Sinking Worlds: Neptune Direct

The British-Guyanan underwater artist Jason deCaires Taylor is part of a worldwide movement of artists transforming spaces on the seafloor into underwater galleries.

Neptune stations direct at 11º28 Pisces on Wednesday (November 22nd) at 9:21am ET, after being retrograde since June 16, 2017.

Neptune rules over transcendence and the road we take to get there. From mediation to addiction, Neptune is linked to anything that melts the frontiers of the real and gives access to the imaginal, the spiritual and the all-encompassing oceanic oneness.

From inspiration to delusion to every state in between, Neptune injects the artist with its muse and gives the romantic his rose-colored glasses.

Neptune transports us beyond the limiting confines of the material world and, into the underlying eternal truth.

Depending on where 11º of Pisces falls in your chart, you can expect these themes to be highlighted this week. Perhaps the wish to escape or transcend will be stronger or you could find yourself waking up from a foggy journey. If you have deluded yourself, this could be a time of greater clarity and inspiration. You could feel the need to return to a spiritual practice or be inspired to create again.

With Neptune stationing direct this week, art, cinema, creativity, spirituality, intoxication and poisons, music, mysticism and revelations could all be on the menu.

If you have important planets or your Ascendant is between 8-15 degrees of the Mutable signs, this station will be more significant.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble there lies your treasure.” -Joseph Campbell

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