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Oh, my ways are strange ways and new ways and old ways,
And deep ways and steep ways and high ways and low,
I’m at home and at ease on a track that I know not,
And restless and lost on a road that I know.
-Henry Lawson


The image that comes to mind when I look at the Capricorn forecast is of someone juggling  balls of different weight which requires extra concentration on your part. Whether the various scenarios coming at you now are voluntary or out of your control, I cannot say. New roots are growing and something that hasn’t taken shape yet is forming. You can feel these roots will bring some major shifts in 2017. There could still be some rocks in the way that need to be moved before you feel totally comfortable with the future. Do not despair or get stuck in what was and what is not at the cost of your current arrangements. January has an underlying fog of nostalgia that will envelope most of us. It is easy to lose track of the path when we glance backward but it might also be necessary to revisit past mistakes to be able to move forward. Confusion comes about when we hold on to ideas or habits from the past that limit us. In order for the new to take its rightful place you need to understand your old wounds and how they might be holding you back. The Full Moon in Cancer on January 12, will require a vulnerable stance if you want to access the emotions hidden in your heart. Take full advantage of this New Year momentum to clear out the space. Memories exist to show us what we are made of, not as something to pull us down. It is how we handle them that dictates our future. We can choose to stay stuck in the hurtful experiences or to lock them out of sight but they will be useless and still hold enormous power over us. Memories serve us best when we let them show us the inherent teachings they contain.


The first two weeks of this month should be approached as a grace period that allows you to gather your troops. January finds you in a liminal space between the old and the new and this can work in your favour. Pay special attention to your budget and put that part of your life in order. There could be some leaks in regards to finances that require special attention. Career, ambitions, and money are on your mind and should also be on your priority list. If possible, deal with what is necessary before the 8th of January. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 12th of January shines her light on your health and your inner life. Your dedicated contribution and involvement on a social level might have left you tired or a bit disillusioned. Take a few days for yourself, get away and restore vitality into your body. It will simultaneously help you access your dreams and see the bigger picture. Question your motives in regards to why you are doing what you are doing. Is it worth the effort? Are you happy with the current state of affairs? Where are adjustements still needed in order to have a smooth sail? You have the right measure of discipline, vision, and guts to move mountains. Your biggest roadblock seems to be coming from external factors which are out of your control. How can you accomplish what you set out to do while dodging these unforeseen obstacles? Is there a way you can use the resistance to your advantage? Progress may be slow coming but can you shift your perception and use the delays to help you? What happens when you take a step back and look at what has been accomplished in the last year? You learned a lot about time-managements in the last 6 months. Ultimately, it is all of these minor adjustments that gets you where you want to go. Patience is your ally.


You have been a busy fish in the last few weeks, and the month of January continues on this fast tempo. The waters are leading you in many directions, including social obligations that ties you in with possible revenue opportunities. It is a good time to keep pushing ahead since much can be accomplished under these skies. You now have the opportunity to mix pleasure and obligation to your own benefit. A desire for ease and minor indulgences will permeate the month amidst unavoidable commitments and you should be able to find the right measure. The desire to create or procreate could also be on your mind this month. The Full Moon in Cancer on January 12 highlights recent scenarios surrounding attraction or a creative project and brings about a culmination. Whichever way you look at it your emotional life will be highlighted. You could feel polarized between your need for secure engagement vs. fresh connections. You can have your cake and eat it too if you use your imagination to rearrange your engagements. Like most things that arise, it is a matter of perspective. Give yourself permission to seek out the food that your spirit craves. The space you live in, whether this is literal or metaphorical, could feel limiting. Something is pushing you to expand your wings and shed old habits. Follow your intuition on this one and don’t limit yourself to what you ”know”. Explore your options and observe where the currents are trying to lead you.


A lot of sediment will come to the surface this month my dear fiery one. You will notice that some things that you had long forgotten or that you thought you were done with might resurface for further processing. This could act like a good kick in the butt to propel you into gear, or it could just feel like a major annoyance depending on how aware you are of all of the piles hidden in your closet. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 12, illuminates your inner sanctuary: your home, your roots, your family, and your memories. This could be an opportunity to connect with your inner drive and catch a glimpse of what truly motivates you. Issues of safety could come up, whether financial or having to do with your home. You might crave more comfort and quiet than usual so allow yourself the space if you need it. There is plenty of time for action later in the month but the first couple of weeks provide an excellent space to take stock of where you stand. If you did your homework last month, you might now have a clearer idea of where you are heading or what you are looking for in regards to career.  This continues to be a hot topic in your life and some effort will be required to get where you want to be. You should be proud of all that you have accomplished since last summer. However, it is not yet time to sit on your laurels and celebrate a total victory. You can still squeeze a lot more out of your current situation if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Pay attention to what arises in the first couple of weeks of January in regards to work or learning opportunities. You may finally get an answer regarding something that was started at the end of November.


