“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” ― Albert Einstein

The mundane becomes more and more appealing when the big picture becomes more and more appalling. The ordinary holds a secret that is only understood when we do the work. The quest for meaning creates tension that can only be released when we put our hands in the dirt and mold it into something meaningful. Focusing on the breath to locate our center amidst the broken.

Something is creeping up. Something is trying to take hold of your faith. It feeds on the fear of your own mortality. You are in a hurry to understand why and your mind is racing. Get back to basics. Simplify. Ground the tension. Work with the tangible. Use your mind to visualise and put it down on paper.

The astrology of the moment is urging us to find the meaningful in the everyday. To find new ways of seeing scenarios as old as the world. To discriminate the incoming tides of data. The new is born out of tensions. Stress can be creative if we discipline the mind.

Electricity can be harnessed.

There is an opportunity to be realistic about your dreams. There is a dose of vision available to you; be willing to tend to the details. Dare to plant a seed, to dedicate yourself to your well-being and to believe in the healing potential hidden in your creative center. Show up for your dreams of doing things differently. 

The New Moon in Leo on August 2nd (4:44pm EDT) is fantastic for setting intentions and making them stick. She is a big bright and warming New Moon with a dash of Saturn for good measure.

This week’s important configurations:

August 1st: Venus in Leo △ Uranus in Aries
August 1st: Sun in Leo △ Saturn in Sagittarius
August 2nd: Sun in Leo conjunct Moon in Leo (New Moon in Leo)
August 5th: Venus enters Virgo
August 6th: Mercury in Virgo ☐ Saturn in Sagittarius
August 6th: Venus in Virgo ☐ Mars in Sagittarius
August 7th: Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces


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