FULL MOON IN ARIES: Collaboration & Resistance

*Astrology is a multi-layered language and interpretation can be applied to many levels simultaneously, from the mundane to our own personal landscape.


Trying to solve a problem from a place of righteousness won’t give you a good outcome. In fact, it will most likely leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. A lot of things are unfair in this world. Everyday we witness the unbalance of power on all levels. Sometime resistance is futile but sometime resistance is necessary. What is the right measure of assertion? Do we need to go to extremes to get justice and equality? Is fighting for peace a sustainable option? All of this depends on the circumstance and, can change from one situation to the next. Justice is blind and the power of the scale is great indeed but what happens when the scales are unbalanced?

The Full Moon in Aries on the 5th of October illuminates the war zones and the territories where the battles take place; externally, internally and particularly in our interpersonal relationships. Since we are in the midst of Libra season, with three planets in Libra, peaceful resolution and compromises are favored. However, compromising can sometime be our downfall. This Full Moon can bring the need to assert our desires amidst a negotiation process. It can also be about not getting what we want and having to live with that fact for now.


Venus and Mars (in Virgo) will meet in the sky at the time of the Full Moon. Mars is the ruler of the Moon in Aries and Venus the ruler of the Sun in Libra; do you see the picture being painted? Venus and Mars dancing together while the Sun and Moon oppose each other. There is an edginess to our desires; we know what we want and we want it now.

In the sign of Virgo, Mars and Venus can be analytical and picky. Virgo can sometime strive for perfection which result in being completely dissatisfied with the status quo. The higher the standards, the higher the chances of being let down.

The Full Moon represents a time of opposition and polarization but also a time of completion.  This means that even though we might have a tendency to focus on what is not working at the moment, we are reaching a point of saturation. We have located the areas where the bridges must be built or torn down. This Full Moon illuminates our need for independence and space amidst our collaborations. This Full Moon illuminates the escalating impatience within a negotiation process. The Mars and Venus conjunction allows us to see with a critical eye the complexity of our relationships. There are no easy answer and we have to live with the constant push and pull that regulates much of our interactions but also much of our desires.


The Full Moon in Aries culminates a few days after Pluto turns direct. Pluto also trines the Venus and Mars conjunction while the Sun in Libra conjunct Mercury. There is a slight edge of competition and obsession behind our interactions and this is so subtle that it might be taken for something else. However, we should remember that people are pushing their own agenda and this could become more obvious with the Full Moon in Aries. Libra is sometime compared to an iron fist in a velvet glove. With the Full Moon in Aries rising we could see suave tactics being employed for completely selfish purposes. It could also be that the smooth talkers reveal their impatience or that the curtain of glamour falls down. Regardless of the scenarios that arises with this Full Moon, peaceful resolution and collaboration will need to be balanced with our own needs and desires. The urge to stand our ground will be strong and in certain circumstance necessary.



Glimpse of Law Series – Installment 2: The East Corridor Paintings.

Image 1:
” Corrupt Legislation, the seated figure holds half a scale – a symbol that the balance of justice is missing.  The corrupt person places a bag of coins on the scale’s only pan, implying that money can sway the law.  An open book lies on the corrupt person’s lap, and on the fore-edge of the book are the words, “The Law.”  The corrupt person can twist the law to serve his own means.”

Image 3:
” The law book shows up again in the Anarchy panel. It is the larger tome at the foot of the central figure.  During times of anarchy, the law is cast aside, along with the arts (lyre), learning (the scroll), and religion (the smaller book).  The figure of Violence on the right is removing a cornerstone from an edifice.  I interpret this as the weakening of legal institutions, though it could be interpreted as any institution.”


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