This month Taurus your attention is split between business and ideals and the ways in which you can reconcile the two. The more you connect directly with your vision, the easier it will be to generate ideas. You are a practical beast, but right now you have the opportunity to access the more creative regions of your brain. Inspiration is a beautiful thing but it remains hidden if we don’t tease it out occasionally. Sometimes our genius is used for not so creative purposes. When we imagine worst case scenarios or let inspiration run freely it can go in all sorts of dark corridors. In a sense, we have the responsibility to direct our muse if we want to see her tangible forms but also prevent her descent. This means that when inspiration strikes, whether through conversation or day-dreaming, we have to catch it in the moment and elevate her to the highest regions. That way our thoughts can serve to create more of the life we imagine without feeling like a victim. One of your greatest gifts is that you already have this science of practical positivism almost perfected. This month, see where your faith gets tested and observe your reactions. Adjust in consequence when you feel like you are moving down instead of up. More importantly, see if you can help and assist others in moving their muse up instead of down. Communicate and share with the world your skills of presence in the face of adversity. Use the strength of your words to soothe, the power of your inner stability to guide, and the reliability of your love to reflect others in a way that reveals their already perfect nature.


Gemini, in 2016 you have become an expert at dealing with responsibilities like a boss. You have perfected the technique of not letting road blocks get to you and have learned to expertly navigate through precarious terrain. Don’t underestimate this new skill as this will serve you extremely well in 2017. Maturity combined with flexibility and the ability to improvise within difficulties are assets you won through last year’s battles. This of course doesn’t mean that it will  be smooth sailing from now on but it does mean that you can keep your momentum through future storms better than this time last year. This month, you could be revisiting issues around shared resources and old conversations could resurface about who owns what and who owes who. This is of course never really pleasant but you can avoid some of the discomfort by identifying what you owe before it comes to you. Spend some time delineating what you own or what you are owed so that you can claim your due when the time comes. Something is still tying you down to others even though you would rather be completely self-sufficient and this could become extremely apparent by the Full Moon in Cancer on January 12. Obligations towards family members or partners could come calling your name and there won’t be much you can do except deal with what arises. Don’t be surprised if something you thought you were done with comes back for one last round before the final closure. Your biggest asset now is the ability to watch what arises without being swept by it. Use your skills wisely like the expert sailor you have become without being disturbed by a bit of thunder and lightning.


Partnerships continue to be on your mind in the New Year but your gaze is slowly shifting to the distant horizon. Home is where the heart is but what if your heart takes you out of your comfort zone? What if the faint tugging you feel takes you in a direction completely new? Would you be willing to meet this desire and let it guide you into new territory? The call of something you haven’t found yet is inspiring you to explore further than usual. The opportunity to broaden your perspective could also be coming from your partnerships; do not ignore what is offered to you at this time.  The Full Moon on January 12 is in Cancer and her light could exaggerate the contours of your life. Dancing shadows and past memories could reunite to show you just how far you have come; acknowledge your accomplishments. There is an exponential quality to this Full Moon so watch where your attention goes and direct it wisely. In the midst of finding the right measures of give and take in your various partnerships this is a brief moment to focus on you, your well-being and how well you are using your inner riches. One of your natural talents is the ability to connect with your creative well and bring what you imagine to life. January is filled with fertile possibilities and you are in a way preparing the soil for the year ahead. Finding the right balance between your nesting instinct and your desire for novelty will be half the battle. There might be a way to harvest a big crop without destabilizing the natural balance of your soil. Taking calculated risks is better than no risk at all.


January is the perfect time to get serious about your New Years resolution. Any bad habits that are dragging you down will be even more obvious now. If you want to start the year with a clean slate in regards to health, the time is now. It is a lot easier to change habits when we change our surroundings and you now have the ability to do that. But one does not simply become healthier because of moving or traveling. The level of effort required on your part will not be apparent until you do so and you might be surprised at how much effort and flexibility you will need. Don’t underestimate the power of improvisation and the ability to bend without breaking. In fact, flexibility should be a word you keep in mind in the coming months. Everyday, stretch your body and your mind a little bit further and you might be surprised at how much space is created as a result. When you think about it, sit on the floor instead of a chair and touch your toes. Take even just five minutes to breathe deeply. Do one thing that scares you everyday. The juicy potentials you are calling into your existence in this way will amaze you. Sometimes willing something requires that we create space to receive its blessings. The end of the month will be closing with a New Moon in Aquarius.  This New Moon is seeing roots sprouting in the part of your life that deals with partnerships. Themes of maturity and experience are intertwined deeply with this Moon. You could find yourself starting something new that will require a level of maturity or have some sort of sobering effect. Don’t lock yourself in expectations and draw on your past experience.


