

You deal with the minor annoyances and you stay centred.

There is a lot of momentum for evolution right now so don’t go playing in the swamps (aka feeding drama): Camp in high places facing the Sun.🔥

The New Moon in Sagittarius🔥 is early Friday morning and this is like taking off in a big cosmic hot air balloon. We will gain a lot of perspective on our life and what we are doing in the next few weeks.

You might not be able to run away from all your problems but Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius brings a breath of fresh air. The New Moon in Sagittarius🔥 marks the beginning of the festive season. We might have a bigger reservoir of hope and dreams and it might be easier to fill it up right now so take advantage of it.

Aim higher than you think.🏹 Stay positive. Look for the silver lining in your situation. If you are feeling stuck, now would be a good time to try a new way of dealing with recurring problems. Sagittarius season is your opportunity to bring a fresh perspective into your life, to get out of your comfort zone and of your own way.

This week, laughter IS the best medicine**!

**On Sunday December 9th: Chiron turns direct at 27 degrees of Pisces and will trine Mercury in Scorpio as it stations direct.

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