Most people know their Sun sign thanks to popular Sun-sign horoscopes and ”pop” astrology. Fortunately, there is a lot more to astrology than a Sun sign and there are important distinctions to make when you begin to learn more about astrology.

The 3 ”pillars” of a natal chart are the Sun, the Moon and the Rising sign. Your Sun sign might not be the same as your Moon sign or your Rising sign.

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These Capricorns are in some ways the raw extraction of this sign. There is a solidity within the Capricorn Sun that is akin to an ancient rock structure that has survived the test of time. They might have gone through extremely harsh weather but still, they stand stoically through the storms holding on to their enigmatic purpose. Sun in Capricorn folks are incredibly compassionate but their medicine is a bitter one; a mixture of wisdom and tough love, with enough cynicism to fuel a whole city.  They know what pain and hard work means on a cellular level so they won’t let you get away with laziness and dodgy behavior. They have a deep respect and reverence for strength of character and will apply this core principle to everything that they do; starting with themselves. Because of their high tolerance for discomfort and their goal-oriented nature, these Capricorns usually succeed where most have failed and are the last one standing when everyone else has given up.

The Image: An illusionist in a suit



Moon in Capricorn folks have to contend with a paradoxical nature. They understand the fragility of the world and can feel a deep sense of vulnerability in regards to the spinning of Fate. As a result, they tend to erect walls around their soft centers to guard against the tides. These walls render them difficult to reach and a bit closed off. However, these Capricorns are far from being unemotional and are extremely thoughtful and caring people. They find comfort in solid commitments and structures and are at their best when diligently reaching for a goal. Their melancholic temperament is usually sieved through the filters of reason as they battle against the irrationality of their emotions. The inner realm of the Capricorn Moon is populated by strange creatures amidst complex and ancestral structures but the dim light of the Moon never fully illuminates the mysterious landscape of these lunar Goatfish.

The image: An Underwater Fortress



If you know your astrology, then you know that the rising sign is often linked to the physical appearance. One thing these Capricorns have working for them, is their ability to vibe completely calm regardless of what might be going on internally. Having a Capricorn Ascendant means that you can successfully project serenity and remain stone-faced even when a storm is raging inside. This comes naturally to them and you can recognize a Capricorn rising by their quiet charisma and stoic demeanor. Time polishes these folks from raw material into wise and complex individuals and like a fine wine, age tends to refine them. These Capricorns are like the bonsai of the Zodiac; the focus is on long-term cultivation and shaping. Time serves as a blade that prunes the excess and clarifies the shapes. The stoic envelope that felt awkward in youth becomes comfortable with age. However, behind the calm and wise appearance of the Capricorn rising, often hides an individual full of mischief and mystical trickery.

The Image:
A Stone Guardian



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