The month of January begins with tremendous inspiration for you. You are in a sort of mystical union with your muse and your ability to generate ideas is maximized by this connection. Take advantage of this month to draft the visions and ideas that you are generating right now. It is not everyday that one can feel imbued with this sort of appreciation for the mundane so don’t sit on it for too long. You will also have to deal with some commitments and responsibilities within your partnerships but it shouldn’t be a big deal. Others in your life right now are willing to meet you half way as they can sense your genuine intentions. Something that began last year is reaching a culmination and the change should be complete by the end of February or the beginning of March. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 12 could bring news of your collaboration within your community that could also generate some revenue. Your creativity and your ability to make money is closely linked to your friends or a certain group of people. Don’t overlook what others are offering to contribute in order to help further your projects. Your ability to make money is connected with your willingness to team-up or accept help from others and this should become apparent. Delegating will also help alleviate some of the burden or stress associated with your responsibilities. If the support you require is not forthcoming, re-evaluate your base of operations to see if it is limiting your potential.


The New Year always brings a certain desire for renewal and for you this momentum is happening close to home. Recent events or realizations have brought to your attention the need to find greater equilibrium between your work and your home. It could simply be that you desire more down time while not being able to fully give yourself the permission to relax. Since last September, a lot of new elements have come into your life and you have been sincerely juggling them all like a pro. While you do not spit on opportunities when they present themselves, other aspects of your life have suffered in the process. Even though you have been fantastic at balancing your ambitions with your home life you could feel like you have not given yourself the down time that you need. It could also be that you have made indulgence a part of your routine in order to deal with the stress and now you are looking to get back to a healthier version of yourself. I read somewhere that it is better to have only one resolution if you want to have success implementing it into your life. It could be as simple as drinking more water but the chance of following through increases when you tackle one thing at a time. The importance of being easy on yourself if you fail at keeping your resolution is also essential. Seeing it more like a process instead of a sudden change. The whole idea is not to transform into a brand new person overnight but to accept that implementing new habits takes time and maybe even a couple of failed attempts before it becomes part of your routine.


Fantasy is not a word I use often when I speak about Scorpios but I think it is the perfect word for you at the moment. You are mostly recognized for your ability to pierce through illusions with your gaze but there are some exceptional times when the rules do not apply. The month of January is one of those months when you might be more inclined towards such a departure from your usual stoic demeanour. There is something dreamy in your gaze right now and you might be prone to utopian vagaries and romantic fantasies. If you do not consciously direct these day-dreaming sessions you could end up with the more unfortunate side-effects of delusions or misconceptions about certain situations. If you manage to separate wishful thinking and reveries, you could use this time creatively and produce some interesting work. You are walking the fine line between believing in the unseen while remaining pragmatic enough to birth the unseen into shape. How can one go with the flow while simultaneously using the flow? This is one of the many questions you will wrestle with this month. I am not saying that the answer will come easily but you could be on the verge of cracking a code. Be open to receiving your insights via unusual routes but do not rely only on these methods. Combine the proper dose of discipline with these dreaming sessions and you could make some interesting progress. This progress might not be obvious but you of all people know not to underestimate what is invisible to the naked eye.


What happens when your are pulled in two opposite directions? How do you decide which path is the right one if they are poles apart? Where do you place yourself when your heart is split between freedom and commitment? How do you reconcile these seemingly incompatible desires?  Is it really black and white or can you find that small corner where the two colours merge? You have been very committed to your chosen path in the last year and I am sure you can seen the results and progress you have made when sticking with something. You are more disciplined and grounded than you have been in a long time – maybe even for the first time. There is no need to feel too worried if a sudden urge strikes you to leave everything behind and hit the road. You are a Sagittarius after all and you do need the occasional flight from scenarios that limits your potential. In the New Year, I want you to cut yourself some slack. Not in an irresponsible way but in a way that gives you enough space to breathe. I know you feel the pressure and demands of your commitments and that is probably a positive thing. There are a few ways you can ease the pressure of your responsibilities. First, write down what it is you want to accomplish; have a plan. If you don’t have one, start thinking about it. Saturn is still in your sign for most of 2017 and Saturn loves a good plan. The idea behind  having a course of action is to relieve some of the mental anxiety you feel towards the future. The middle path doesn’t have to be difficult; it is about using the tension that pulls you in opposite directions and utilizing it to help you move ahead.


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